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1 Jan
Pseudo-Diversification (a thread)

The biggest secret to building indestructible & insanely profitable brands
1 company makes the majority of ciggerates

Their factories already produce the ingredients

Slight variations & different packaging

allow for multiple demographics to be appealed to
producing what they're already making
Amazon sellers will produce the exact same product in different packaging

They're already producing the ingredients

Variation in packaging

Now the same supplement appeals to the holistic health crowd in one package & the productivity nootropics crowd in different packaging
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31 Dec 20
*Thread* Drop Servicing [Free Course]
Drop Servicing is simply offering a service & having another provider deliver the work

For example: Home builders & real estate agents

Will pay graphic designers to virtually stage homes to make them look better online
Prices range from $20-100 per photo

Around 8-15 photos per house

$160-$800 per order

Digital services with these wider price ranges present a great opportunity
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30 Dec 20
*Thread* - Influencer Bundles

How to sell a book & hoodie for $500
People buy the name first

The price point of designer is because of the name associated with the product

Influencers poorly utilize the asset of their brand

Only leveraging the attention aspect to point to offers instead of leveraging the power of their name/reputation
Example: Fitness & Lifestyle YouTubers/IG Influencer

Can create a limited edition VIP bundle

Limited to 40 units

Posting on their story for social proof/scarcity as each gets sold

"12 left, Welcome, @ (tagging/shouting out people who order)"
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29 Dec 20
Brutally honest take

Home town people making fun of your online content

Either means:

- The content sucks

- It’s not congruent to how you act in real life
It absolutely can be jealousy, envy, ‘haters’

But people cop out too often claiming everyone is a hater

I’ve been at multiple points of the spectrum

and I want to share what it taught me

Here’s what I mean...
My current tweets I’ll legit DM them sometimes to friends

When friends/family recommend my articles/content

I feel good about it

It’s not cringe to me because what I share now, is just that...

It’s sharing what I am already doing/thinking

> Not putting on a performance
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23 Dec 20
*Thread* - The Selfish Secret

Copy the 'x' factor behind all my greatest wins
People will say I give so much with what I create

But I have rarely, if ever given or created anything to be given

After reverse engineering 10 years of wins & losses

This right here is the 'x factor' behind the effortless victories
When I had a clothing brand a few years back

There was a style I wanted but could not find

I decided to make it for myself

After I made it for myself and liked it I decided to put it on a store & sell it

It did fairly well right away
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10 Dec 20
⚔️ Conquering any industry with Alexander the Greats Formula

a thread
Scattering your forces (attention & energy) to conquer multiple goals at the same time


Concentrated forces. The entirety of your forces dedicated to conquering 1 goal at a time
This allows you conquer bigger cities (goals)

Steamroll through an entire market/niche

Then place people in charge to maintain the city, run the operation & systems (delegation)

Then the conquest campaign continues

Onto the next city
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6 Dec 20
⚔️ XP Selling - The Step By Step Process

From idea to offer to saleable brand
1) Niche you're interested in

You yourself a customer, content consumer in the niche is key to understanding the market

Not required but it's highly recommended

Notice what you converted on, what do you feel could be better, what are other people saying they like & don't like
2) Test

Get involved in the discussion. Either creating a social media profile

Or being active in FB groups, Reddit, Forums

Seeing if your angles resonate

Taking note of what people most respond to from you
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6 Dec 20
*Thread* - Diversification is distraction

Why all eggs in one basket is a safer & more profitable bet
Diversification is distraction & illusion of safety

Invest your time & energy into one thing it compounds

Partial attention you’ll build things that can sell 1,000 units

Full attention is how to refine a offer & marketing so good it scales to 100,000+ sold
🔑 Creatives & the ambitious have a tendency to want to offer everything

Compounding is about taking a great thing & constantly refining it

You can tie those other good things as free bonuses or give it away as free content to attract sales to the main thing
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27 Nov 20
Engagement = Investment

- Social Media engagement
- Romantic engagement
- Engaging person to listen to

We are wired to conserve energy

Investment = investing time, energy, attention, emotions

Engaging = getting that commitment from people

...but first you need attraction 👇🏼
If a social media post gets a lot of engagement

It means people invested time, emotion, energy, attention

To comment, to view it long enough to like, to save the post, to watch the full video

Before you can get engagement you need attraction
Attraction = Interest Level

Headlines on sales pages
Hooks in YouTube Intro

Thumbnail & Title for YouTube videos

Compelling Titles for Threads

Cover of a book

This gets curiosity, which is a slight bit of extra commitment to engage a bit further & see more
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27 Nov 20
Follow the trend until the trend follows you

At first they follow you for the topic they're interested in

You'll grow on them

Then YOU become the topic they're more interested in

Like close friends

WHAT you're doing can be anything, what matters more is that it's with them
This is why people who go directly into vlogging

Or directly into a blog about everything they want to talk about

Almost always fail

Unless they're world class at what they do, extremely attractive, or are friends with famous people
Pick a niche within a niche to start

You'll get exposure & rank easier
You'll know lingo
You'll provide value delivering on that topic they're interested in

Expand to the full niche with complimenting topics once you have a decent following

Then eventually YOU become a niche
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27 Nov 20
⚔️ *Thread* XP Selling System | Volume 2

How I made $53k in a few days with less than 10,000 subscribers

EVERYONE is getting this wrong right now...
Sales & Marketing at it's core is simply

The transfer of BELIEF

Them listening & showing up means they're curious

But the next step is where almost everyone drops the ball

🔑 The key & what to do is...
The goal is NOT to get them to believe it's a good offer

It's to get them to believe it's a good offer FOR THEM

🏦 A core quote here at YousXP & company enterprises incorporated LLC associates IS.....

"People would rather be impressive than be impressed"
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26 Nov 20
*Thread* - The XP Selling System ⚔️

The most effective way to market & sell

Previously only done by the best, it's now a requirement
- Create a challenge to achieve a result in a impressive time
- Write everyday about the process

- Achieve the result

Selling a system you yourself used & created

To get a result a market desires

In a improved way. More efficient & effective

Stories sell
Fit 2 Fat 2 Fit guy Drew Manning

Dude will probably be worth 9 figures soon
Already $15m+

He embarked on a challenge ONCE

and that story still gets people's attention

Your offer & marketing practically builds itself if you do it this way
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24 Nov 20
*Thread* - The difference between preparation & procrastination

> How to refine your ideas through imagination

> Know when to discard

> Know when to pull the trigger & launch
Angle is usually the difference between good ideas & bad ideas

Your first idea will have the right intention but likely the wrong angle

Through writing I put the idea through simulations

Putting it up against different angles & different idea
The difference between procrastination & preparation

is answered with 1 question

Is the plan better now then it was 72 hours ago?

If yes, it shows you’re ironing out the flaws & can continue preparation
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24 Nov 20
At first nobody cares about you

Talk about topics they care about & they’ll soon care about you

At this point the topic is no longer required

The topic of you is now one they care about
Follow the trend until the trend follows you

At first let’s say you make fitness tutorials

They listen because they care about the tutorials not you at first

Through time invested

Emotions invested from making them think/laugh/learn

and stories you share..
All that investment leads to them now valuing you

More than the original topic that introduced them to you

It’s at this point the fitness YouTuber can talk about almost anything

The audience just wants to see their homie
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24 Nov 20
Facts tell, Stories sell

Accomplish something legendary once

You can make a living telling that story for the rest of your life
If it’s lucrative like fitness or a financial accomplishment

Package how you did it into a product & distribute

Or it can be explained as consulting/corporate talks
If it’s not as lucrative you can tell the story & sell a book/having a personal brand blog on the topic

Could even lead to endorsements

If it was a very badass accomplishment can lead to brand deals
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24 Nov 20
First 48 hours of uploading a YouTube video

It’s being pushed by the algorithm on a ‘test drive’

Measuring CTR, watch time, shares & engagement

IG/Twitter it’s the first hour

This is why big accounts grow faster. Anything they post gets that baseline of high engagement
Some tips to keep in mind

1) Buying a big page shout-out on IG to grow/get exposure

Time it so that they post your post on their story within first few minutes of it going up

“Read the caption 🤯” some call to action

to drive story viewers to open & engage with your post
2) Leverage email list & other social media profiles to point audience to the post right when it goes up

Example: IG story swipe up to watch the YouTube video

Saying in the IG story “replying to all comments in the next hour”
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22 Nov 20
You follow the niche until the niche follows you

Deliver niche content to grow a following

Widen the niche, covering correlated topics to expand following

You then hit a point when you become the niche

It's at this point you can talk about almost anything you want

A VERY niche topic

1) Facebook Ads for Real Estate

- Longtail keywords MUCH easier to rank for. Sometimes nobody is delivering the demand

2) Can expand to FB ads for all businesses or stay on Real Estate but incorporate Google Ads, Listing sites etc
After you do 1) you'll have a few thousands followers

When you go after the bigger keywords in the broader niche for step 2

Those followers help give that video instant retention & engagement which gets the algorithm to promote it

Next is step 3...
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20 Nov 20
Recognition & Significance is a deeply rooted human need

- Saying peoples names after they buy live on webinar increases sales

- Saying names is the business model for live stream donations

- Posting customers in brand clothing on brands Instagram story
We see it here on Twitter

Guys known to retweet praise

Gets people praising him to their followers hoping for that retweet

Viral effects & increases in conversions

Can be created through understanding people’s deep rooted need

For significance & recognition
It’s a form of social proof

If a big brand posts you they must think you’re cool

If the famous influencer retweets you he likes/agrees with you

If the famous guy says your name on a livestream you feel good

If Jay-Z or Elon Musk retweeted you, you’d feel cool
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20 Nov 20
The young entrepreneur is not far removed from adolescence

In adolescence looking cool & being liked is the only thing that matters

40 year old with wife, 3 kids & 18 employees

Will do the most efficient, highest ROI things for the business

Looking cool ain’t the priority
Younger people are still ‘on the market’

- May have not yet established core friendships

- Still dating

- Building reputation

Looking cool & how they’re perceived still has logical application
In adolescence approval is the only currency

- Parents approval
- Grades
- Team mates
- Dates
- Classmates

Kids don’t earn approval through career or creative works

It’s all through others
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20 Nov 20
Pair clients with a contractor you train in viral organic content creation

$2000/month. You keep $400/month

Why is this not good?

It would take closing 10 clients & managing a team of 3-10 contractors just to make $4000/month

SUBTLE TWEAKS to 10x Returns (mini thread) ⬇️
Closing 1 client on a different offer can be $4000/month

Or even better...

Doing a ONE TIME training for their current team for $4000 would be better

Same 10 closes as before

But $40,000 instead of $4,000, and...

No team to manage
No on-going service delivery
Efficiency, Optimization, Leverage

When bouncing between multiple ideas or strategies

Try to identify subtle tweaks like the one in the previous example

Slight change in position can make all the difference

Doing the same thing, just slightly different positioning
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19 Nov 20
The goal of outreach is NOT to close the sale

It's to get them curious & on the phone

The goal of the first DM is NOT to get a date

It's to spark curiosity & get a reply
The goal of social media & ads is NOT great content

It's to get attention/engagement

Get their commitment to invest a few additional moments of attention

Which then can be directed to longer form articles, videos, lead magnets, offers
Asking for the sale before the phone call is too big of an investment upfront

Asking for a date on the first DM is too big of an investment upfront

Asking to pay attention for extended period on social media is too big of an investment upfront
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