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Apr 2 13 tweets 7 min read
WARNING! Advanced pattern recognition, chances of learning something are quite high dear #ChessPunks and other chess enthusiasts!

I had this position in a blitz game online the other day and my opponent played quite a common mistake for such pawn structures, 38...b5?? I was quite happy and a little bit proud that I that I almost immediately recognized the pattern and played the correct 39.b4! and now white is winning!

The move ...b5 in such positions looks like it's making progress as white can't take on account of the distant passer. In fact it's the other side that gets a distant passer! The pattern is a bit subtle and deep though but the jist of it is that at the end of the day, white is first to "the buffet" on the kingside. A technique that Jeremy Silman referred to as Fox 🦊 in the Chicken 🐔 Coop in his endgame book. #Chess #PatternRecognition

🧵1/Image Lets have a closer look at what's going on in this endgame after 39.b4! and lets first try 39...bxa4 when white replies 40.bxa5 (diagram). This one is quite obviously losing for black. White's king is safely in the square of the pawn without distraction while black's problem is that he needs to play ...c5 to reach the square of the white pawn but when he does, white plays a6 and then d5+ on the next move and black can't contain the pawns.