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Consultant at @FlintGlobal. Previously EU politics at @OpenEurope. Trinity College,@Cambridge_Uni History Alumna. 🇬🇷 living in 🇬🇧.
11 Feb 19
🇪🇸 demonstrations took place yesterday against the @sanchezcastejon government. They were organised by 3 political parties, specifically the conservative @PPopular , centre-right @CiudadanosCs and far right #Vox who accuse Sanchez of treason and call for a general election. 📣👇
The pretext sparking the rally was Sanchez accepting an independent facilitator in future talks with the Catalans. Adding to this is that Rajoy was ousted in a no confidence vote last June and elections have not been called to give Sanchez a democratic mandate.
Sanchez relied on Catalan support in the no confidence vote and has been holding talks with regional Catalan leaders to ease tensions 👉The Sanchez approach to Catalonia is also driven by pragmatic reasons, since is dependent on their support to pass legislation e.g. his budget.
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21 Jan 19
Short overview of the German🇩🇪 political developments that have unfolded so far this January. Things to look out for📢 this year are: Regional elections in Bremen, Bradenburg, Sachsen and Thüringen (first elections that @akk will contest) & 🇪🇺EP elections 👇
1.The election of the pragmatic and non-ideological AKK as @CDU leader was interpreted as inaugurating a period that will preserve Merkel’s legacy. She has been at pains to differentiate herself from the “Mini Merkel” label, emphasising her 18-year experience in politics and...
2...deciding to review the German government's decisions on migration policy since 2015, despite Merkel not viewing this favourably. AKK asked for a migration policy review for issues ranging from the protection of the external border to asylum procedures and integration.
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