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I like writing silly Tweets, but that doesn't pay so I also make @googlechrome. mamá & eng director. Not that kind of doctor. 🇺🇸🇨🇷 she/her
8 Apr
My 9 book picks for engineering leaders 👇
The Manager's Path by Camille Fournier. An experienced engineering manager describes the core roles, relationships, and responsibilities of TLs, TLMs, and engineering managers. A strong recommendation for any new or mid-career engineering leader.…
High Output Management by Andy Grove. The famed Intel exec describes his approach to running a tech company. This book has been foundational within Silicon Valley; it's worth reading to understand the origin of many modern tech management practices.…
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22 Feb
Folks often ask me what I do at work. What even IS an engineering director? I don’t write code all day anymore, so it seems very mysterious. Here’s my answer: people, processes, priorities.
(1) People. Hiring, career growth, happiness, performance management, compensation, team culture, psychological safety, coaching the managers in my org. This is perhaps the most visible and obvious aspect of management.
(2) Processes. Are we making good decisions in a timely manner? Are we looking at the right metrics for launches? Are we planning and executing well? Is the product team far enough ahead of engineering? Are our technical decisions taking the right factors into account?
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25 Jan
Achieving Mindfulness: An Introductory Guide For Parents In Small Apartments & Crowded Homes 🧵
1) Start your mindfulness journey with a shower. Count to three as you breathe hot steam in, then let it out. Stay in the shower until a child breaks a limb or your spouse’s spirit, whichever comes first.
2) Repetitive tasks free the mind from worry. Luckily, you can practice mindful repetition in your own home! Sixteen times a day, your children’s insatiable hunger gives you the opportunity to slather peanut butter on celery. After 6 months, you'll be COMPLETELY FREE FROM WORRY.
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24 Sep 20
Ransom notes in different styles. Let's start with an Instagram influencer
A ransom note in the style of Dorothy Parker
A ransom note in the style of a millennial office worker
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24 Aug 20
At-home preschool is getting intense. Does anyone know the name for a number that can be factored into a step shape? Also, is there an O(1) algorithm to check if any given N is a step shape? I'm stuck Image
Triangular number, thank you! Image
Huzzah, testing if 8x+1 is square is easy to do in my head and works
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20 Aug 20
We've managed to keep our house smoke-free this year. Important because my son has asthma. Here are my tips:
1. Find and seal all the places where air can enter your house. Old leaky windows. Bathroom, kitchen, laundry fans might vent outside. Attic drop-down doors. 3M sells a window insulation kit that's 💯.…
2. Not all air purifiers are created equal. Last year I had whatever was at Target. This year I bought Wirecutter's picks: Coway Mighty and Blueair 211+. Both are working very well.…
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31 Jul 20
Tried to teach the dog the command "drop it" by offering him a treat if he dropped it. Now he searches for important things, brings them to me, and holds them hostage in his mouth until I give him a ransom
Two Berkeley PhDs and Google engineers in our house, and the dog is smarter than us both
here is a photo of our master criminal with his head stuck in a box Image
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29 Jul 20
The world gets a glimpse into tech CEOs' homes. What do we see? 🧵 ImageImageImageImage
- Completely neutral, personality-free background
- No sunburn, thanks to dedicated use of sunscreen Image
- Dark wood desk adds gravitas, I trust people with wood desks
- He owns books, so he's probably smart Image
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30 Jun 20
For three years, I have been training an intelligence on how to make pizza. Today I let it loose to see how it would do on its own:
1. He began with an egg glaze on tortillas. A bold start. Image
2. 1tsp of tomato sauce and 1Tblsp of ketchup. Image
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29 Jun 20
Sometimes I hear Californians talking about racism as a somewhere-else problem. Remember that today's disparities between Palo Alto and East Palo Alto are a product of segregation (blockbusting, redlining, harassment, underfunding schools):…

- Many houses around the Bay still have (unenforceable) CC&Rs prohibiting their sale to non-white people.

- Some of the houses on my block were taken from Americans of Japanese descent during WWII. We had to check historical records to make sure our house wasn't stolen.
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26 Jun 20
Having a little chat with my new friend Anthony, who is definitely from the United States of America Los Angeles. What should I ask him about? Image
Woah! In LA, Starbucks is a delivery company. Things are really different down in SoCal. Image
I was worried it would be hard to shift from Bitcoin to his mother's maiden name, but I do as requested Image
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26 Jun 20
I am literally trapped in my house, so: time to install & review Parler. What is the free speech app like? 🧵
To get an account, you need to agree to their TOS. It is a PDF written in LaTeX. Did they...did they hire a math PhD student to write their TOS? Image
The free speech app will take down content that doesn't fit in the community guidelines. There are several pages in the community guidelines document specifying what kind of content is not allowed and will be removed. ImageImage
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7 Jun 20
thank you to whoever at this travel website decided they should overlay mexican slang words atop random photos and art. let's start with: PENIS… Image
FUCK Image
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1 Jun 20
I was afraid to seek medical care recently because I was worried about getting COVID too. But it actually was very safe and fine. I thought I'd share my experience in case anyone else is worried:
My doctor's office has virtual clinical visits, and our pharmacy has a drive-through. So the first line medical care was simple and smooth.
It became clear at some point that I needed to go to an ER. There was screening at the entrance. Once inside, the lobby was set up so patients wouldn't be near each other. It was almost virtually empty.
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10 May 20
Hello, Copper! Copper is a two month old Goldendoodle and my new bestie. Image
thank you to @wslack for the name -- Copper is short for Copernicus
My husband insists the dog's full name is Nicolaus Copernicus Porter Felt-Murphy Banana so if the dog ever gets in real big trouble we have a nice long name for the occasion
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24 Apr 20
zoom calls with a dozen preschoolers Image
april Image
zoom filter on Image
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4 Apr 20
Getting a new dog is hard. I got Punky when I was fresh out of college, and she lived with me for a formative decade of my life. She was the sweetest pittie. Image
Her heart started failing, and she was ok for a while, just slow and lazy instead of spry. But at some point she started aching and biting when anyone jostled her. Then she nipped my son. Once as a warning, then hard enough to bruise next time.
We faced a horrible choice between crating her (she hated crates) and putting her down. I tried to come up with all kinds of things like having her live for a while in our second bathroom, but she was so lonely. And there were no more medical options. So we had to put her down.
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1 Apr 20
pizza is so fucking hard to make. it should cost $1,000 a slice. the dough is so sticky. goddamnit. how do you get it thin? it's all stuck to me. i am full of pizza rage. i'm going to charge my husband $10,000 for this pizza
what are your secrets, pizza people???????
i have covered every surface of my kitchen in flour, and myself in olive oil. AAAAATTAAAAAACK
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28 Mar 20
I am not feeling too happy about security right now.

My phone died last week, and my laptop only occasionally turns on. My new phone came today, hooray! Except I can't get any of my second factors to authenticate (since my phone broke...) so my account is locked for 3-5 days.
I am stuck in my house without reliable access to my friends or family. Even with my laptop, I can't get in to most of my accounts since I wasn't already authenticated before my phone died. It's maddening.
Without an account I can't set up the phone or activate my SIM. I'm just stuck... another 3-5 days! It feels like forever.
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18 Mar 20
do other people know about children's yoga on youtube? I did 85 minutes of it today and it was a mindfuck experience I did not anticipate…
first of all, each episode has a plot. a lot happens in the plot. in the FIRST THREE MINUTES you've been in a space ship that goes to mars and you meet 85 types of robot animals
second of all, you only hold each pose for about 20 seconds. BAM pose BAM pose BAM BAM BAM at first it was obnoxious but then i realized this pace actually is about right for my attention span, grownup yoga is too slow
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3 Mar 20
that time of night when I need to make dinner but I cannot think of a single thing to cook. what is food? have I ever eaten before? how do any of these things go together? what are all these non-cheese things for
started off by shattering a bottle of soy sauce. did I get all the glass off the floor? I am full of unjustified confidence, so I forge onwards, barefoot
deploying my favorite cooking technique: crowding the pan. some people say you shouldn't crowd the pan. how many frying pans do you think I own, bud? who do you think I am, duchess kate? are you gonna come over here and wash my pans after you finish writing that recipe?
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