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22 Mar
Among our concerns during a pandemic when our country has all but shut down? Extremists using this time to amplify their messaging to reach more kids as they are stuck at home and spending more time online. Read on. Co-authored by @noraflanagan (1/25)
Kids will be online far more than they were. Assignments, connecting with peers, filling time. Many of us are also now spending far more time with our kids, so now is the time to check in and be vigilant. (2/25)
We know the most susceptible to radicalization struggle with belonging and identity, feel a deep lack of agency, and oversimplify global issues into black and white thinking (us vs. them). (3/25)
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4 Aug 19
#Parents of white kids: You are NOT powerless to keep your kids from being radicalized into white nationalism/alt right/alt lite/far right belief systems. The government isn't going to act, so we MUST. 1/
1. Make time to meaningfully connect with your children. It's MORE important than any household chore.
2. Let their voices have agency to help create rules and how your family operates
3. Talk to them, starting very young about racial, gender, and sexuality biases.
4. Support them in developing & determining who THEY want and choose to be in the world. This will likely change several times over their childhood.
5. Engage in meaningful & difficult conversations, even if you are uncomfortable or don't know what to say.
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