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Nurse. Chief Clinical Information Officer, Certified Health CIO, @ukfci Fellow, @bcs Fellow, @fed_ip Leading Practitioner. Father of 5 🧒+ 3🐱+ 2🐶 + 3🏍
Nov 23, 2020 16 tweets 31 min read
@ellaworsdale @AyeshaRahimCCIO @Asifmbachlani @DrG_NHS @Psycle_Doc @marcus_baw @colinoscopy62 @PhilHornerHoBI 1. I’m no expert but here are some rambling thoughts: make data relevant and interesting for them. Data should be so much more than traditional insights into CCG abacus-driven KPIs. You lose interest, you lose learning, you lose literacy. @ellaworsdale @AyeshaRahimCCIO @Asifmbachlani @DrG_NHS @Psycle_Doc @marcus_baw @colinoscopy62 @PhilHornerHoBI 2. Make it about outcomes and not just activity. The focus has to be on patient and carers, so question anything frivolous (albeit well-intended)that’s come over the wall from NHS-Alphabet. #dataMHgeddon