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PhD in biomedical engineering (MRI). Software Dev @PolyNeuro. Research Fellow @ICMtl. @McGillU @WesternU @UMoncton alum.
23 Oct 18
1/13 I just published an interactive blog post on the topic of inversion recovery T1 mapping for quantitative MRI! #ISMRM

Even if qMRI isn't your thing - it has a lot of cool technical features under the hood that might interest you.…
2/13 The interactive tutorial was built using a wide range of free open-source softwares, packages, and tools: @qMRLab @plotlygraphs @ProjectJupyter @ScriptOfScripts @mybinderteam @Docker @GnuOctave @ThePSF @github
3/13 On the front-end side, the tutorial includes several interactive figures, made possible thanks to @plotlygraphs. These allow you to see in your browser how the plotted curves behaves when you change a parameter:
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