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Thread on how to know & check if a Restaurant invoice in Sindh is Tax Compliant or not or it should be on SRBPOS or not, what to look for in an invoice, how to verify SNTN & if its a SRBPOS invoice how to verify that, hope to answer this all here, so lets begin
Services Sales Tax is governed by Sindh Revenue Board in Sindh knows as SRB after 18th amendment, and Restaurants, Pakwan Centers, Cafes are categorised as Services too so it falls in Sindh Revenue Board domain in Sindh, so who is liable to register with SRB? Does everyone has to register with them or Integrate with SRBPOS? NO, so we will first look at Basic Registration Criteria and then move on to SRBPOS upgraded criteria for Integration
May 4, 2023 19 tweets 4 min read
Thread 🧵

Sharia Compliant Money Market Mutual Fund with 18%, more or around annual return currently.

This is not an investment advice and I dont take responsibility for any decision you take reading this, its just for knowledge for people on the subject.

Talking about Al-Meezan Investment Mutual Funds, it is a subsidary of Meezan Bank operating since 1995 with currently managing assets of overs Rs 269 Billion as of 31st March 2023.

With 19 open end Mutual Funds plus pension and some other funds too.

Jan 11, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
Context of this, Yes I have a very harsh take on it lot of people dont agree to it. Amna Fasih blocked me for it too on Shahzeb Case.
I salute Khadija who fought and won she never gave up, Ume Rubab doing the same, these are the examples we should look to & teach our children
1/n In almost every such high profile case in #Pakistan it ends up in Money settlement, Failure of State too yes that is why it is called a Third World Country, NOTHING in this country comes easy you have to go all out till end to win some and loose most even then BUT

Dec 19, 2021 130 tweets 134 min read
Next is "Raees Ahmed Standard Biryani House" in #Landhi #Karachi which was made to register on a Previous complaint and issued a show cause notice for Penalty so inquired what happened to that notice is it finalised #TaxChoriBandKaru

741/n ImageImage Complaint 16 Nov, Reply 24 Nov

Restaurant was fined for Rs 10,000/= which is abysmally low for the sale and running of it.
And they are still being non compliant to which they know soon again :)

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Jul 23, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read
So Far been able to Register 49 Businesses for either Sales Tax or FBR POS Linked which include Restaurants, Marts, Hospitals, Doctors, Traders, Saloons, Bakeries Etc etc.
And with that Rs 5.435 Million Fine directly imposed with that!

@shaukat_tarin @PakPMO @FBRSpokesperson @Sabbandkardo You were asking for this
Jun 6, 2021 188 tweets 137 min read
Next is "HM Furniture" in Lahore , issuing invoices with no GST # or Sales Tax Amount, asked authorities to check if they are even registered for Sales Tax?
2ndly Aren't they a Tier-1 Business? Shouldn't they be linked with POS already?

149/n ImageImage Complaint on 08 Apr, Reply on 01 Jun

Notice has been served to Business to explain their position on both accounts.

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Apr 25, 2021 74 tweets 36 min read
Next "Green Palm Resort" at Gadap Karachi, No mention of any SNTN # or Sales Tax amount.

I had an idea they have exemptions in Agriculture domain but this Blanket did'nt knew

75/n ImageImage Complaint done on 13 Apr, Reply came on 14 Apr-21.

They have Blanket Exemption under current laws & its mind boggling, with Zero Farming done its PURE BUSINESS & Should be charged under laws as other Services are

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