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22 Aug
Many of us remember the markets crashing in March 2020.

On 16th March 2020, the US markets fell by about 13% in a single day.

It was triggered by the start of the pandemic that we’re still not out of yet.🧵
This single-day fall was much bigger than the big shock some investors had seen before that - 2008.

On 15th October 2008, the US markets fell about 7.87% in a single day.

This was caused by the housing crisis.
But the thing is, neither of these is the biggest single-day fall.

Even when the Great Depression started in 1929, the highest single-day fall experienced was only 12.82%.
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21 Aug
Today, we’ll cover debt to equity ratio.

Debt - it is the amount owed by the company (loans).

Equity - it is the total shareholder equity (how much money the shareholders have invested).
So, the ratio of the company’s debt to the equity can tell you about the health of a company.

If the debt is too high in comparison to the equity, then the company might be having too many obligations and making a profit might prove difficult.
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20 Aug
Today: Zydus Cadila vaccine approved for emergency use, CarTrade lists at discount, & more
The stock market ended in the red today. Metal and PSU bank stocks were the top draggers.
Zydus Cadila has received approval for emergency use in India.

ZyCoV-D is the world's first DNA based vaccine for this virus that can be administered to children below 12 years of age as well.
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20 Aug
Today, we’ll cover dividend yield.

This is also known as the dividend to price ratio.

It is the ratio of the annual dividend given out by a company to the price of the stock.
Dividend to price ratio = dividend / price of stock.

It is an important metric because it is also a part of the income of an investor.

Some stocks’ price may not climb much but they might give good dividends.
It is not necessary that every company gives dividends. There are several that don’t choosing instead to reinvest the amount back into the company’s business.
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19 Aug
Today: India Ratings cuts GDP forecast, & more
The stock market was closed today on account of Muharram. Hence there will be no update on Sensex & Nifty.
India Ratings cuts the gross domestic product (GDP) estimate for India to 9.4% from 9.6%.
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1 Aug
The year: 1847.

A middle-aged man was stressed and restless in a hall of his house.

In another room, his wife was about to give birth.

This was his 7th child. The 6 children before had all died.

A healthy little boy was born.

The family was not extravagantly rich but was well to do.

The boy grew up with his siblings (those born after him) who were well regarded by the neighbors.

They thought the siblings were all level-headed.
Except for the one boy we’re talking about - he was endlessly energetic and restless.

They once found him sitting on duck eggs - trying to hatch them (he was unsuccessful).
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30 Jul
Today: core sectors output up, fiscal deficit narrows, Q1 results, IPO corner, & more
The markets ended in the red today. Metal and financial stocks dragged the indices down.
India’s fiscal deficit stood at ₹2.74 lakh crores or 18.2% of the full year’s budget estimate at the end of the Apr to Jun quarter in 2021.

This is a 58% fall from the same quarter last year.
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29 Jul
Today: Kerala cases going up, Tech Mahindra results, IPO corner, & more
The markets ended in the green today. Metal and IT stocks were the top performers. Image
India reported 43,165 covid-19 cases yesterday out of which Kerala reported 22,056 cases.

Kerala has been reporting over 50% of the country’s total positive cases over the last two days.
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29 Jul
#GrowwQuotient: How to spot red flags in a stock?

(1/10) Image
(2/10) Image
(3/10) Image
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25 Jul
Around 1000 years ago, a particular flower was becoming popular in Turkey.

This flower was primarily found in Central Asia. Not in Turkey.

Its appearance was so unique and striking, it caught the attention of the royals of Turkey.

Its name was derived from the Turkish word for turban. The tulip flower.

In the 1500s, the Sultan of Turkey fell deeply in love with the flower. He ordered for the flower to be extensively cultivated to decorate his palace.
In early the years of the 17th century, a botanist from the Netherlands traveled to Turkey. He was fascinated with the palace’s obsession with the tulip flower.

The flowers looked very beautiful, indeed.
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23 Jul
Today: AGR trouble mounts for Airtel and Vi, Q1 results, Zomato listing, & more
The markets ended in green today. Banks and financial stocks were the top performers. Image
The Supreme Court of India has rejected the appeal by Vodafone-Idea (Vi), Bharti Airtel and Tata Teleservices in the AGR issue.

The companies had appealed for a correction in the calculation of their respective AGR dues.
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22 Jul
Today: Q1 results corner, & more
The markets ended in the green today. Financials, IT and metal stocks were the top performers. Image
The net profit of Bajaj Auto during the Apr to Jun quarter was ₹1,061 cr. This is a 101% jump from a net profit of ₹528 cr during the same quarter last year.

Revenue from operation was up almost 140% to ₹7,386 cr.
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18 Jul
In the late 1990s, there were several IPOs (in the USA) that altered how investors viewed stocks.

Not just stocks, it changed what people thought a successful business looked like.
There was an e-commerce company. You might be making guesses as to where this is going.

A successful business was one that was making profits. Simple.

This was the least requirement - up until now.
And then came a slew of tech companies that had a dot-com at the end of their name.

One of these was an e-commerce company.

It had operations in California and was looking to expand its warehouses to all over the US. And therefore, it needed the money from the IPO.
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17 Jul
Growth investing vs. Value investing
Growth investing vs. Value investing
Growth investing vs. Value investing
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16 Jul
Today: IPO Corner - day 3 of bidding, & more
The markets closed in the red today. Realty, metal, and pharma stocks were the top performers while IT dragged the indices down.
#ZomatoIPO was subscribed 38.25 times at the end of day 3 of bidding.

The IPO received 2,751.25 crore shares against an offer size of 71.92 crore shares.
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16 Jul
Do you know the connection between the monsoon and the stock market? Let's dive.

#monsoon #investing Image
Rainy season and stock market:
(2/6) Image
Rainy season and stock market:
(3/6) Image
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15 Jul
Today: GDP projection, IPO Corner, Q1 Results, & more.
The markets closed in the green with Sensex and Nifty both touching all-time highs. Realty, IT, and bank stocks were the top performers. Image
The Reserve Bank of India on Thursday projected India's FY22 GDP forecast at 10.5%.

Last month, RBI had cut its projection for GDP growth for FY22 to 9.5% from the earlier forecast of 10.5%.
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11 Jul
You want to buy a house.

You take a loan from the bank.

The bank asks you, “what if you don’t pay back?”

You say, “take my home and sell it”.

That makes sense. The bank gives you a loan and in case you don’t pay, the bank will take over your house and sell it and recover its money.

That’s collateral.
Banks also lend money to big corporations. With them, banks don’t always have collateral.

So a loan where the bank has collateral is considered safer for the bank.
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9 Jul
Today: IPO Corner - GR Infra & Clean Science, & more
The markets closed in the red today.
Metal and realty sectors did well while banks and financial services stocks dragged the markets down. Image
GR Infra IPO was subscribed 102.58 times at the end of day 3 of bidding.

The IPO received 83.33 crore shares as against an offer size of 81.23 lakh shares.
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8 Jul
Today: AMFI Report, Twitter and HC, Lambda variant, & more
The markets closed in the red today. Metals, banks, and PSU banks dragged the markets downwards. Image
The consolidated net profit of Tata Consultancy Services was reported at ₹9,008 cr during the Apr to Jun quarter of the FY 2021-22.

This is a 28.5% rise from the same quarter last year and a 2.6% decline from the Jan to Mar quarter.
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4 Jul
In 1882, a boy named Charles was born in Lugo, Italy.

His family was not wealthy and was going through a rough phase.

But little Charles always liked money.

He moved to Rome to study in a university there but he never did well - something he himself admitted.
While in university, he spent most of his time in bars and cafes with his rich friends.

At that time, Italians were migrating to the USA in search of economic opportunities and Charles jumped on a ship too.
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