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Mar 24 8 tweets 7 min read
(1/7) #FridayReads #FictionFriday

I highly recommend #LynnKurland's novels, in particular, her #dePiaget and #MacLeod series. Here's the kicker, the two series have a lot of crossovers, too!

What is the genre of the two series? It depends on the novel.

#Reading (2/7) 1. The most common is #romance and #romantic (the romantic “genre” isn't necessarily romance per se). Now, we are not talking about romance as most people assume, a girl is head over hills on a hunk guy who is a secret villain or a vampire. (aside: Nothing wrong with it.)
Mar 22 5 tweets 6 min read
(1/4) I asked ChatGPT on 2023-03-23 to write a story about an open-source machine that can travel through space, time, parallel worlds, and the multiverse. (2/4) I also asked it to dedicate its work to the Public Domain through Creative Commons Public Dedication (CC0 / CCzero), and it did.

Here is the story dedicated to the Public Domain.

1: write.as/yuki/the-open-…

Mar 22 4 tweets 5 min read
(1/3) #DidYouKnow there is a #FLOSS / #FOSS counterpart to #LastFM? It's #LibreFM.

Example, here's my LibreFM account: libre.fm/user/laibcoms

It is powered by #GNUfm. (2/3) LibreFM can federate with other GNUfm instances. A new version is currently being developed called #Hacienda where it will be possible to federate with the larger federated #socialweb.
Mar 16 8 tweets 6 min read
(1/7) * Scriptural #NewYEar (#YomTeruah) falls on March 22, 2023 in the Gregorian calendar.

* #Passover (#Pesach) is on the evening of April 04, 2023

* First Day of the #FeastOfUnleavenedBread (#ChagHaMatzot) is on April 05 (2/7) * The Seventh Day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Chat haMatzot) is on April 11, 2023 in the Gregorian calendar.


* A 24-hour “Day” is from dawn to dawn; or sunrise to sunrise; or from 06:00 to 06:00.
Oct 29, 2022 9 tweets 7 min read
Think of the #Fediverse this way.
a. Fediverse = Email
b. Platform/Software = Provider (Google, Naver)
c. Server = Gmail US, Gmail EU, Naver KO

No matter which provider/software you're using, you can send/receive emails from other providers and from any servers. Another way to understand the #Fediverse
a. Fediverse = Global phone system
b. Platform/Software = Phone companies per country
c. Server = Cell towers

Regardless of your location and network, you can call/SMS anyone, anywhere.
Oct 7, 2022 4 tweets 7 min read
According to en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigrati…

* largest tourist arrivals in the #Philippines: Koreans

* largest employment permits: #Koreans (followed by Japanese)

* largest migration: #Chinese (followed by Koreans, and then #Japanese)

#Korea #Japan #China #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines Koreans in the #Philippines is the largest in #ASEAN and 9th largest in the world.


#Korea #Koreans #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines #ItIsMoreFunInThePhilippines