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11 Jun
Ungagged have been saying this for months. This is a great thread, not one we'd seen before today.

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As others have said, the Cult of the Wings Over #Indyref mouth foamers, have looked shaky of late, turning in and on themselves. But. Again, as we've said, and others are now saying, the cult MUST be maintained, so just as religious cults do, political cults must make diverging
cult members extremely uncomfortable. With threats, and of course with their isolationist block lists. Scientology does this, jehovahs witnesses do this, as do other cultish religions. The cult must be pure. The power of the cult must be built, not weakened... And whatever
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12 May
Alba members are complaining that some in the independence movement are gloating, because of their failure to win seats in the Scottish Parliament. In saying what I am saying, I am not gloating. To see this failure, and to see a few thousand activists who could be positively
active exploited in the way they have been, is actually gutting. Activism, protest, amplified voices CAN be used to bring about positive change. But we've all witnessed in the USA how radicalising prejudice misdirected anger is really dangerous... And ultimately impotent
except for those at the top of the tree. Salmond and others are exploiting and misdirecting people in a way that would make Steve Bannon and others like those who ran Cambridge Analytica, proud.

Personally, i felt it really was good to see yesterday's man, Salmond (and
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11 May
Sam Hamad: "People think there's still an 'Israeli-Palestinian conflict'? Israel won the 'conflict' years, possibly decades, ago. There's simply the imprisonment of Gazans and the daily brutality of the occupation of those who live in the ever-shrinking West Bank. Israel's
strategy is now permanent occupation, incremental (though emboldened) cleansing and annexation.

Rocket attacks are acts of useless, essentially harmless defiance by oppressed peoples against a triumphant, untouchable enemy. Condemning these entirely harmless rocket
attacks if there was a deal just about to be signed for a two-state solution would make sense, but I actually think it's amazing that in recent years, given the hopelessness of the situation in Gaza, there hasn't been worse than rockets being unleashed against Israel.

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3 May
Ungagged activist: "If you’re on the fence about Alba, here are a few things to consider. 


The SNP and SNP/Greens were doing just fine until the Plan B/Salmond Enquiry/Alba came along. Have a comparative look at opinion polls. It doesn’t take an expert of the D’Hondt system (plenty of those around apparently!) to work out that if
you have 3 pro indy parties the vote will be split. So far the Alba campaign has helped the Greens, who have had a good campaign in their own right with actual relevant policies. Unfortunately the SNP list vote has been reduced.

ALBA and the SNP

The campaign leaflets may
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3 May
Sam Hamad: "George Galloway's 'All for Unity' now using the iconography of ethnic cleansing. The below is a painting of Scottish patriots being defeated by British redcoats at the Battle of Culloden in 1746, bringing an end to the Jacobite rising of 1745 and bringing about
British rule over the Highlands of Scotland. The Highlands were *never* British until they were conquered by the at that time still nascent British Union.

That conquest, like most British conquests, was carried out by force and by a long period of mass ethnic cleansing,
comprising massacres, the banning of our native language, culture and traditions and cleansing people from their lands and from their country - the reason why the population of much of the Highlands is so sparse is because it was cleansed. You can see it on censuses of towns,
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3 May
Support for independence has dropped in the last few polls - they show a majority for the union.

This could be for a number of reasons, but the turn does seem to start around the time Alex Salmond popped back up. His popularity in Scotland is rock bottom. It was the same during
Indyref1. This has since nosedived further since his attacks on the First Minister, and on the SNP- attacks, Alba supporters seem only too glad to amplify on social media. And Tory pages and donors are paying to push Salmond's face on to Facebook timelines as _they_ understand
his negative standing amongst voters.

Alba are averaging 2% in the polls, that average falsely high because of the obvious data collection problems of Panelbase after two outlier polls of 6% (the latest has seen a drop to 4%).

And those who are voting SNP are rejecting
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18 Apr
Blocking is used for two reasons. 1, for people to keep nastiness off their TL, and 2, as a tactic. The Tacticians the Wings gang etc, use no. 2 (& actually publish block lists etc) much in the same way Scientologists keep unbelievers away from members. It ensures that the
only information the bubbles receive is from the centre of that bubble. It is, literally, cult creation. It is why, from the outside, some of what those within Alba are screaming, seems really odd. Of course if you are IN the bubble, the logic that has led you to scream these
things is totally rational in your world - It has been drip dripped to you, so its as if you have been educated in some stuff others haven't... When in reality, the stuff you have been drip dripped has been designed to fit a number of things. Two of which are: One: your
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4 Apr
Salmond's Fash Rubicon

What almost destroyed USA democracy? What tactics wrecked the UK and pulled it from the EU? What tactic turned the North of England Tory? And what is the tactic now being used to wreck the SNP and also the same tactic enployed by George

The Alba Party are using wedge issues, conspiracies and right wing issues, all dressed up as "left, working class." Its how Farage did it. It's how Trump and Johnstone /Cummings, did it. Its what Galloway is also doing.

Anyone straying from the pages of a
reasonably sensible newspaper, or from long form information onto social media will be struck by the plethora of side issues chopping in to the main ones of independence, and fairness.They'll be struck by the veer to the right of Scottish politics.
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2 Apr
Sixteen years ago, Scottish activists organised demonstrations at Glasgow and Prestwick Airports against their use, as stop off points for CIA prisoner rendition flights.
Members of @The_SSP_, @theSNP and members of the public disgusted at the reports of CIA kidnappings, detainment without legal representation or right, and torture, attended.
In those small, but passionate demonstrations, Scotland showed its disgust at the then Bush /Cheney/Rumsfeld etc administration.. And at the Blair enablers. And drew attention to the world to what was going on here, in our country.
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2 Apr
Look at this. These people are decent people, caught up in a bubble and who believe their echo chamber. I've seen some saying that, regardless of an actual poll taken, that Alba are on 30%.This is cult like stuff. Its like
scientologists believing they have millions, of advocates across the world.

I loathe to see this. We as a group have been pointing out the dangers of the indy blogger block list bubbles for years l. Alba, & the mess it is creating; the awful crash that is coming to these
people's lives is going to really damage a movement... Or give confidence again to the sensible voices of indy that these people were encouraged to attack over the years.

Comparing Alba to Rise is legitimate. Alba might poll a couple, of percent more, but the similarities are
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20 Dec 19
The territory we are in- We have blood & soil unionists across the Westminster Parliamentary opposition to independence.Facts don't matter to these people.The union, & democracy, is in its death throes under a tide of right wing populism, & they want us pulled down into the mire
with them. Far right extremists are on the rise-& Scotland really is not immune. The Brexit bill should send a chill down anyone on the left's spine. And those who were fooled by old positions of the past into campaigning for "lexit" need to rethink, fast,& know that the 2014
promise by Unionist Westminster, that we would stay in the EU is an indy game changer, especially as populism &proto-fascism takes control. Make no mistake- Thatcherism was only stage one in what is to come with Boris Johnston's huge majority.GE2019 is going to have an incredible
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