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3 Jul 20
The types of devices kids most commonly listen to music on:

Mobile phone: 63%
Radio: 36%
Tablet: 29%
Computer 23%
Ipod/MP3 player: 22%…
Children who listen to music on computers, smartphones or tablets prefer music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music (59%) and video platforms like YouTube and Vevo (56%)…
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30 Jun 20
Britons on whether historical figures should be judged more on the standards of their time, or the standards of today:

Standards of their time: 70%
Standards of today: 17%…
Younger and older Brits on whether historical figures should be judged more on the standards of their time, or the standards of today:


Standards of their time: 48%
Standards of today: 33%


Standards of their time: 85%
Standards of today: 9%…
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3 Jun 20
Just 12% of Brits say MPs should have to be in Parliament to vote during the COVID-19 crisis, with news emerging that a minister who fell ill during his Commons speech today has been tested for the disease.

76% say MPs should be able to vote remotely…
Allowing MPs to continue to vote remotely during the coronavirus crisis is overwhelmingly supported across parties:

Con voters: 77%
Lab voters: 84%
Lib Dem voters: 93%

Remain voters: 88%
Leave voters: 72%…
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23 May 20
68% of Brits (including most Tory voters) consider Dominic Cummings to have broken the lockdown rules…
By 52% to 28% Britons think that Dominic Cummings should resign…
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24 Mar 20
% of Brits who think *the government* is taking #COVID19...
Not seriously enough - 36%
About right - 58%

% of Brits who think *the public* is taking #COVID19...
Not seriously enough - 87%
About right - 8%… #coronavirus
Despite government having asked everyone to stay indoors, 60% of Brits left the house on Sunday. Of this group...
65% went for a walk/exercise
53% went shopping (almost all for food)
24% with jobs went to work
20% visited friends/family… #coronavirus
5% of Britons have lost a job as a result of #COVID19, plus another 9% have had their pay or hours reduced… #coronavirus
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4 Feb 20
VAR has made Premier League matches less enjoyable to watch, according to 67% of regular viewers. Just 13% say it has improved the viewing experience…
In November VAR chief Neil Swarbrick gave the system a 7/10. Premier League viewers only give it a 4/10 on average…
It's not like football fans think video refereeing systems can't work well - they see it working in other sports. Here's the % who think they work well in...

Tennis - 73%
Cricket - 67%
Rugby Union - 63%
Rugby League - 49%
Football - 27%…
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17 Jan 20
YouGov's @chriscurtis94 takes a look at who Lab-Con switchers are, what they believe and why they jumped ship in today's @timesredbox.

49% of this group say the main reason they switched their allegiance due to Brexit. While only 27% cited the leader...…
...that's not to say that Lab-Con switchers like Jeremy Corbyn - they really, really don't. Just 5% hold a favourable view of the outgoing Labour leader, while 76% have a very unfavourable view.

By contrast, 81% have a favourable view of Boris Johnson.…
74% of Lab-Con switchers say that Labour left them, not the other way around. The party "used to represent people like me, but no longer does".

46% say the Tories never used to represent people like them, but does so now.…
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16 Jan 20
'Would you rather be a single billionaire, or in a couple but on a moderate income?'

Single billionaire: 23%
Couple on moderate income: 60%…
Men (30%) are twice as likely as women (16%) to say they'd rather be a single billionaire than in a couple on a moderate income…
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31 Dec 19
As the year draws to a close, here's our annual survey looking at Britain's favourite movies, TV shows and people from the past 12 months, as well as the best/worst developments and the person they thought had the biggest impact on 2019…
Britons have once again named Donald Trump as the person who - for better or worse - has had the biggest impact on the world in 2019. The US president picked up 24% of the vote, ahead of Greta Thunberg on 18%…
An increase in climate change awareness has been the nation's top event of the year, with 26% of people naming it as the best thing to happen in 2019…
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17 Dec 19
How Britain voted at the 2019 general election... by age

18-24 year olds:
Lab - 56%
Con - 21%
Lib Dem - 11%

70+ year olds:
Con - 67%
Lab - 14%
Lib Dem - 11%…
The age at which a person becomes more likely to vote Conservative than Labour is 39 - down from 47 at the last election…
How Britain voted at the 2019 general election... by gender

Con - 46%
Lab - 31%
Lib Dem - 12%

Con - 44%
Lab - 35%
Lib Dem - 11%

While there is a small gender divide overall, among young men and women it is very big indeed...…
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27 Nov 19
The results of the YouGov #GE2019 MRP model are finally here:

Con – 359 seats / 43% vote share
Lab – 211 / 32%
SNP – 43 / 3%
LD – 13 / 14%
Plaid – 4 / <1%
Green – 1 / 3%
Brexit Party – 0 / 3%

Conservative majority of 68…
For an overview of the results and how our MRP model works, see @anthonyjwells’s explainer here:…

For more in-depth nuggets from the results, keep reading this thread
Which seats are changing hands?

We have the Conservatives making 47 gains (almost all from Labour), SNP making 8 gains and the Lib Dems 4. Labour win no new seats. Full list in the chart…
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1 Nov 19
Voting intention among 2016 REMAIN voters
Lib Dem - 34%
Labour - 33%
Con - 16%
Green - 9%

Voting intention among 2016 LEAVE voters
Con - 58%
Brexit Party - 24%
Labour - 10%

(Fieldwork 17-28 Oct)…
Voting intention among 2017 CON voters
Con - 73%
Brexit Party - 14%
Lib Dem - 9%

Voting intention among 2017 LAB voters
Labour - 55%
Lib Dem - 21%
Green - 8%
Con - 7%
Brexit Party - 7%

(Fieldwork 17-28 Oct)…
Voting intention among CON+LEAVE voters
Con - 77%
Brexit Party - 19%

Voting intention among LAB+LEAVE voters
Labour - 43%
Brexit Party - 25%
Con - 19%

(Fieldwork 17-28 Oct)…
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29 Oct 19
With Labour reportedly now willing to back a general election, it looks like we're set for an election in December. Our most recent voting intention poll had the parties on:

Con - 36%
Lab - 23%
Lib Dem - 18%
Brexit Party - 12%
Green - 6%
Other - 6%…
And our most recent survey on who people think would make the best Prime Minister showed:

Boris Johnson - 43%
Jeremy Corbyn - 20%
Don't know - 34%…
Earlier this week we found that Britons expect the Conservatives to win the most seats and votes at the forthcoming election…
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22 Oct 19
For #WorldEnergyDay here's the % of Britons who have a favourable view of each type of energy:

Solar - 86%
Offshore wind - 81%
Hydro - 80%
Onshore wind - 76%
Bio-fuels - 75%
Geothermal - 58%
Gas - 40%
Nuclear - 33%
Oil - 23%
Coal - 20%
Shale gas - 14%…
Our research shows that Britons have overwhelmingly positive opinions of renewable energy sources - even among those who also have a favourable view of fossil fuels…
In good news for clean energy campaigners, most Britons support renewables expansion, and those with favourable views of oil, gas and coal don't support greater use of those resources…
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21 Oct 19
Exploring how the Theresa May and Boris Johnson Brexit deals stack up among Brits, we find that while two thirds (64%) think Johnson’s deal is indeed different, only one in ten (10%) think it differs significantly…
When it comes to whether Boris Johnson’s deal is actually better than the one Theresa May struck, public opinion is split:
- 27% say it is better
- 19% say it is worse
- 25% say it is neither…
Asked a straight choice between which of the Brexit deals they would prefer, Brits favour Boris Johnson’s by 37% to 17%. Almost half (46%) can’t pick between them, however…
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21 Oct 19
The % of Brits saying the new Brexit deal is bad has risen from 23% to 30% since last week - although most of this change is from Remain voters increasingly disliking the deal. The % saying it is a good deal stands at 18% (from 17%).…
Likewise, the % of Brits who want MPs to reject the deal has risen from 24% to 29%, again a result of hardening attitudes among Remainers. Leave voters continue to overwhelmingly want MPs to accept the deal (70%)…
Leave voters are increasingly unwilling to allow for a delay of a few weeks in order to pass laws implementing the Brexit deal. Where last week they were split 46%/42%, now by 51% to 33% they say a delay would be unacceptable…
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18 Oct 19
BREAKING: Snap YouGov poll finds that by 41% to 24%, Britons want Parliament to pass Boris Johnson's Brexit deal. Two thirds (67%) of Leave voters want the deal passed…
While Leave voters had previously preferred No Deal in a No Deal vs Deal vs Remain contest, our snap poll now finds them swinging behind the Deal by 48% to 33% for No Deal…
BUT, many Leavers (39%) are currently expressing a view on what should happen with the deal despite not having formed a view on whether it is a good or bad deal yet...…
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3 Oct 19
Scotland is to become the first country in the UK to make it a criminal offence to for parents to smack their children - a law which Brits oppose by 57% to 31%…
And 79% of Brits say as children they were smacked either occasionally or a lot by their parents for misbehaving…
Scots themselves are 10% more likely than the British public to support making it a criminal offence for parents to smack their children:
🇬🇧 31% Support / 57% Oppose
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 41% Support / 55% Oppose…
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3 Oct 19
Young Brits are much more likely to suffer from long term loneliness than their elders, new YouGov research reveals. 31% of 18-24 year olds say they feel loneliness either regularly or all the time, compared to only 9% those aged 55+…
Younger Brits also find it hard to make friends - 46% say this is the case, compared to 38% of the general population…
When it comes to why young Brits find it hard to make friends, 80% say it's because they're shy (compared to 43% of those aged 55+) and 32% because they don't have hobbies that facilitate it…
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2 Oct 19
Latest Westminster voting intention (30 Sep - 1 Oct)
Con - 34%
Lib Dem - 23%
Lab - 21%
Brexit Party - 12%
Green - 5%
Other - 5%…
Which of the following do you think would make the best Prime Minister?
Boris Johnson - 40%
Jeremy Corbyn - 22%
Don't know - 35%…
In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the European Union?
Right - 40%
Wrong - 49%…
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1 Oct 19
% of Britons who say each of the following parties are...

Lib Dems - 70% (+17 since Apr)
SNP - 69% (+4)
Greens - 58% (+12)
Labour - 43% (+1)

Brexit Party - 81% (+2)
Conservatives - 52% (+15)…
% of Remain voters who think each of the following parties are anti-Brexit:
Lib Dems - 80%
SNP - 75%
Greens - 65%
Plaid Cymru - 46%
Labour - 33%…
Boris Johnson has been making headway convincing the voters he needs to win an election that the Tories are a pro-Brexit party:

2017 Con voters - 56% (+27 since April)
Leave voters - 48% (+25)
Intend to vote Brexit Party - 34% (+25)…
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