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17 Sep
"Experts" flourish in Sanskrit. One must wonder if understanding Vedic sanskrit is a requisite? Vedic Wisdom is correct in noting this 1800s translation is off. Raghu does mean 'swift' in the Vedas. It is not a rewrite, it is a correction of Sayana who translated Raghu as Laghu..
Continuing with the verses, it states "You have become a knower of mantra..." referring to the woman. This is referring to women being/becomimg a Rishika. So logic dictates it is not a slam on women.
Relying on 1800s translation is the first error, not understanding the context is next, isolating a verse provides an incomplete picture.
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16 Sep
Everyone is an "expert" on Hinduism and its history. There is considerable debate among academics if this really happened, stories range from Jains voluntarily impaling themselves to the King ordering this. Notably, Jain records do not mention it. See following thread.
In fact, Jain texts from the period do not reference it, which is remarkable. And the Shaivite in question does not reference it in his writings. Textually speaking, there is weak to no support of this and even biased academia is suspicious of it. See next.
In fact, some academics have suggested that this is simply a story of Jains abandoning an area. I checked and even Wikipedia notes much of what I've covered, which is remarkable for Wikipedia in its own right for Hindus that know of problems with Wikipedia.
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24 Jul
We often do not recognize that xtianity can, on occasion, occupy an Asuric vibration relative to asuric qualities such as wealth, power, and expansionism. Dharma is the harbor of the Devas which values meditation, consciousness, realization and ascending consciousness...
...Hinduism/Dharma has been aware of this conflict dating back to the Vedas. Ultimately, they represent the current challenges humanity faces in terms of technology, worldly power and ascending consciousness. This is also a battle within the heart of a portion of humanity...
...This challenge is coming profoundly to the forefront of humanity, as portions of the world questions the “asuric model” and is seeking a profound manifestation of Devic consciousness.
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23 Feb
My article, "Qualities of a good yoga student" is becoming my most popular article. There is a global hunger to improve as a person and improve quality of life. Dharma teachings can help!

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25 Dec 19
A long time ago, I found myself at odds with several principles espoused by major teachers of Hinduism. "Who am I to differ from such luminaries?" I continued to investigate the issues. I would like to share one with you. But it is long, so I took pictures. 1/2 ImageImage
2/2 Within the Vedas, we see Indra and Vrtra which appear in later Puranas. I would suggest that one aspect of this battle is the embrace of the thought whose destruction by Indras bolt released the waters as vitra is seen as the covering as well.
From a Samkhya perspective,the lower layers of mind are to embrace and speculate about an object directed by buddhi. This is their normal function, again the issue arises as to what is embraced (the thought.) So, the mechanism functions as designed, the object embraced is t issue
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28 Aug 19
In the Rg Veda, it is said that Agni is Indra, Vishnu, Varuna, Mitra, Aryaman, Shiva etc.

It seems a clear message of advaita is presented in the Rg Veda.
Agni is the Deva that transforms the offerings of the yajña or homa. Agni is the fire of cognition within the mind. Agni is the fire that transforms food for the body.
Agni is the fire of consciousness.
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27 Aug 19
We seem to miss in the modern age that the mantras of the Rg Veda serve many functions, they are NOT limited to one singular yajna. Likewise, there is an inner and outer manifestation of the yajna. There are multiple levels of translation for each verse (recognized by tradition.)
In fact, the mantras of the RV are given specific additional functions, a clear example is the famed Gayatri Mantra or the Mahamrityunjaya mantra and its association with healing.
Seeing the RV as simply an adhyajnic (Yajna) interpretation/application is myopic and represents an 1800s British mentality. Tradition had a much more expansive view.
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18 Aug 19
What is most interesting, this ideology was initially propagated by Hindu teachers. Having said that, it demonstrates little understanding of what a Guru actually is, their role and function. Important decisions are being made about the future of Hinduism by non-Hindus. 1/2 Image
PhDs want to negate the Brahmin and the Guru. Replacing them with a new Guru-the PhD.

Yet, the PhD often has little to no direct perception. And historically have caused more harm than benefit to Hinduism. A poor self-appointed replacement in my opinion.
This is not about the individual that made the post, rather it is about concerns regarding an emerging western mentality and the institution that is birthing this mentality.
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13 Aug 19
There are many great teachers from India that are not as well known, one is Sri Ganapati Muni. He experienced Kapala Bheda, and surviving such an experience is unimaginable to me. This is when the bones in the head seperate. 1/*
2/* and is associated with very high realms of consciousnes.

He is lessor known for his comments on newer Vedic mantras that manifested for humanity. I have found this to be very profound. (Brahmarishi Daivaratha was the Rishi)
He was a prolific writer and recorded the thousand names of Indra. But is better known for his writings--Uma Sahasram.

He wrote on Gayatri the meter and Devi, as well as Jyotish, Ayurveda and Tantra as well.

He served Ramana Maharishi.
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11 Aug 19
Buddhism has been hemorrhaging "former monks" that align with academics spreading a narrative of the antiquity of Buddhism and suggesting Hinduism borrowed much from Buddhism, ignoring the antiquity of Hinduism and that Buddha was a Hindu.
This is birthing claims that Hatha Yoga originated in Buddhism and has birthed groups known as "Secular Buddhists."
This appears to be the latest step in a long academic process of seperating dharmic traditions and creating false narratives about the history of yoga, akin to other false narratives such as the Aryan Invasion.
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13 Jun 19
Sadly, I find Wikipedia unreliable for information regarding Hinduism. Naraka is a confusing term, especially with incorrect citations. Naraka is best defined in the Vishnu Purana, imo, as an incarnation with a tamasic mind. Image
I am not alone in my views regarding Naraka. Bodhinath, of Hinduism Today recently spoke out regarding Narakas.
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4 Jun 19
How did mantra manifest? The Rishis captured the etheric mantra while in deep meditation. This mantra was shaped and formed through interaction of the mind and heart, likely with the chitta nadi, and the mantras were manifest within the realm of human consciousness.
This can also be associated with the process of divine speech moving into physical speech, which is identified as 4 levels (layers) of speech.
The Vedic Sarasvati descends as inspiration, inspiring our ascending aspiration. This is an important cycle in the Vedas. It is the cycle of spirituality.
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2 Jun 19
Academic suggestions of Greek origins of horoscope is interesting but speculative, there is not academic consensus regarding this. Varahamihira did alledgedly praise greeks but it is highly unlikely he simply copied info into an already highly developed system. 1/3 Image
This is the typical academic position that Hindus were largely too stupid to have developed these systems. By 6th C. CE a highly developed system was documented. This sytem predicted the effects of conjunctions and other astrological phenomena. Way too much for import as...
The academic argument retreats to a primer level obsession of 12 houses, which when pointed out is in the Vedas is conceeded, then the argument is no horoscopic reference in Vedas, who would expect the Vedas to contain such information??? As this certainly was not its purpose.
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22 May 19
It is interesting that Kane felt there was a veiled reference to the sacred thread in the Rig Veda. This is due to a complex interpretation of 10.85.40 and 41. This is NOT an overt reference to the sacred thread though and it is not literally mentioned. It hinges on ref to Agni.
This was in reference to women.
If true, he is using a level of nuance that has become largely lost in day.
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12 May 19
This usage of salvation, among Hindus, is concerning. Coming from Latin-salvare meaning "to save." There is a vast difference from liberation from death/rebirth and "saving." Does Purusha need to be saved? Does Paratman/atman, or even jiva need to be saved? 1/2
Or is it liberation that the teachings teach? Is it self-realization? Is Hinduism a journey focusing on consciousness? Or does it require one single individual to save you from the world? The answers should be obvious.
The mingling of words from the west harms and breeds confusion:

Karma is NOT the xtian "Golden Rule."

The "Golden Rule" is NOT a discourse on cause/effect.

Xtian concept of soul does NOT equate with Atman/paratman or Purusha.

Saved is NOT the same as self-realization.
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3 Mar 19
Behold, academics present Hindu life program, and as we ALL know, Hindus frequently listen to GOSPEL music. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 can this become any more absurd????
Why don't you be honest enough to state your sangam is veiled to promote xtianity and has no business in a Hindu Life Program or is the HLP an attempt to corrupt more minds???? Tell us Soxxx???
"Hi, we're having a "Hindu" sponsored sangam!"
"Wow, what's going to be going on?"

"Well, its sponsored by "Hindus" but no Hindu/no Tamil scholars, we will use the word 'Dravidian'!" You can convert to any of the confluence!Receive a FREE gospel MP3! All to support Hinduism
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30 Jan 19
Here is another example of the Rg Veda being referred to as "mythological poetry."

Here is another example of Hinduism being referred to as mythology.

Here are flash cards for study on Hindu Mythology, the first one is the Vedic Aditi.

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30 Jan 19
We made it to day 5 of the practice of gratitude. In some traditions, the number 5 is associated with Shiva.

Do you have one thing you are grateful for today?

Only 5 more days!!!

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29 Jan 19
We're up to day 4 of 10 for gratitude practice!

I would like to add, I'm grateful for chanting:

OM asato mā sadgamaya
Tamaso mā jyotirgamaya
Mrityor māmritam gamaya.

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28 Jan 19
Wow, we are at day 3 of practicing gratitude, is there something you are grateful for today?

I'm grateful for the Vedas and its profound teachings. In my video, I share another thing I'm grateful for.

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27 Jan 19
It's day 2 of our practice of gratitude! Can you think of one thing you are grateful in your life? Feel free to comment, share or record your own gratitude message.


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