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21 Jun
Varahamihira describes the nature of the solar eclipse in the Brihatsamhita nearly 1500 years ago. #SuryaGrahana #SolarEclipse
Varahamihira also goes on to describe the methods to be employed to determine the nature of the eclipse (whether it is partial or total). His Pancha Siddhantika texts describe the methods employed to determine the exact time & occurrence of the eclipse #SuryaGrahana #SolarEclipse
Varahamihira also makes a clear distinction between the shadows cast during solar & lunar eclipses, describing the size of the object casting the shadow.
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13 Jun
You don't need 303 seats to take over Hindu temples to fund your minority appeasement schemes. You could have accomplished that with just 145 seats like cong did between 2004-09.

303 was to liberate Hindu temples from the tyranny of the secular state.
Just to give an example, that famous Thillai Nataraja Swamy temple used to be controlled by the TN govt until a few years back. The Temple was a mess. Murthis & Vigrahas would routinely go missing, Temple land encroached, funds misappropriated, terrible maintenance.
The Temple management went to the SC & won the case against the HRCE. Since then the Temple has got a major facelift. Maintenance works that were pending for decades nearing completion, encroachments cleared. More importantly nothing goes missing anymore.…
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21 May
Where I stand regarding the excavation at Janmabhoomi. There is merit to both sides. Those who are for excavation & those who are for immediate construction of the Temple. I am inclined towards those who want the construction to commence immediately. I'll explain why. (1/n)
Excavation by the ASI was possible only because the abomination was brought down Ram Bhakths. Else all this would have remained a pipe dream. It would be cruel for people like you & me who are fascinated with the subject to make other Ram Bhakths wait any longer. (2/n)
For those who are concerned that a part of history will be lost forever if excavations are not conducted, let me inform you that 4 other Maha Vishnu Temples were built by the Gahadavalas & other rulers before them. All surrounding the Janmabhoomi. (3/n)
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11 May
The Swara sthambha represents what is known as Swara Prabhaeda in Carnatic music. There are 12 smaller pillars corresponding to 12 swara sthaanas or notes in a Sthaayi (Octave). In carnatic music the 12 swara sthaanas are further converted into 16.
Sapta swaras in Carnatic music Sa(dja) Ri(shabha) Ga(andhaara) Ma(dhyama) Pa(nchama) Dha(ivatha) Ni(shaadha) each have unique notes which ring at different frequencies.For eg Sa has no unique variety of notes.Meanwhile Ri has 3 varieties where the frequency each note is different
Likewise Ga, Ma, Dha, Ni with the exception of Pa have a variety of notes at different frequencies. The reason for such a classification is in order to derive what is known as 72 Melakarta ragas where all the 7 swaras are present.
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13 Apr
This is from the evening of Ganesha Chaturthi a few years back, when we recite what is known as the Syamantaka Upakhyana. It is a story related to the famous Syamantaka mani which connects Satrajitha, a devotee of……
The story connects Satrajitha, a devotee of Lord Surya, Prasena his brother; Jambhavanta the bear & Lord Krishna himself. The story goes something like this. Satrajitha who is a Yadava clansman receives the Syamantaka jewel from Lord Surya himself after intense tapasya. (2)
Wearing the Syamantaka Mani he then makes his way to Dwaraka where he is mistaken for Lord Surya himself, for such was the brilliance of the mani was radiating. Krishna asks Satrajitha to present the mani to Ugrasena, the Maharajadhiraja of the Yadavas. (3)
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2 Apr
Shri Rama Navami good wishes to all Hindus. Here's a glorious life size 500+ year old Vijayanagara era carving of Rama, Lakshmana, Hanuman, Sugreeva & Angada. Now how do we tell Rama & Lakshmana apart considering that they are so similar? See next tweet for more info. #RamNavami
Both Shri Rama & Lakshmana wear the Kiritamukuta(crown), hold Kodanda(bow) with their left arms & with their right arms gently embracing the figures next to them. Here's where the shilpi has left us a major clue. Observe the feet. Rama's feet r missing Padaraksha(footwear)
This is in line with what's written in the Ramayana, specifically what happens at Chitrakoota, when Bharatha pleads Rama to Ayodhya. When Rama doesn't relent, Bharatha requests Rama to give him his sandals, which he takes back to Ayodhya & places them below the throne (3)
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12 Mar
Every country on this planet wants India & Hindus to fail. They need a huge failure story to sell to their masses back home.Its one way of bigging up themselves. Fact that India for once has shown some spine & taken drastic measures to contain the spread is undisgestable for them
Now understand what we are up against? One death out of a billion plus is termed a horror mismanagement while their own health minister has nearly dropped dead. To think there are Indians who actually feed this narrative of failure is disgraceful.
How desperate are these racists to see India fail. They just want the bodies to pile up the way it used to during the dark times of colonial british oppression. Let me tell this bigot here that this isn't the 1920's. You need to find other ways of coping.
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6 Mar
Hindus are up against a gigantic global conglomerate comprising of evangelicals, jehadis, libturds, marxists, self loathing brown sepoys. The only way we can offer any semblance of contest to these evil forces is by being absolutely unapologetic. Don't cede even an inch. Not one.
It is a lopsided contest. One that has already been rigged. Ones with absolute clarity of thought will emerge victorious. There is no place for half hearted measures in this contest. A contest between an organized global mafia vs sum total of Hindus with ideological clarity.
As Hindus we must remember that we owe tremendous responsibility towards our brilliant ancestors. We are the last surviving civilization that boasts of an unbroken chain dating back to eons. This global mafia now threatens to break this timeless chain. Resist. Repulse. Reclaim 🕉️
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27 Feb
THREAD. On this very day 709 years ago in 1311 CE, one of the most glorious cities in Bharat, Dwarasamudra, the capital city of the Hoysala empire was besieged by eunuch islamic barbarian malik kafur under the orders of murderous islamic tyrant khilji.The city was reduced to dust Ruins at Halebidu, Karnataka.
The Hoysala king at the time, Veera Ballala was given 2 choices by islamic barbarian malik kafur in return to spare the lives of the Hindus of the Hoysala kingdom. The choices being

1) convert to islam or die
2) pay an annual zimmah (tribute) to barbarian khilji in Delhi (2)
After the fall of Yadavas of Devagiri & Kakatiyas of Andhra to kafur's islamic sword, Veera Ballala had little choice but to accept one of the offers given to him. He REFUSED to convert to islam. He chose to pay a zimmah instead. Gave away everything except his Yagnopaveeta (3)
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19 Feb
Anyone who calls themselves a Hindu will arm themselves with unquantifiable knowledge these 11 mammoth history books by RC Majumdar have to offer.

You need nothing more than these 11 books to take the intellectual fight to the forces that threaten our civilizational ethos.
Books 1-4 will fill you up with extreme pride. The present day Hindu, at least most of us will not be able to fathom to what heights & glory our civilization reached to, at a time when the rest of the world was still seeped in nomadic barbarism.
Book 5 will teach you the kind of dogged resistance & fight put up by Hindus for centuries against the barbarians at the gate. So much bravery, so much valour. While your heart will sink as you read along, you will also experience pride at the way Hindus thwarted barbarians.
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7 Feb
Yes, I lack empathy for what once used to be your moslem neighbour in Kashmir who willingly picked up the sword to slaughter your whole community once the call was given from the local mosque.

Only blaming porkistan is a cop out. Its you who lacks empathy for fellow Pandits.
Call from mosque was just a formality. The neighbour was always ever ready for slaughter. The neighbour's ancestors have always slaughtered ur ancestors right from the time the 1st eslamic barbarian shamshuddin mir stepped foot into Kashmir. Spinning it any other way is treachery
The same barbarian shamshuddin played taqiyya to kill Kota Rani's pradhan mantri named Bhatta Bhikshana. He pretended to be sick & dying. Bhatta took pity & while visiting him, the barbarian stabbed Bhatta to death & immediately declared war on Kota Rani & Hindus.
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19 Jan
Kashmiri Hindu Pandits CANNOT be sent back unarmed. Every Pandit who wishes to go back to Kashmir must be armed. Govt must bring in special legislations that enable every Hindu Kashmiri Pandit to legally own firearms for safety. They must also be trained by Indian army if need be
Firearms is of great deterrence value. Imagine if atleast one member of a Pandit family owned even the most rudimentary of guns in the 90's. Not to say the exodus wouldn't have happened, but it could've given them a fighting chance & a lot of lives could've been saved.
Anyone who claims to be a well wisher of the Kashmiri Pandit community will be aggressively campaigning for their rights to legally own firearms.

Even now as we speak, Kashmir is being cleansed of jehadi filth by the fire power of Indian army. Not ghandian ahimsa or whatever.
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16 Jan
Encourage everyone to come to Karnataka instead. Costal Karnataka & Malnad region is unmatched in every good aspect that Kerala is supposedly renowned for. Beaches, backwaters, Temples, nature. You name it. Most importantly the people are the warmest & deeply rooted in Dharma.🕉️
The above tweet was in no way meant to disparage Hindu Malayalis who are still deeply rooted in tradition. Just pointing out there are other equally good tourist options for consideration.
Having said that, this should not desist Hindus from going on yatra to Temples in Kerala. But if you are looking for a beach/backwaters getaway or wildlife safari/ mountain treks, adventure tourism etc, you should definitely consider Karnataka over Kerala.
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4 Jan
There are 100's of Temples, big & small dedicated exclusively to Kashi Vishwanath all over Dakshina Bharat, especially Tamil Nadu. One of the holiest of Kshetrams in TN is called Tenkasi, which literally translates to "Southern Kashi" in Tamil. Same with Mathura-Madurai. (1)
The Chalukyas of Vatapi (ruled over areas comprising of present day Karnataka, Andhra, Telangana, Maharashtra) took extra pride in constructing exact replicas of the original Kashi Vishwanath Temple in places like Pattadakal. (2)

One of the most popular depiction of Lord Shiva in Tamil Nadu is a manifestation called Bhikshatana. You'll find him in every Temple of TN. The whole story of that manifestation revolves around Kashi. Such is the significance of Kashi in Bharat. (3)
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6 Dec 19
Share ur most favourite Gopuram photo clicked by yourself in the replies (or quote).This is mine. Its the Vellai gopuram at Srirangam. Named in honour of the great Vellayiammal whose act of bravery & sacrifice saved the murthi of Ranganatha from loot by islamic invaders in 1323CE Vellayi Gopuram, Srirangam
The year was 1323 CE. Srirangam was once again under attack by islamic barbarians of the delhi sultanate. The Temple was once already plundered a decade ago by jehadi malik kafur. This time the plundering expedition was led by barbarian ulugh khan.
While ulugh khan's mujahids were ransacking & looting everything they could lay their hands on, Vellayiammal devised a plan to distract the jehadis to buy some time for other Bhakthas to save to murthis of Namperumal & Maha Lakshmi.
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9 Nov 19
A simple custom of devotees performing pradikshanam at the ruined temple continuously for centuries has today resulted in Hindus reclaiming our Temple today. This is why I have a big problem with all those who claim to be Hindu, yet diss and mock our traditional rituals & customs
If one lacks the योग्यता to lead a traditional ritualistic way of life, then DONT. No one is forcing you to. But you don't have any rights to mock or humiliate those who have chosen to follow tradition with utmost श्रद्धा. Their conviction is what has resulted in victory today.
This is specifically applicable to all rayatas who love to diss established traditions & rituals as backward & what not. If it were up to rayatas, we'd never have our temple back. Every line of the SC judgement keeps reiterating how important the faith of ancestors was.
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17 Oct 19
A THREAD on the ancient Shri Vaikuntanathar Maha Vishnu Temple on the banks of the holy Thamirabarani river at Srivaikuntam near Tirunelveli, TN.

It is an astonishing Temple with a rich history & mindblowing sculptures.

It is also one of the 108 Divya desams Temples.
The Vaikuntanathar Temple is very closely associated with the Matsya avatara of Maha Vishnu. Lord Brahma who is the custodian of the Vedas loses it to an asura named Somakasura, who in turn takes the Vedas with him & hides deep beneath the ocean.
Brahma, who is the creator was rendered helpless without the Vedas. So he does severe penance on the banks of the holy Thamirabarani river seeking Maha Vishnu's help to retrive the Vedas from Somakasura, which Vishu does as Matsya avatara. This is the Sthalapurana of the Temple.
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1 Sep 19
On the eve of Ganesha Chaturthi, here's a detailed THREAD on the Srikanteshwara Swamy Temple at Nanjangudu near Mysuru in Karnataka. I'll mainly be focusing on the murthis & sculptures at the temple including several carvings of different manifestations of Lord Ganesha. Do read🙏🏼
Srikanteshwara also known as Nanjundeshwara represents a manifestation of Lord Shiva during which he drinks the Halahala poison which appears as a result of Samudra Mantan. Here's a murthi of Lord Shiva with Goddess Parvati tightly holding onto his neck. Hence the name Vishakanta
2) Lord Shiva manifests as Kalasamharamurthy to save his bhakta Markendeya from the wrath of Lord Yama who was determined to take away his life. Moved by Markendeya's bhakti, Lord Shiva grants him immortality.
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13 Aug 19
Namaste. Earlier in the evening had the fortune of having a darshana at the Amritaghateswara Temple at Thirukkadaiyur, TN.

It is here at this place that Lord Shiva manifests as Kalasamharamurthy to save his great bhakta, Markendeya from Lord Yamadharmaraja and certain death.
Carving of Lingodbhavamurthy at the Temple. The other two deities seen are Brahma in the form of a swan on the top left corner & Maha Vishnu in his Varaha avatar in the bottom right.
Murthis of all the 63 Nayanars(Shaivaite saints) at the Temple.
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12 Aug 19
Namaste to everyone from the ancient Arunachaleshwara Temple at Tiruvannamalai, TN.

Seen here standing at a massive 216.5 feet is the Raja Gopuram of the Temple.

It was constructed by none other than Shri Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagara.
The base of the massive Rajagopuram is made out of pure granite & measures at an astounding 135 x 98 ft.
Carving of the royal emblem of the Vijayanagara empire inside the Rajagopuram. It depicts a Boar & a dagger.
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30 Jul 19
Yeah yeah we know all about mohan ghandi's trusteeship and all that... We know what mohan ghandi did to great India freedom fighter V.O. Chidambaram Pillai. Do you guys know the story too?
MohanG deceived VO Chidambaram Pillai in the cheapest possible way. Kept donations for himself which were meant for Pillai, who was a freedom fighter looking to end colonial britain's monopoly on shipping industry.Mohan collected funds in the name of Pillai while in South Africa
A lengthy article on how mohan ghandi went about his business.
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