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2 Aug
That they tried to create, like, an actual lore for Transformers, with spark plug-based power sources and ancient alien civilizations, is just the dumbest and most hilarious thing
“Giant robots that transform into dinosaurs and cars.” That’s it! That’s all the lore you need! People come for the giant robot battles, not for whatever flimsy plot you shoehorn around them
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21 Jul
Oh my God frog twitter please help me -- one of our darts (tinctorious) somehow escaped his heavily fortified tank and when I scooped him up he had *several wriggling tadpoles* on his back. There is also a clutch of eggs in the tank WHAT DO I DO @Blackmudpuppy
wife is homicidal, obviously
This is cool as shit tho, holy moly. Will try to get pics. The male is *hopping around* with *squirming tadpoles* on his back
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9 Jun
Well, we had a bit of a containment incident with the poison dart frogs today
Apparently they are now large enough, strong enough and inquisitive enough to both move the plastic flap at the edge of the lid of their enclosure, AND to crawl through the resultant opening in search of adventure
Stumbling through my living room this morning pre-coffee and I'm greeted to the sight of one of them, I believe it was the male, scaling the wall above their tank with his sticky little frog feet Mission Impossible-style, like so
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4 Jun
So much of the response to the protests has been grounded in the idea of 'protecting property.' But what does that mean to the large and growing share of Americans who effectively own no property (in the sense of wealth or capital), and who never will?…
In 1983, 15 percent of American families had zero or negative net worth. As of 2016, that share had risen to 21 percent. One in five households. Tens of millions of people.…
And that's just among the general population. 37 percent of black families have zero or negative net worth. Among families headed by someone under age 35, the share is the same. Incidentally, those are the core protest demographics.…
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4 May
Trump administration "is privately projecting a steady rise in the number of cases and deaths from coronavirus over the next several weeks, reaching about 3,000 daily deaths on June 1, according to an internal document obtained by The New York Times."…
Worth noting that like any model, the 95% confidence interval on this one gets pretty wide by June. Encompasses a range from 100 deaths per day to over 10,000.
"The projections confirm the primary fear of public health experts: that a reopening of the economy will put the nation right back where it was in mid-March, when cases were rising so rapidly in some parts of the country that patients were dying on gurneys in hospital hallways"
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2 May
Bleak thought in here: under optimal conditions we are at a peak and deaths will fall as fast as they’ve risen. That means a best case scenario implies 60,000 additional deaths. And there are many reasons to suspect we are not in a best case scenario.
Since people are *still* comparing this to the flu, I made this chart to show what it looks like when you measure flu and COVID deaths in an apples-to-apples fashion.…
I'm indebted to @jeremyfaust on this, who pinpointed these figures in an excellent SciAm piece last week.…
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14 Apr
"I think world history is permanently altered by this episode." Man.
The thing I keep coming back to: the huge gap between what public health experts say the federal government *needs* to do and what it is actually doing.
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24 Feb
There was a lot of befuddlement about Sanders' appeal on cable news this weekend. This chart is a good place to start if you want to understand why his message is resonating at this moment.…
It shows that in 1985, the median dad could cover 52 weeks of major middle class expenses -- housing, vehicle, health care and education -- on 30 weeks of salary. In 2018, that same basket of goods costs 53 weeks of salary…
Households have dealt with this in a variety of ways -- sending additional parents to work is a big one. But they've also been putting off home buying, skimping on health care, skimping on retirement, taking out more debt, etc etc.…
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16 Jan
VA lawmaker introduces bill to allow public sector employees to strike. Far-right extremists misconstrue it as a bill to fire cops who don't enforce gun control laws. Misconception ripples through conservative news, all the way up to @WSJopinion. Lawmaker is now in hiding.
@WSJopinion Here's the false characterization of the bill by @WSJopinion.…
@WSJopinion Under current law, cops can already be fired for refusing to enforce any statute. It's been like that for decades. The bill in question, which is here, specifies that law enforcement are the *only* type of public worker this rule applies to.…
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10 Dec 19
This strikes me as a pretty clear sign of a failing health care system…
Like so many of our other institutions, the health care system works great for the wealthy and powerful -- the hospitals and insurance companies reaping record profits, the physicians getting paid twice as much as their overseas peers. And what are the rest of us getting?
Why are people having trouble paying for health care? Because premiums and deductibles keep rising. And where's all that money going? In part, toward billions in profits for insurance companies and their shareholders.
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15 Oct 19
Enraging story: the city of DC sold small tax liens to wealthy investors, who tacked on sky high fees and interest rates and eventually foreclosed on the homes of some of the city's most vulnerable residents.…
The man at the center of the story had his $197,000 house taken away by wealthy investors over a $134 tax debt.…
"One 65-year-old flower shop owner lost his Northwest Washington home of 40 years after a company from Florida paid his back taxes — $1,025 — and then took the house through foreclosure while he was in hospice, dying of cancer."…
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13 Oct 19
20-something guy on the phone at MSP airport yesterday, lamenting the October snow: “Yeah Midwest Halloween always sucked because you could never just be like, Spiderman, you had to be Spiderman in a fucking coat”
Okay so clearly he had read this tweet from the other day, so I guess I witnessed a real-life RT?
Definitely gonna start dropping tweets into my IRL conversations now
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10 Oct 19
That thing where you're home by yourself singing warmup-style arpeggios, but instead of random syllables you're belting out your pet's name at the top of your lungs
Seeing some disagreement in the replies so let’s make some data: is this actually a thing?
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12 Sep 19
YOU GUYS HOLLY IS IN THE MPR NEWS STORY. Have come to accept that "guy who hangs out at home and feeds his lizard roaches" is my brand now.…
A boy and his lizard, I fucking LOVE this pic of Charlie
I am *so* pleased that @john_enger managed to capture my true essence in this story.
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10 Sep 19
Have you ever wanted to just get the hell out of the city, move to the middle of nowhere so you could afford a bigger house with an actual yard, maybe get a dog, hell maybe some rabbits too because why not? This book's for you, and it's out today!…
"Does the book have charts," you ask. Obviously it does.…
"wait aren't you the cricket guy" YES I'M THE GD CRICKET GUY…
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9 Sep 19
Browsing through HBO with the kids and I have never seen all three of them scream in agreement the way they did when this popped up
Clearly one of those dog-with-a-blog situations where the title came before the movie
Okay 15 minutes in and we’re gonna need to see a *lot* more of the fuckin dog if we’re gonna make this work
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8 Sep 19
Expectations are being met and exceeded
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5 Sep 19
Between this and the giant eels that’s enough eldritch abomination for one day, thanks
Seriously gonna need someone in mollusk twitter to explain what is happening here before I’m driven to the edge of madness. @TierraMussel maybe?
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30 Aug 19
The word choices here -- "indiscreetly," "breach of trust" -- seem bizarrely judgmental, particularly for an industry devoted to getting people to share information.…
"Indiscreetly" really just jumps off the page. The sentence would have made perfect sense without it.
Yep, this is another loaded editorial decision. How other outlets described it:
AP: "Golf holiday"
CBS: "10-day vacation"
WaPo: "long vacation"

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28 Aug 19
So yesterday we went to the Pennington County humane society @pawstrf “just to take a look” and we ended up adopting a horse. Everybody please say hi to Winston.
For folks in the area, @pawstrf is positively *crawling* with adorable kittens right now. Go adopt one!
@pawstrf To get him to sit still and focus I dangled a piece of ham right above the camera lens
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28 Aug 19
1 percenter dog park drama is the only thing that matters this morning…
lmao they want to redline the dog park, this is *incredible*…
Every single word of this story is sheer perfection.…
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