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23 Sep
This type of coordinated behavior was quickly substantiated following Christchurch. I haven't seen much evidence of that here. If Discord edgelords are a 'dark web' 'coordinated attack' than TikTok might not be equipped to combat the PRC actors.
I don't expect every platform to succeed against this type of thing, but ByteDance literally prepared for this exact scenario — and they simply failed. Maybe they should own up to that instead of describing it like organized cybercrime and nation states.
"We learned that groups operating on the dark web made plans to raid social media platforms, including TikTok, in order to spread the video across the internet" theguardian.com/technology/202…
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22 Sep
I bought a Honda Fit and I've been radicalized by subcompacts. Tesla needs to enter that category
The U.S. car market would be significantly cooler if cheap Chinese EVs like the Zotye Cloud 100 were on the road.
Kandi launched last month in the U.S. with 2 EVs, so Chinese automakers shaking up the market may not be too far off electrek.co/2020/07/30/kan…
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22 Sep
PRC influence network: "[Posed] as locals in countries they targeted, post in Groups, amplify their own content, manage Pages, like and comment on other people’s posts particularly about naval activity in the South China Sea, including US Navy ships." about.fb.com/news/2020/09/r…
"In SE Asia where this network focused most of its activity, they posted in Chinese, Filipino & English about global news and current events including Beijing’s interests in the South China Sea; Hong Kong; content supportive of President Rodrigo Duterte & [Sarah's] potential run"
Chinese networks dabbling with IRA division tactics here: "In the US, where this network focused the least and gained almost no following, they posted content both in support of and against presidential candidates Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden and Donald Trump."
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22 Sep
"While there has been some evidence of military-style training and labor transfers in Tibet in the past, this new, enlarged program represents the first on a mass scale and the first to openly set quotas for transfers outside the region." reuters.com/article/us-chi…
"Tibetan state media reports in July say that in 2020 some of the workers transferred outside of Tibet were sent to construction projects in Qinghai and Sichuan. Others transferred within Tibet were trained in textiles, security and agricultural production work."
"Local government documents inside Tibet and in three other provinces say workers remain in centralised accommodation after they are transferred... One state media document, describing a transfer within the region, referred to it as a 'point to point nanny service.'"
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21 Sep
"Sped up" is an important distinction. While the Trade War, Huawei/TikTok, and the Xinjiang-associated blacklist obviously plays into this, why is it assumed that U.S. access was guaranteed? If China is just an NPC that retaliates against U.S. choices, what is the Great Firewall?
From last December: "Beijing has ordered all government offices and public institutions to remove foreign computer equipment and software within three years" ft.com/content/b55fc6…
Shen Changxiang, father of the domestic Golden Shield Project has warned against U.S. technology for more than a decade. While Cisco built the Great Firewall, American tech dominance in China has been shrinking ever since. nytimes.com/2015/04/20/bus…
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20 Sep
This take is pretty myopic; the WeChat discussion needs far more depth. This stance ignores the ACLU’s long standing precedents on the NSA, surveillance, and privacy. Yet, the stakes of NSA surveillance and MSS surveillance are a world apart — with Americans potential victims too
WeChat is a product that is architected to constrict freedom of speech. Messages sent from the U.S. are algorithmically surveilled, and that data constricts speech in China. Do those Chinese matter less than Americans? citizenlab.ca/2020/05/we-cha…
If WeChat was a product that was end-to-end encrypted, with the White House merely targeting Chinese market access, these discussions would be different. But with all we know about Chinese technology, in China, it is unbelievable that the ACLU can rationalize a free market stance
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20 Sep
Since you can share Shortcuts, who’s building the Cydia-like Theme aggregator? 👀
2009 vs 2020 ImageImage
I replicated @ARTSHL3Y’s Windows 95 aesthetic and put together a prototype to distribute the theme ✨ siteid-676364.onuniverse.com Image
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20 Sep
The $5B fund for Trump Youth schools is unbelievable. Cherry on top of this circus.
I need 10,000 words about how this ‘Education Fund’ entered the fold. It’s not a donation from China, as some are interpreting it, but the parallels to Chinese authoritarianism are eerie as hell.
Bloomberg reports: “the new U.S. TikTok company will control the [Education Fund] money and choose how it’s invested.” bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
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18 Sep
"Tencent, registered the WeCom trademark on Aug. 19, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office."

"Two Tencent sources said WeCom does not fall under the scope of a ban on WeChat-related transactions in the United States from Sept. 20"
Now that's some China Tech energy right now. Incredible
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18 Sep
TikTok was smart to hit the ground running with some of this functionality:
While the mobile web app is better than most, it would still be limited by the CDN. The experience wouldn't be as great as you see right now, even if ByteDance built out Canadian infrastructure.
The big missing piece for the web app experience is creation. TikTok would not be TikTok if users could not as easily create, rehash, and duet. These user experience loops are core to what makes TikTok a success story.
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16 Sep
"In 2019, an Arizona prosecutor’s office said Uber would not face criminal liability for the incident." nytimes.com/2020/09/15/tec…
An awful development, for an awful story. That safety driver was always destined to fail.
"Uber chose to test their system quickly & cheaply... [Other AVs] put 2 or more qualified engineers in each of their test vehicles. Vasquez was alone, & she was no test pilot. The only qualification she needed before starting work was a driver’s license" onezero.medium.com/who-killed-ela…
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15 Sep
Twitter suspended @LiMengYAN119 today after she published a paper with information she claimed alluded to SARS-CoV-2 being engineered in a lab. She is wrong, the misinformation is dangerous, and she has embedded herself in Guo’s disinformation apparatus. The right call by Twitter
Facebook took down Li-Meng Yan's interview with Tucker Carlson tonight. This is also the right call. facebook.com/story.php?stor… Image
This woman is simply not credible, and her accusations are scientifically invalid, but this is how Facebook users are reacting to the right-wing push. Image
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15 Sep
Rubio is urging the White House to also ban QQ. Fairly pointless considering its dying relevancy, but I suppose his office thinks Tencent may evade the ban by leveraging other products under their umbrella to create bridges to WeChat.
QQ's second life over the last few years has been a focus on young people, adopting Snapchat-like features & product design. It is still popular within China, but the scenario the White House has proposed of IP theft is much less relevant for QQ. technode.com/2017/08/07/wec…
As these D.C. figures learn of new Chinese apps, I guess we'll see this whack-a-mole continue like Modi's government. It will all be for nothing until we establish real frameworks and market demands that attack the true problems of PRC-operated technology.
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14 Sep
YouTube Shorts, a TikTok competitor, is launching in India. It looks terrible 😬 blog.youtube/news-and-event…
The Shorts creation tool and new watch experience will be bundled into the YouTube app.
Recently, some of these TikTok experiments have appeared in the YouTube app, and they’re just not good. YouTube needs better creation tools and content, but bundling probably won’t get them there. TikTok is frictionless creation, and YouTube is everything but that.
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12 Sep
Everything about this picture, and its slew of characters, is art.
That’s self proclaimed “whistleblower” Li-Meng Yan in the mirror. Her claims were never properly scrutinized and she lacks credibility — and what she has proclaimed about SARS-CoV-2 origins is clearly a lie. foxnews.com/world/chinese-…
Shaking hands with Rudy is Lude Media founder Wang DingGang, who operates in the Guo Wengui “Whistleblower Movement” universe. I think he ran a Las Vegas travel agency before this media endeavor?
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12 Sep
If a TikTok bans officially plays out, and Apple becomes the target of retaliation: will Apple respond to the pressure by allowing side loading? It would relinquish their culpability in Chinese market censorship, with Tencent MyApp filling the void, and allow TikTok circumvention
In that scenario, the Chinese government sees the Apple App Store as 'western hegemony' chokepoint. Apple, having to play both sides, might release control to escape responsibility — allowing iOS to follow global web standards.
Apple is already under intense pressure from the developer community, and tech companies broadly. In the last month, we've seen the beginning of a tech coalition forming, with Coinbase joining the outspoken fold today — following Epic and Facebook. TikTok could be Apple's out.
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11 Sep
Apple could have created a new N95 production line to actually protect retail workers, but this looked friendlier. No mention of lab results and particulate filtering certification on this Apple packaging...
Anything to create a false sense of security to peddle those new iPhones, right? Disappointing. We should expect better. Image
Since this reporting, we haven't heard much about Apple's testing plans, and whether they've built their own labs and are regularly testing retail workers like the public health experts tirelessly demand. The most valuable company. An American leader. bloomberg.com/news/articles/…
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11 Sep
"Twelve years of watching drone technology at CES emerge and then boom has made one thing abundantly clear: China Won... China leads the global drone industry across the entire spectrum, not only in quantity, but in quality... This is why we built Ghost"
Anduril's Lattice platform looks to have more polish than many of the other swarm management suites. Image
The virtual reality side of Anduril's platform:
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10 Sep
One of the glaring ByteDance-TikTok separation concerns that I haven't heard much mention of is that the ad platform, TikTok for Business Ads Manager, doesn't stop at TikTok. It was built like ByteDance Global Ads and supports the whole ByteDance family. ads.tiktok.com/help/article?a… Image
TopBuzz falls under the TikTok Ads News Feed App categorization. TikTok Ads Manager is owned by TikTok, Inc., and if you believe there is any reasonable entity structuring, might consider TopBuzz a third-party. Ads are placed everywhere by default. ads.tiktok.com/help/article?a… Image
Similar to Facebook Ads Manager, TikTok allows advertisers to create Custom Audiences by uploading Customer Files. Right now, only IDFA/GAID identifiers are supported, it would appear. For context, Facebook takes far more granular data like phone numbers. ads.tiktok.com/help/article?a… Image
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9 Sep
These are Ambassador Liu Xiaoming's last 3 likes... with my censorship. Someone had fun with his account to create this Ted Cruz moment. ImageImage
Liu certainly didn't hold the 'Free the Uyghurs' stance in his July BBC interview. bbc.com/news/av/world-…
The Chinese Embassy in the U.K. is blaming these issue on an outside actor account defacement. Image
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7 Sep
It doesn't have the same radicalization backdrop, but this is TikTok's Christchurch. Both events faced troll reuploads that defeated algorithmic gating.
In response to Christchurch, YouTube's moderation infrastructure crumbled, and the company was forced to break search site-wide for days. All western platforms went scrambling; it was a different threat than the ISIL coalition had prepared them for.
The WSJ recently reported that Zhang Yiming took that very event as a foundational lesson for ByteDance's moderation efforts. While his infrastructure has meant geopolitical censorship, it is clear that TikTok is struggling today to meet this expectation. wsj.com/articles/entre…
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