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10 Mar
Looks like Rep. Matt Gaetz's (R-FL) campaign dropped $3,666 at the Camp David gift shop.

ttps:// ImageImage
Camp David gift shop seems to be a popular with GOP lawmakers' campaigns. Image
Campaign for Rep @DanCrenshawTX (R-TX) spent almost $2,500 on "event catering" at Camp David.

(That would be illegal if it was a fundraiser taking place on federal property.) Image
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4 Feb
Are these words not of the past?
Are these words not of the past?
Are these words not of the past?
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30 Jan
Ted Cruz published a book in September 2020.

In the next three months, @tedcruz’s campaign spent more than $150,000 on books at Books-a-Million.…
@tedcruz Related?

Donate $77 to @tedcruz's campaign, get a signed copy of Ted Cruz's new book.
@tedcruz Per the Amazon page for @tedcruz's latest book, it made many best seller lists.
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24 Dec 20

@realddonaldtrump just pardoned

✅ Charles Kushner
✅ Paul Manafort
✅ Roger Stone (previously granted clemency)
Suspect right now a few former close Trump associates are wishing they hadn't cooperated with prosecutors.
Also, does this mean Jared Kushner did not support a pardon for his dad?

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22 Dec 20
@realDonaldTrump @kyledcheney @joshgerstein @politico @1100Penn @kayleighmcenany @TPUSA @Fahrenthold @DanAlexander21 @MotherJones @DiamondandSilk @PressSec @RichardGrenell @govkristinoem @RepMattGaetz @RandPaul @StapletonPBPost @pbpost On Friday—for at least the third time since Oct.—SD @govkristinoem was a featured guest at a Trump property in Florida.

This time it was for Turning Point USA's $2,000/person gala. At least 280 people attended.

via @1100Penn Image
On Friday, SD @govkristinoem spoke to a sold out, $2,000/person Turning Point USA gala at Mar-a-Lago.

At least 280 people attended.

It was the third since October Noem headline an event at a Florida Trump property.


@govkristinoem @1100Penn Need an idea for a last-minute holiday card?

Bring the family down to the Trump Hotel DC and get a festive photo by the tree with Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell. 🎄🤳

via @1100Penn ImageImageImageImage
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3 Dec 20
With @sendavidperdue's affinity for playing the stock market in the news, seems worth pointing out his son David III appears to be a partner at the NYC-based investment firm PJT Partners. 1/
And in April, David Perdue's son's investment firm, PJT Partners, was selected by @stevenmnuchin1 to work with the airlines on how they will compensate the government for the Covid-19 bailout. 2/

Mnuchin info via @arappeport for @nytimes
@stevenmnuchin1 @arappeport @nytimes And to verify the PJT Partners Mnuchin hired to work with the airlines on the bailout is the same PJT Partners where David Perdue's son is a partner, look at the addresses on the USG and firm's websites. 3/
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20 Nov 20
White House staffer and son of the president’s attorney tested positive for COVID-19
Andrew Giuliani’s all in on a second Trump term too.
Flashback to Andrew Giuliani getting horny on main

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19 Nov 20
Since Dec. 31, 2019—

COVID has killed 250,000 Americans.

@realDonaldTrump has visited his businesses 78 times.

via @1100Penn Image
South Dakota has the highest COVID-19 positivity rate in the country.

Twice in recent weeks, SD Gov. Kristi Noem was headlining events at Trump properties in Florida.

Here she is at one of them with Laura Loomer.

via @1100Penn
Looks like we're gonna make it a whole two years without the House Democrats ever holding a hearing on the Emoluments Clauses.

One scheduled for Sept. 2019 was postponed, never held.

via @1100Penn
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15 Nov 20
@realDonaldTrump @maggieNYT @nytimes @1100Penn Since Dec. 31—

✅ COVID-19 has killed more than 245,000 people in the US

@realDonaldTrump has visited his businesses 78 times

via @1100Penn
One-time Trump customer Dustin Johnson wins Masters.

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4 Nov 20
@1100Penn Trump Hotel DC customer Madison Cawthorn wins US House seat previously held by Trump Hotel DC customer Mark Meadows

via @1100Penn

@1100Penn Through—

✅ social unrest

✅ a pandemic

✅ economic collapse

✅ impeachment

✅ child separation

✅ bombing Iran

✅ mass shootings

@1100Penn’s been laser focused on @realDonaldTrump’s businesses.


Democracy dies in a dark Trump Hotel.
@1100Penn @realDonaldTrump Mar-a-Lago looks packed. Image
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26 Oct 20
REMINDER: The @1100Penn newsletter—reports on who's spending at Trump businesses—*is free* (🚫💰) for government employees and military members.

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Happy birthday Mr. President's hotel

Trump Hotel DC opened four years ago Monday

Taking a cue from his boss, the manager marked the anniversary by complaining about the hotel’s poor media coverage.

via @1100Penn
Wonder if any of them are among the 33 GOP Senators who've either visited the Trump Hotel DC or spent campaign funds there.

via @1100Penn

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23 Oct 20
@1100Penn @realDonaldTrump Citing a "clerical error," Matt Gaetz's campaign amended its latest FEC filings—

Charges that appeared to be below-market lodging at the Trump Hotel DC has been reclassified as meal expenses

via @1100Penn
@1100Penn @realDonaldTrump This week in Trump Hotel DC news—

✅ Hotel now selling $30 face masks

✅ After reports of possible violations, Gaetz campaign amended FEC filings

✅ FDA staffer: Trump fans in 2020 D.C. akin to Jews in 1930s Germany

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17 Oct 20
This week in Trump Org news—

💰 Doral confab featured Proud Boys leader

💰 PPE supplier CEO and wife ponied up $82,000 to GOP pre Trump Hotel bourbon tasing

💰 Financial-services trade group paid Trump’s Doral $155,000

via @1100Penn
Flashback to July Fourth 2019 when QAnon acolytes descended on the Trump Hotel DC—including the fella(s) many of them think is JFK Jr.

via @1100Penn…

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4 Oct 20
@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn Thanks to all of @1100Penn's paid subscribers for their support of reporting on who's paying @realDonaldTrump--and what they may want in return.

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@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn Last week in Trump Org news—

✅ Trump’s taxes reveal DC hotel lost millions

✅ Proud Boys standing by at Trump Hotel DC: A retrospective

✅ Notable other sightings of hate-group leaders and white nationalists

via @1100Penn
@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn Just days after @realDonaldTrump's COVID-19 diagnosis, Trump Store dot com is sold out of its cheaper face mask (which was still $18).

Back story via @1100Penn Image
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3 Oct 20
Yet to hear back from the Trump Org (which is typical).

Haven’t seen any other reports about what steps it’s taking re: Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis after visiting four different Trump properties in a week.

Trump Org's silence on what steps it's taking to contact customers exposed to @realDonaldTrump not too surprising given 👇

@realDonaldTrump Trump's Super Bowl party had a coronavirus-era fixin's bar too.

@realDonaldTrump used his fingers at the fixins bars

via @1100Penn

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1 Oct 20
@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn Proud Boys aren't the only right-wing extremists who pay @realDonaldTrump via his DC hotel—

✅ SPLC designated ACT! for America a hate group

✅ It's leader was at the hotel Tues night for debate-watching party

✅ Wed she was at the WH

via @1100Penn ImageImage
@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn And Trump Hotel DC is where Richard Spencer and Evan McClaren were hanging out around the time they planed the Charlottesville rally, as @katierogers reported for @nytimes:

photos via @1100Penn ImageImage
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29 Sep 20
@1100Penn This. This. This. This. This. This. This. Image
@1100Penn Trump's taxes reveal D.C. hotel lost millions

Hotel that often charges more a night than the president pays in annual income tax lost $55 million through 2018 per @nytimes review of Trump’s taxes

via @1100Penn
@1100Penn @nytimes In case 15,000 words on @realDonaldTrump finances aren’t enough for you, Tuesday's @1100Penn pulled out the DC hotel-related snippets from the @nytimes investigation and added some hotel-focused context.

via @1100Penn
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28 Sep 20
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@realDonaldTrump @1100Penn Thread with insight on Franklin Graham's fondness for the Trump Hotel DC

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25 Sep 20
Twitter slaps warning on video featuring area hotelier. (Also interesting: Team Trump didn’t request a second take.)

.@realDonaldTrump arrived at his Doral resort last night.

Since Dec. 31, which Chinese officials first reported the coronavirus—

-he's visited his properties 60 times

-COVID-19 has killed 202,886 people in the US

via @1100Penn

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9 Sep 20
Huckabee Sanders isn't just a former Trump employee, she's also a customer.

She and her husband are thought to have picked up the tab for her goodbye party—held at the Trump Hotel DC.

me for @VanityFair

A Republican running for Congress in Maryland, Kimberly Klacik appears to have spent a lot of time during the RNC at the Trump Hotel DC (including this sitdown with Rudy Giuliani).

She just enjoyed a RT from the president.

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