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Zarina Zabrisky is the author of EXPLOSION, IRON, CUTE TOMBSTONE, GREEN LIONS and a novel WE, MONSTERS.
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21 Sep
Trump's top nominee for RBG's replacement, #AmyConeyBarrett, was a member of the #Federalist Society from 2005 to 2006, and again from 2014 to 2017. Why? See this thread #SupremeCourt #supremecourtnominee #RBG #SCOTUSnominee #SCOTUSAmyConeyBarrett
Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is behind many of Trump’s judicial nominees, including Kavanaugh. Leonard Leo, Executive Vice President, served as an outside adviser to Trump on the Supreme Court and related judicial selection and confirmation issues.
Leo supported the confirmation of Neal Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and the Roberts and Alito U.S. Supreme Court confirmations in 2005–2006 & raised $15 mn+ from donors like Koch Industries, the Mercer Family Foundation.
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20 Sep
Trump will nominate a #SupremeCourt replacement to #RBG next week. #McConnell will bring the nomination to a vote in the Senate before election day. Why stacking courts is the next step to lawlessness and how it is done: thread 👇🏽 #supremecourtnominee #VOTEBIDEN
Mafia states' rulers install loyal people in the key position of power. Thread by @ZarinaZabrisky and @LuluLemew 👇🏽👆
Here is some history of Trump's nominations and stacking courts.
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18 Sep
A thread sharing 17 tactics used by the #Kremlin to destroy Western democracy. There is an army of trained, Kremlin-paid political technologists, a supporting army of troll farms in and outside of #Russia, and their allies using these tactics. Graphics by @LuluLemew
"Agent of influence uses his or her position to influence public opinion or decision making to produce results beneficial to the country whose intelligence service operates the agent. (Source:…)
Agents of influence are often the most difficult agents to detect, as there is seldom material evidence that connects them with a foreign power, but they can be among the most effective means of influencing foreign opinion and actions.
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21 Mar
@RealBristolNews @peterjukes @lukeharding1968 Lol. I certainly have no time or intention to listen to these mega-clowns. One is Vyacheslav Nikonov, a grandson of Molotov (as in Molotov—Ribbentrop pact) 🤣 and another one is Dmitry Simes—
@RealBristolNews @peterjukes @lukeharding1968 And I have the honor of being a small cog that led to him fleeing the US. I attach articles about both. Caution: do not listen to a WORD. 🤣
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6 Mar
Reporting about #Kusher and #Cadre everyone seems to have forgotten Gazprom-linked investments. 👇🏼…
In 2015, Yuri Milner contributed $850,000 from his family trust to a $50m investment in Cadre.…
Milner once advised the Russian government on technology through a presidential commission chaired by Dmitry Medvedev, the former president and current prime minister.
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2 Mar
On boards where "influence groups" strategize and organize, trumpists, alt-right, radicals on the right, echoed by Trump himself at the rallies and amplified by the Kremlin-funded trolls on social media encourage people to vote for #Sanders. Why? Thread, #supertuesday2020
The rationale is simple: Sanders is "the weakest candidate" because the rural and mid-America will not vote for a "communist" or "socialist" and Trump will have an easy win. (Debates about Sanders' views distract from the reality of Trump's re-election, irrelevant.) #supertuesday
The US and the world might not survive 4 yrs of Trump as he is going to ruin the environment, judicial system, democracy as we know it. No matter how great are the promises of healthcare for all or free education, we need to face the existing political landscape & stay realistic.
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27 Feb
#BernieSanders suggested a 100% tax on incomes above $1mn.” Nobody should earn more than a million dollars.”(1974) His net worth is $2,5mn 👇🏼Thread
“I wrote a best-selling book. If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too.”
“Our Revolution” ranks 6751 on Amazon and is sold along with his other books while Sanders attacks Amazon and the wealthy.
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21 Feb
Manafort, Flynn, Sater, Page, Deripaska. Revelations BEFORE Nov 8, 2016.…
Trump Toronto, KGB, Kremlin and more. Before Nov 8, 2016.…
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6 Feb
#NationalPrayerBreakfast is held by Fellowship, aka The Family, & the International Foundation. Doug Burleigh (a lead now) & Doug Coe, deceased founder, Burleigh’s father-in-law) have ties to the Russian officials. 👇🏼…
Doug Coe had a close friendship with Boris Birshtein, an émigré from the USSR, allegedly a (double) agent of the KGB and Mossad” with confirmed organized crime connections.
Birshtein is known to be a partner of Semion Mogilevich and other bosses of Solntsevo organized crime group. He helped to install the puppet regimes around the world.
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18 Dec 19
#ImpeachmentDay Today is a triumph of sanity and a sign that the US can recover. I first warned about the Kremlin's hybrid war attack on the US and explained how it worked in 2015:…? and…?
#ImpeachmentDay (a triumph of sanity) shared the RT (Russia Today) article on how the USA would benefit from Putin as president in 2015...…
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4 Dec 19
#ImpeachmentHearing #Giuliani Giuliani's overlooked contacts with the Kremlin/KGB/oligarchs thread. In 2004, #Giuliani visited Moscow & Magnitogorsk to meet Moscow corrupt mayor #Luzhkov, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov & more. The screenshot of the video (now deleted.
Luzhkov--Trump. In Nov1996, Howard Lorber & Ben LeBow brought Trump to Moscow & arranged discussions about a joint venture between their Liggett-Ducat tobacco factory, Trump Organization and the city of Moscow with the Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov’s office.
3. During the 1993 and 1997 campaigns, USSR-born Sam Kislin, his relatives and companies donated $46,250 to #Giuliani’s mayoral campaigns. Kislin landed a post on the city’s Economic Development…
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22 Nov 19
#DevinNunes: follow the money. All the way to the Kremlin. Nunes’ Winery Moscow connections plus cocaine/underage sex workers party on a yacht, thread 👇🏼 #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachAndRemoveTrump #impeachment…
#Nunes only/main investment is in a Napa Valley winery that has the Kremlin-licensed Russian company, a major Russian hard liquor distributor, known for its long term official relationship with Putin's administration which receives loyalty from the Kremlin-branded product sales.
Alpha Omega Winery was embroiled in a scandal in 2016 when a former employee alleged in a lawsuit that 25 of the Napa Valley-based winery’s top investors were openly using what appeared to be cocaine and “drawing straws” for which sex worker to hire.…
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23 Oct 19
@WendySiegelman Fridman and Aven are some of the most important names in Trump-Putin puzzle (@WendySiegelman you know it :) but for your followers) Here are just a few facts: Aven/Fridman have been backing Putin since the 90s. Image
@WendySiegelman In 2014, Alfa Bank formed a partnership with Amway, owned by DeVos family...In 2016, Alfa Bank was involved in the scandal with Trump’s server.
@WendySiegelman in April 2016, Richard Burt, a former member of the senior advisory board of Alfa Bank and currently a Board member of Letter One, helped to draft Trump’s first policy speech at The National Interest.
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25 Sep 19
#Giuliani's 20 years ties with Russian and Ukrainian organized crime, top officials and secret services (all three are a conglomerate in Putin's mafia state). It didn't start now. See more in this thread. #impeachment #TrumpImpeachment #UkraineScandal
#Trump's 30 years of ties with Russian organized crime, top officials and secret services (same, see above). #impeachment #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachTrumpNow ☝️👇
#Kavanaugh's appointment and 30 years of back to Russia and Ukraine (USSR, ahem) with the Federalist Society, Fellowship Foundation, The National Breakfast Prayer, Russian Orthodox Church, and Chabad involvement
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3 Sep 19
Russian opposition blogger gets 5 yrs in prison for a misinterpreted tweet, an answer to a question about the possible outcomes of riot police suppressing protests w/o facemasks: people might find their family photos & target kids. NOT a call for violence. #MoscowProtests
Another protester gets 3 years for using pepper spray against riot police.
A couple is facing their parental rights being taken away for taking a child to a protest. Father says, "It is a signal to the society, they are using fear. It is all about fear."
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18 Aug 19
The far-right attacking the anti-fascists with a hammer, then switching the narratives claiming that the anti-fascists attacked them with a hammer. #Antifa means "anti-fascists." It is not an organization. If you are against fascists, YOU are antifa. #Portland
“Smear campaigns” against #antifa are used to create the image of internal enemy and “scapegoats.” Since Charlottesville, such campaigns against #Antifa became a compulsory exercise for #AltRight, #Kremlin #trolls and #Bots. #disinformation is an important tool in cyberwar.
In 2017, the online campaign used fake #antifa (an umbrella term for anti-fascist protestors) Twitter accounts to claim anti-fascists promoted violence against women supporting Trump or white supremacy. @bellingcat research showed the evidence of campaign orchestration on 4chan.
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17 Aug 19
Today, Russia: The first arrest: woman in St.Petersburg arrested after 5min of standing alone with a poster. Mass protests banned. The Kremlin suppresses protests against unfair elections. Over the last 3 weekends over 3,000 detained. #MoscowElectionsCrisis #MoscowProtest
These brave people in Moscow and St.Petersburg demand their constitutional rights: the right to vote for candidates to the local government that were not pre-selected by the Kremlin. If arrested, they will face 8-14 years in prison.
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10 Aug 19
The only oppositional leader not jailed at the moment in Russia is being arrested by riot squad after the door is broken, journalists thrown face on the floor, five minutes before she is heading to a sanctioned protest in Moscow. #moscowelectioncrisis #допускай
Riot police squad is also taking over the studio NAVALNY LIVE that broadcasted from the last two protests.
People are started to get detained in Moscow and St.Petersburg. (10 minutes into the protest)
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9 Aug 19
What are they celebrating with radiant smiles, thumbs up and selfies? 34 dead in 2 states in a week--from mass shootings. 22 in El Paso. 9 in Dayton. 3 in Gilroy. In 2019, 62 killed in mass shootings. Hundreds wounded. As the Trumps beam and pose, 680 arrested in Mississippi...
...laborers at the Kochs chicken processing factories. Children are left in schools and in the streets without parents. Neighbors take them to gyms to await their fate while their parents are taking away, handcuffed. The Republicans are speaking of "Hispanic Invasion."
Is this the time to smile wide? But don't blame it all on the sociopaths in power. Anyone smiling wide in these photos from the official White House Flicker account (no copyright, use as you wish)…
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7 Aug 19
💥💥Flags half-mast till 8/8? FBI explains: 8/8 stands for Heil Hitler. Thread+article with many examples of Trump's (+his family&administration) coded messages to #WhiteSupremacists & #neoNazis. Pls RT. #WhiteNationalistTerrorism #WhiteSupremacistInChief…
1. On Aug 4, 2019, after 31 killed over the weekend, Trump ordered all flags to be flown at half-mast through Aug 8. Former Assistant Director for Counter Intelligence, FBI, Frank Figgliuzi explained that the US flags would be raised at on 8/8...
2. & that 88 is a coded message “Heil Hitler” recognized by white supremacists and neo-Nazis. He expressed concern about Trump’s choice of speechwriters. However, Trump has a long history of using these coded messages in his speeches. Below are some examples.👇
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5 Aug 19
Latest details on #ConnorBetts #daytonshooter thread. Twitter: "Flowers for Atomsk." Atomsk is an anime character, named after a novel Atomsk (1949) by Paul Linebarger, an expert of psychological war operations, an author of many books on psy-ops and propaganda. #daytonshooting
Linebarger's books include Psychological Warfare (1948) and Essays on military psychological operations (1965). Atomsk is named after Atomsk, a secret Russian military city in Siberia. More at the website by Linebarger's daughter here.
At Funsubstance, a user "atomsk" quoted a Walking Dead post-apocalyptic horror series episode, in which one sister, Lizzie, stabs another sister, Mika, with a knife, killing her during a zombie apocalypse. The mother then and asks Lizzie to look at the flowers, and shoots her.
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