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15 Feb
Today's Story: In Masvingo, our lawyer Martin Mureri takes action by writing to @zinwawater, @MoHCCZim & @ZetdcOfficial demanding immediate restoration of water supplies at Ngomahuru Mental Hospital where patients have for more than 1 month been forced to bath in a river.
In our letter, we raised concern over the taking of both female & male patients at the same time to take a bath at Magwangwadza River located about 1km away from Ngomahuru Mental Hospital & that patients are being put to great risk of drowning or being attacked by crocodiles
We also highlighted that the right to health of patients & the community is being seriously compromised in light of the current #COVID19 pandemic & other diseases.
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15 Feb
#TodayInZLHRHistory; In Edition 32 of our flagship newsletter published 11 years ago, we shared our scorecard on the performance of the Govt of National Unity.
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15 Feb
Today in History 2011: 5 MDC activists were summoned to Madziwa police station & accused of holding an illegal gathering. They were eventually released without any charges. They were in the company of their @ZLHRLawyers member. #ZLHRat25
Onias Mundanga & another were arrested on 15 Feb in Mashava & accused of participating in a gathering without police authority they were detained only to appear in court on 17 February & were released on bail. #ZLHRat25
Clifford Sanyika & Mhuruyengwe, Prime Minister Tsvangirayi's drivers accused of driving motor vehicles fitted with beacons without authority were granted bail & remanded out of custody to 8 March 2011. The Toyota Prados were impounded by ZIMRA at Beitbridge Border Post. #ZLHRat25
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15 Feb
Today in History 2018: We Issued a Presser on events of 14 Feb at High Court when judges nullified directive issued by Primary & Secondary Education Minister Paul Mavima ordering Ordinary Level students to re-write English Language Paper 2 examination.#ZLHRat25
2. On 8 Feb 2018 Mavima had ordered some candidates who sat for O' Level English Language Paper 2 examination to retake examination on Friday 16 Feb 2018 alleging that there had been incidents of widespread cheating & invalidated results for O' Level English Language Paper 2
3. But High Court judges ruled students will not re-write O' Level English Language Paper 2 exam as ordered by Mavima. Justices Loice Matanda-Moyo & Nyaradzo Munangati-Manongwa ordered students who sat for O' Level English Language Paper 2 exam be graded on O'Level English
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14 Feb
Today in History 2012: As he then was Deputy Chief Justice, Luke Malaba reserved ruling after AG Johannes Tomana requested Supreme Crt to allow late noting of appeal against acquittal of Alec Muchadehama & Constance Gambara, a clerk to High Court Judge Chinembiri Bhunu #ZLHRat25
2. Muchadehama & Gambara were charged with contempt of court, arrested and prosecuted. They were found not guilty after full trial. They were accused of facilitaing release of Andrisson Manyere (a freelance journalist) MDC officials Gandhi Mudzingwa & Chris Dhlamini who had been
3. abducted and disappeared in late 2008 and reappeared in custody of police & charged with trying overthrow gvt. In 2010 a judge had dismissed an application by Tomana for leave to appeal & he was now trying his luck at the Supreme Crt. Malaba remarked that the State #ZLHRat25
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12 Feb
Almost two weeks after the expiry of the deadline in which govt was ordered to publish terms & conditions of all loans & guarantees it concluded with or in favour of @afreximbank, @MthuliNcube finally decides to do so today & tells nation that govt borrowed US$1.4 billion.
@MthuliNcube says the US$1.4 billion was borrowed between Dec 2017-Dec 2019 & was utilised for the purchase of some undisclosed "strategic commodities".
It took the intervention of Harare North MP Hon. @Katazamhondoro & @wateralliancez represented by @HalimaniDenford & Trust Salpisio Manjengwah of @ZLHRLawyers, who sued govt demanding accountability in details & use of loans borrowed or transacted between 2017 to Nov 2020.
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29 Jan
On 26 January, we dispatched a letter to Health & Child Care Minister Constantino Chiwenga requesting to be furnished with information regarding #COVID19 vaccine procurement & rollout plan for Zimbabwe by govt.
In the letter, we asked Chiwenga to disclose govt's plan & status of the procurement plan & strategy of COVID-19 vaccines for the nation including timelines & the rollout plan for the vaccine.
In demanding this information, we stated that this is necessary in the interest of public accountability & enforcement of citizens' constitutional rights. We want the information requested to be published in both print & electronic media by not later than 3 February.
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12 Jan
After a long wait, proceedings against
@advocatemahere finally commence in Courtroom No. 11 before Magistrate Utahwashe.
David Drury tells Magistrate Utahwashe that the State can't make a "Lazarus" resurrection to a law which is non-existent.
Prosecutor Muchemwa tells Magistrate Utahwashe that the State is sticking to allegations contained in the charge sheet and applies for @advocatemahere to be placed on remand.
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12 Jan
Our lawyers are here at Harare Magistrates Court ready to represent @daddyhope
Hopewell is yet to it arrive.
Hope & Hon. Sikhala are now here.
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8 Jan
.We have received a distress call from @daddyhope that @PoliceZimbabwe have arrested him. More details to follow once our @ZLHRLawyers have established the allegations.@rose_hanzi @DougColtart
2. Charge of section 31(a)(iii) of Criminal Code arises from an alleged tweet concerning the incident involving a mother, child & ZRP officer that occurred a few days ago. Updates will be provided in due course. Harrison Nkomo a member of @ZLHRLawyers is representing @daddyhope
3. @daddyhope has signed a warned and cautioned statement. He is likely to appear at Rottenrow court during the morning hours on 9 January 2021.
Meanwhile, he will spend the night in custody at Harare Central.
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2 Dec 20
We have won a landmark ruling on behalf of Hon. @Katazamhondoro & @wateralliancez in which govt has been ordered to publish terms & conditions of all loans & guarantees it concluded with or in favour of African Export-Import Bank or any other 3rd party financiers.
In his ruling, High Court Judge Justice Zhou said this should be published in an Extraordinary Govt Gazette by 30 January 2021 showing loans & guarantees borrowed or transacted between 2017 to Nov 2020.
Justice Zhou ruled that govt's failure to publish terms of loans&guarantees it concluded with Africa Export Import Bank or other financiers from 2017 to date within 60 days of their conclusion is a violation of Section 300(3) of Constitution&Section 18(2) of Public Debt Mgt Act
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1 Sep 20
In court today, our lawyers reported complaints against Zim Prisons & Correctional Service that prison guards manhandled freelance journalist Hopewell Chin’ono & brought him to appear before Magistrate Nduna against the advice of his medical practitioner.
The doctor informed prison guards that he should be kept in self-isolation after his health severely deteriorated. His lawyers told Magistrate Nduna that ZPCS officials forcibly brought the frail looking freelance journalist to court against recommendations by his private doctor
The doctor who examined him on Monday advised prison authorities at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison to put him in self isolation. The doctor recommended that given his condition&the symptoms that he was showing he should not go to court but should be isolated from other inmates
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24 Aug 20
Hearing of Zengeza West MP Job Sikhala's application challenging refusal of remand underway in Court 11.
Sikhala's lawyers tell Magistrate Lanzini Ncube that Job is being ill-prepared in prison with Officer In Charge of Chikurubi Maximum Prison telling Job that he "shall die in prison." Sikhala is spending the entire day handcuffed while in prison and also with leg irons.
Lawyers fear for Sikhala's health & wellbeing as Sikhala says he heard from inmates that people had died in Chikurubi&4 inmtes contracted coronavirus on the day he was detained in D class section of Chikurubi. Lawyers say Sikhala has not been provided with PPE while in prison.
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13 Aug 20
Prosecutor Mabhaudhi makes an application asking magistrate Nduna not to give Beatrice Mtetwa audience in the case of Hopewell Chin'ono. Mabhaudhi says Beatrice is posting comments on the Facebook page, Beatrice Mtetwa and the Rule of Law.
2. This application is now being heard in open court. The testimony of Hopewell in camera is yet to commence. Co-counsel Gift Mtisi now giving evidence on developments on the application by the Prosecutor.
3. Beatrice Mtetwa advises that she is not on Facebook & has no social media accounts. Advises court that the page is run by a Boston based film maker, Lorie Conway. Advises court that prosecutor is misleading the court.
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6 Aug 20
In Kariba 22 year old Rujeko Hither Mpambwa has been arrested for allegedly insulting President Mnangagwa by posting a message on WhatsApp group criticising him for lacking patriotism over his televised address to the nation. Mpambwa appeared at Kariba Magistrates court Thursday
Mpambwa returns to court Friday, where a Magistrate will hand down a ruling on her bail application.
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14 Jul 20
Our anti-impunity litigation aimed at deterring police brutality & heavy-handedness continue to yield positive results as govt& @PoliceZimbabwe are paying dearly for some misdemeanors with Justice Mushore ordering them to pay US$16 788 to Loveness Chiriseri a Chitungwiza resident
Chiriseri, who was a passenger in a private vehicle intending to commute to Harare from Chitungwiza, was a victim of an indiscriminate police shooting incident in August 2018 at a police check point along Seke road.
With the assistance of Fiona Iliff of @ZLHRLawyers, Chiriseri sued for damages for injuries sustained as a result of the shooting, medical expenses, pain & suffering, nervous shock & loss of amenities to life.
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