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21 May 19
A #MillwallLionesses thread about what's been going on, oop north.
(of the river)

There's plenty more to come on the subject, as we had hinted before (e.g. in the linked Tweet below), but for this thread we will concentrate on last season, 2018-19.

When @Diane_Culligan approached @MillwallLioness, it was on the basis of her self-reportedly "successful" prior involvements @HampsteadFC & @HampsteadWFC

Click on those profiles.
They're a hive of activity.

Images attached because accounts will probs be cut, blocked or private.
Didn't click on the profiles, Dear Reader?
You'll have missed the URLs for Diane's clubs' webpages.

These ones.
These confusing ones :
(original club, est.1997 - last update, 2012)
(the cuckoo-ing club, est.1998 - last update 2016)
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20 May 19
Fuck me gently, @A_M_S_Group...

Is that a 3rd name change in a week?
A second in 24hrs?

Gosh, those @FA name-change approvals sure do get rubber-stamped very quickly, don't they? One may only applaud the bureaucratic efficiency of @KEBrazier & @LucyWellingsFA

Doff a cap @FAWC_
Hiding behind an identity proxy?
Contrary to English & EU Disclosure Laws about obfuscating the identity of actively trading Legal Persons, such as Co. No. 08690023?


Hosted on same El Cheapo serverfarms as the last two?
Using the same El Cheapo freebie Wix 3-pager "basic bitch" set up?

And still using #MillwallLionesses trade get-up such as kit & logo?
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20 May 19
This DNS still Infringes the Registered IP Rights of @MillwallFC, namely UKTM3368673, "Milwall Lionesses" as Reg. in Class 41.

Specifically, as Registered for Protection in Offering to the Consumer of Services, by way of "the Internet & other computer & communications networks"
When are you buffoons going to Cease & Desist with the clowning around?

When will Mgmt Assign the #MillwallLionesses .com DNS?
The one y'all registered July 2019?

One suggests immediately.

Or after an ICANN ass-whuppin'?

Very costly.
Guess, as to for whom
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17 May 19
So, either:

Directors weren't Notified @CompaniesHouse within the Statutory Period, meaning 2 separate Criminal Breaches.
[s.167(1)(a) of the 2006 Companies Act]

= also 2 Criminal Offences committed by Co. No.08690023 [#SomeFakeLionesses], as per s.167(4)(a) of the Act.
No Criminal Offences committed by Co. or Officers;
@PedroMLosa & @BullySpecialOne weren't active until 10 May.

Problem is that according to Art.11 of its constitution, the renaming/MKDons-ing of #MillwallLionesses was invalid, as Co.08690023 was Inquorate since 23 Jan.

More on that later.
Fun/Games to ensue.
@CMAgovUK may have a shüftî.
Funny things like that, Registered Trademarks.

It was at this point Pedro knew he'd fucked up.
Chris felt at an imaginary tightening around his collar.

They'd been sold a dud by Crackpot Culligan.
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15 May 19
Thread on the backgound of Diane Culligan, who claimed in May to control a bizarre breakaway club from #MillwallLionesses & husband Anthony, a former shirt sponsor's owner (which recently declared Insolvency at the High Court).

An off-site page of this thread unrolls at its end.
FYI @kelly_noble1 @MichelleYoung90

Anthony David Culligan, b.1963, (husband of @Diane_Culligan) owns 31.73% of SETL Developments Ltd, Co. Number 09704844

Mrs Culligan became Director of #MillwallLionesses, June 2018 & assumed Notifiable Control of @FAWC_ club, Oct.2018

#MillwallLionesses bore the one of the brand logos of Mr Culligan's #TechStartup company, namely as "SETL Blockchain" = @SETL_io


Credit : @MillWallLionesses (the real ones)
& @TheMillwallFans for the £17.5k of life.
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10 May 19
2nd thread of 3 on @DeanMo1982, criminal convictions and, after being fired by @FA, why he was employed by @MarkClattenburg @HackettRef & @SheffieldTrophy owner Jock Waugh.

@StockportRefs @RefsAssociation

continued from:
The matter took over 4yrs.

Even @INTERPOL_Cyber were involved - Dean Mohareb had illegally accessed @FA servers (& others) whilst abroad.

UK Police investigating the matter had to request @Interpol & @INTERPOL_HQ assistance, plus then also awaiting local police in Turkey &c.
Mohareb also played games by repeatedly changing Counsel (with Adjournments for each to get up to speed) & tactically delaying, to play games.

Generally, wasting Court Time

Of course after the games came the plea of the guilty man:
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8 May 19
A thread about huge Debts racked up by a small but persistent cadré of bad actors, each of whom are ex-FIFA & ex-PGMOL Officials.

Listed in this thread are just *some* of the Civic & Charitable bodies which are owed money.

The worst (of the worst) is to be found near the end.
Below are just three of the various Court Orders under Crown's Seal, within the overall matter.

These are for Cases :
398 of 2018, owed solely to @SheffieldUni
8692 of 2018, @YouAreTheRef/@TheRefOnline
Case 9266 of 2018 now carries on business as @SheffieldTrophy, renamed.
This thread exists not for sensational or gratuitous reasons, nor to gloat (although we very much did tell you so & more than once), but reasons for grave & deeply-held concerns at the large amounts of money owed & the fact that protagonists have largely carried on the same trade
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7 May 19
A thread about:
Massive Debts being racked up within the Refereeing Community, by a small but persistent cadré of bad actors.

It exists not for sensational/gratuitous reasons, nor to gloat (although we did tell you so), but because the protagonists have carried on the same trade
Debts were Accrued by companies owned by:

@Clattenburg1975 @MarkClattenburg
(disapeared off to SAU & PRC)

@HackettRef Keith Hackett
(now @KeysToFootball)

& John Kieran Waugh, AKA John Lynch
(now @SheffieldTrophy)

Starting with the last @CompaniesHouse Filing of 3 March 2018:
The above shows @HackettRef @clattenburg1975/@MarkClattenburg & Jock-the-Lad were co-Owners when the High Court drew up Orders.

They also were legally in Control, as co-Directors, at all relevant times during which Debt Accrued.

@HackettRef jumped ship as soon as it went under!
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6 May 19
@CityOfWaltham, MA:
Armenia & Foot-Ball
(a short thread)

@BayStateSoccer Div.3 South,
Sat. 11 May
@Homenetmen_BFC .v. @FallRiverFC

Venue: James P. Falzone Field
Loc.: 901 Trapelo Rd, 02452 MA

@Homenetmen_RAC @Homenetmen_News
@WalthamSoccer @smalps
A reflection of Armenian diaspora, the Homenetmen organization is a Pan-Armenian Athletics & Scouting society, founded 16 Nov.1918 in Constantinople (mod. Istanbul, Turkey).

Its 1st Executive Committee sat 1 month later.

The global organization celebrated its Centenary in 2018
The badge used by @Homenetmen_BFC is derived from the movement's flag and uses the Armenian characters of "ՀՄԸՄ" (these being the initial letters from the organization's full name), which can be transliterated as 'HMYM' into Roman characters.

@KenDoucette @JohnFrassica @WETV_WHS
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3 May 19
As @FallRiverFC returns to the Adelino Gonsalves Field tomorrow, after the last @BayStateSoccer match @FRPS_Durfee, here's a thread on the player for whom the pitch is named.

May 4th, 1145AM
v @BostonSiege
Loc.: Britland Park, @FallRiver_MA

Adelino "Billy" Gonçalves holds the all-time record for @OpenCup Final goals.
14-in 1931, 32, 34, 35, 37, 39, 43 & 44.
Only in 3 Finals did he draw a blank.

To compare, no MLS-era player has >2!
To detract, that era's Finals included multi-legs & replays.…
Adelino was strike-partner with Bert Patenaude for both Club & Country.

Bert achieved a 1st in world Foot-Ball by becoming scoring a Hat-Trick at the inaugural @FIFAWorldCup, in the 1930 Uruguayan tournament.

Gonçalves gained 6 Caps & 1 Goal for @USMNT between 1930 & 1934.
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3 May 19

A dull little thread, to show the hierarchy of Companies making up Anderson's failed #BWFC Group.

@BWFCFans are probably familiar with it & many will be #Burnden Shareholders.

At the top sits :
1. Inner Circle Investments
which owns 94.5% of:
2. Burnden Leisure
Minority Shareholders are owed a Fiduciary Duty.
That Duty is a legal obligation on the Co. & its Dirs.

Sufficient % exists to Call a GM for Burnden Leisure Ltd
That Right's threshold for exercise is 5%

But obvious practical problems, herding 6,267 cats…
Ken Anderson owns 100% of Inner Circle.

Both its 2 Issued Shares are in hock to Moonshift Investments, controlled by the Trustees of the Estate of Eddie Davies (so Probate &c. is likely also a factor)

The shares secure a £5m Davies-Anderson loan given before the former's death
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2 May 19
A third thread taking a retrospective look at the management career of my old Gaffa, Ryan Hindley (RH, aka 'Massive'), following his third resignation in 2 years from @NCEL clubs @HallamFC, @WorksopTownFC & @RMFC1919.

The last ended here :
HFC led from the get-go, winning against some soon-to-be-struggling sides.

Results were later expunged, @LMoorlands resigned @NCEL membership (with just 5 games left), at the very end of the season.

Little remains to record the exertions of hundreds.

16 Aug. 2015 :

Clucas consoled @LMoorlands on 40' with the opener.

Steve Brammer scored on 47' & 79', converting a Penalty in the 90th for a Hat Trick.

Attwell's OG on 66' was for HFC's 2nd.

Far less attended than the 40 told to @NCEL.…

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1 May 19
2nd thread about my old Gaffa, Ryan Hindley [RH], covering his time in charge @HallamFC1860, @WorksopTownFC & @RMFC1919 after recently standing down from the last.

Following on from here :
(if you missed him kicking it, rather than shouting at it)

12 May 2013 :

HRH 'Massive' with @RoyalEarlFC, made King.
(appointed as Manager)

By Oct.2014 :

HFC were @NCEL-D1's foot.

No wins in the League.
Worst run of form since the disastrous 1932/33 Season.

Only two wins had been had at all, so far.
One in the Rules Derby in pre-season, against SFC.
t'other in @SHCFA Sheffield Challenge Cup.

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1 May 19
Thread on my old Gaffa, Ryan Hindley, in the wake of his entirely predictable (within the circumstances) resignation from @RMFC1919.

'Massive' had been labouring in the Manager's rôle for 3mths without a Chairman, after the resignation of Carl Stokes.

@CityBluenose left in mid-season, 2018/19, scarcely 3mths after bringing in Hindley to only his 3rd Saturday Club Mgmt position.

Each of the last of those 2 club rôles, @WorksopTownFC & @RMFC1919, came & went in short order for RH, just 8mths & 7mths.

5 Aug. 2003 :
@Telegraph/@TeleFootball player transfers included RH moving from the predecessor club for @FCHTOnline/@FCHalifaxTown to @AlfretonTownFC.

Importantly for RH, Chris Wilder was manager of both clubs, separately, during RH's tenure at them.

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26 Apr 19
Threaded about a charming young gentleman, @DeanMo1982

He was placed in charge of the kids' tours & tournaments by @HACKETTREF, @Clattenburg1975 (@MarkClattenburg) & Jock Waugh (@SheffieldTrophy) for both those & @youaretheref/@therefonline ventures.…

He was one of the organisation's front men.

Dean's story, which ended with him pleading Guilty & hence being Found in Court to be a Convicted Criminal, even reached as far as Vietnam when it first broke.

(from KENH14, Vietnamese; Oct.4, 2012)…

The story became widely known, mainly and most commonly as "the FA Hacking Scandal", whilst it ran over a 3-and-a-half year period.

RT by @JacquiOatley, on Feb.15, 2013, of the story by @Anna_Kessel :

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22 Apr 19
Aye, @MiltonKeynes_RA - spotted on Apr 19th.
(FIFA, Apr 15th)…
(Lancs, Apr 8)

From the no-statement "Statement" of 6 October 2018, by @paullawler :…
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