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19 Jul
• This agenda does not benefit Donald Trump's re-election campaign. Polling bears this reality out.
• It does not benefit the GOP's electoral prospects.
• He refuses to deviate from an obvious losing re-election strategy.

This means something else is more important to him.
A narcissist does not seek to bring an end to a crisis, but rather he seeks to exploit a crisis so he may use it as a cudgel against those he perceives as his enemies. In this case, Democrats. Therefore, the only way to make the cudgel more powerful is to make the crisis worse.
Donald Trump's election was a punishment for a majority of white voters having to endure a Black President. His conduct during a viral pandemic is an ongoing punishment for the prospect of his loss. He sees the polling in America, and his most base desire is to kill Americans.
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4 Jul
I think the single biggest misconception certain white people have when they hear the term "white supremacy" is that they immediately associate the term with its most well-known extremists, so therefore white supremacy must be solely the domain of extremist thought.

It is not.
I say this as somebody raised in a culturally conservative household: when I first heard the term "white supremacy", I know I was encouraged, consciously and unconsciously, to mentally associate that term with extremists. Neo-nazis, the KKK, etc.
This has a specific and intended effect: it is to encourage white people into believing white supremacy as a toxic force in society is of limited imagination. But that serves to normalize the myriad of other ways white supremacy manifests itself in society.
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26 Jun
This is an electron microscopy image of kidney cells (orange) from an African green monkey infected with Sars-Cov-2 (blue). A study will be published tomorrow showing that coronavirus makes infected cells grow mini-tentacles (orange) that it uses as conduits to infect new cells. SOURCE: Dr. Elizabeth Fischer, NIAID/NIH.
This image may look menacing, but this feature of the virus has allowed researchers to narrow down a drug class that may help treat coronavirus: protein kinase inhibitors, which are typically used to treat cancer.…
This was the product of a research team that was more focused on studying the mechanisms behind what coronavirus does to human/animal cells as opposed to potentially designing therapies based on the components of the virus itself.
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21 Jun
In case you're still asking yourself, "Was participating in this rally worth the risk of death?", I want to be clear: you're asking the wrong question.
White supremacy and toxic masculinity offer the same appeal along the dimensions in which they operate: the thrill of looking away from who you are as an individual. That means looking away from the ways you are vulnerable as an individual.
The rational response to coronavirus is to see the damage the virus has done and to implement measures to minimize the damage. Neither white supremacy nor toxic masculinity share this concern. Both are animated by deluding everyone in their thrall that they are invincible.
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12 Jun
Honestly was just browsing JSTOR on my own time about various sociological issues, and that's where I learned about it. No curriculum I have had experience with acknowledged this event. I still have the link to where I first learned about this massacre.…
What was very notable about this massacre is after it was over, white people used it to justify white supremacy. But that was not the initial supplied pretext for the massacre.
The first sentence in this paragraph was the original pretext for violence; protecting the purported purity of white women from violence from Black men.
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6 Jun
Good to see this move. However:

"The Confederate battle flag has all too often been co-opted by violent and racist groups whose divisive beliefs have no place in our Corps."

Uh, there is no "co-opting." The racism and violence were the point of this flag all along.
The Confederacy was a racist treasonous state whose Constitution ensured the institution of slavery of Black people was protected and to be viewed as the supreme law of the land.…
And the justification for enshrining slavery as the supreme law of the land was supplied by the Vice President of the Confederacy: the notion that Black people were fundamentally inferior. This is the only message the Confederate battle flag has ever sent.…
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27 May
Finally got around to reading Amy Cooper's apology. It's gaslighting. She said that she came to realize that police presence is not necessarily a luxury for everyone. But her behavior can only be explained by her having a full awareness of that reality.…
Her literal words: "I'm going to tell them there's an African American man threatening my life." She was not shy about telling Christian Cooper that she was going to lie to the cops, and emphasize his race, because she knew what effect those words would have on him.
The reality that a police presence is not necessarily a luxury for everyone—particularly a Black person in the United States—is the precise power she wanted to wield over him.
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26 May
It is worth emphasizing, relentlessly, that we are going through a full-blown viral pandemic for a really pivotal reason. Donald Trump did something neither Hillary Clinton nor Joe Biden would do: he ignored all the intelligence that suggested coronavirus would be a problem.
And not only would Hillary Clinton not have ignored intelligence of coronavirus posing a significant threat, she would have been flanked by an esteemed infectious disease researcher who would be overseeing our response to this pandemic.…
You want to know what this researcher and her lab wrote about in 2016? How viral genomic sequencing can strengthen other epidemiological methods for tracking viral transmission. THAT'S who would be in charge right now if Hillary Clinton were President.…
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26 May
If you appreciated my pinned tweet series, you should read this thread. From the paper cited:

"White people typically avoid black space, but black people are required to navigate the white space as a condition of their existence."
And note: white space and black space. These are positions. And you are judged by your navigation of these spaces RELATIVE to the race in which you belong.

By the way, this paper cites the one I used in my thread. Here's more on white space and why it has appeal.
Actually, the more I read this paper, the more I feel compelled to ask every white person following me to read it. Make this paper a reading requirement. I'm serious.
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24 May
I want to be clear about what's going on here because it wasn't mentioned in the article: Joe Biden is outpacing Hillary Clinton because Joe Biden is outpacing Hillary Clinton among WHITE voters specifically. I can't stress enough how important noting this observation is.
The latest Fox News poll cited in the article broke down white voters in a number of ways. So did the 2016 Fox News exits. Compare the numbers. No matter which demographic of white people you're looking at, Joe Biden is outpacing Hillary Clinton.…
By contrast, Hillary Clinton's exit poll results among non-white voters (+53) outpace where Joe Biden is currently doing among non-white voters right now (+46).
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23 May
I know I framed the appeal of white supremacy in various ways, but another way to view it: it is to supply yourself with a dimension in which you believe you cannot be told "No." What you are witnessing is a bunch of people being told "No." and completely melting down.
If you think that white supremacy should be granted impunity, you will start thinking that you yourself should be granted impunity. This is why white supremacy is accompanied by extreme fragility. It has a distorted sense of expectations for when someone can tell you "No."
If you see videos of white people crying for having to wear masks, freaking out over having to go to Pottery Barn by appointment, etc., that is what is going on. The narcissism of white supremacy is sufficient justification. It does not have any room for being told "No."
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23 May
If I had to make a political article a reading requirement, it would be this one. Because it isolates a change within the Democratic Party that has not gone away. College-educated suburban white women saw what happened in 2016 and they were DONE.…
And you should read it precisely because it was written before the midterm elections. It proved predictive. That's what happened. Trump accelerated the departure of certain college-educated white women from the GOP, and they're not going back in 2020.
The latest poll from Fox News—which does employ a reputable pollster (A- on FiveThirtyEight)—looks at white voters based on gender AND education AND where they live. Joe Biden is winning white women with degrees by over 20 points.…
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23 May
If you're like me, you had valid criticisms of Joe Biden during the primary, and he wasn't your first choice. Or your fourth choice. But the other guy's priorities during a viral pandemic that has killed tens of thousands of Americans is apparently playing with nuclear weapons.
This election is the teacher giving you the answer to the entire test. If you write the answer down, you will get 100%: "Joe Biden." Failing to write this exact answer down means you fail the test. If your foremost priority is not passing the test, you need to ask yourself why.
P.S. The answer to the last test was "Hillary Clinton." You should be grateful that you have the opportunity to retake the test if you failed the last one. Because if you fail this test, you have no guarantee of being able to take the test again in the future.
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22 May
This is probably one of the most disquieting articles I have ever read, and I have to issue a TRIGGER WARNING to, um, maybe everyone? Especially Jews and women. But if you want to know what informs my general approach to people, it's in this article.…
Adam Serwer gave us a defining characterization of the Trump era: "The Cruelty is the Point." If you haven't read that article yet, here you go.…
But what does cruelty itself entail? What must one psychologically be capable of in order to be able to be cruel?
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22 May
You understand that Republicans will weaponize things that are completely fabricated, right? In case anyone wants a summation of my politics, it's to not let Democrats delude themselves into believing there's a way to stop Republicans from acting like Republicans.
Honestly, once you accept that premise, your political imagination opens up a lot. There is no way to stop Republicans from acting like Republicans, so to hell with letting our politicking be dictated by what they will do.
The same people who originally tried to stop the Affordable Care Act based on the insane premise that there were "death panels" in the bill will turn around and talk about how it's okay for older folks to die if it means re-opening the economy. They are fundamentally bad actors.
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22 May
I am saying this without erasing anyone's logical basis for seeing what Joe Biden said as a gaffe: if you think what Joe Biden said changes the state of race, you are insane.
Also, Wasserman engaged in no corollary interrogation regarding what Trump's "Good bloodlines" comment may mean for his electoral prospects if that tells you anything.
state of the race*
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22 May
This is how a narcissist approaches problem-solving, by the way. It's why they can both downplay the extent of a crisis and later turn around and bludgeon you with the crisis. To blame you for it. They see the point of a problem is to blame others for it, not to solve it.
Donald Trump and his base are not emotionally invested in solving a problem. They are at all times animated by how they can lie about the origins of a problem, how they can lie about your perception of a problem, and how they can use a problem against their political opponents.
Jay Rosen said the plan is no plan. That is correct. And I explained why that is.
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20 May
I want to be clear, I do not encourage complacency. But I will be approaching the general election the same way I approached the primary: if certain fundamentals hold, then Joe Biden will win, and there's no need to overthink it.

If this snapshot holds, then Joe Biden will win.
My point is that you should, regardless of whether you supported Joe Biden in the primary or not, have learned from the primary. He entered the primary with frontrunner status and exited from it in the same way. Because certain fundamentals held throughout most of the primary.
Also, Biden is winning among voters over 65 by 10 percentage points according to this poll. These are the people who actually bother to show up to vote. If Donald Trump is losing among seniors, that's the most significant sign he's in serious trouble.
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20 May
A common response I've gotten from white people who read this thread and now "see it" is despair. It's fine to be upset such people exist, but to fight white supremacy, you shouldn't fixate on it. On the contrary, you should focus on how having no illusions will empower you.
Now, you're completely done projecting a sense of rational self-interest onto Trump's base, which is chiefly motivated by a collective sense of identity that is animated by irrational, narcissistic impulses. But we need to be honest about why you were doing this, to begin with.
This may be uncomfortable to hear, but if you were a white person projecting a rational sense of self-interest onto Trump's base, it was because you still wanted to see yourself in a Trump supporter. And that's while you were logically aware a vote for Trump was a horrible thing.
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17 May
1. In this thread, I’ll be delving into the psychology of white supremacy to answer the question of why Donald Trump’s base has stuck with him. You may know what white supremacy is ideologically, but you may not see how it could come to be viewed as the most important thing.
2. This is because I still see people lament that Trump’s base is still rallied around him despite botching our initial response to a viral pandemic. I believe this is ultimately rooted in a lingering refusal to completely accept why Donald Trump is president.
3. This is not the thread I originally intended to compose. I originally was composing a thread that was meant to be an overview of the latest research regarding right-wing authoritarianism.
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16 May
Okay, everyone. I will have a new thread on race dropping tomorrow. It will explore an uncomfortable notion: not only will Trump's base not abandon him, some fundamental aspects about the nature of white supremacist psychology predict this.
This is not the thread I originally intended to write. Recently, I was focused on exploring the latest research into right-wing authoritarianism. My priorities shifted mid-research. I now want to convey what is essential to understand the psychology of racism.
And that means confronting a very uncomfortable topic for otherwise well-intentioned white people: how white supremacy has actual appeal, the psychological mechanisms of this appeal, and the psychological mechanisms by which it becomes entrenched.
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