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Apr 15, 2021 6 tweets 5 min read
Our paper [@ValliElsa @TiaPalermo] w/@TransferProjct is finally online at #EDCC!

We examine impacts of Govt of Ghana's 🇬🇭 LEAP 1000 cash + health insurance waiver on IPV

Findings indicate moderate ⬇️ in IPV aligning w/ bulk of existing evidence

1/n… A few details:

* ⬇️ primarily on physical & emotional IPV [rather than sexual IPV]
* ⬇️ on intensive margin [index incl. frequency of acts] show average impacts
* ⬇️ on extensive margin ["any IPV"] only accrue to non-polygamous sample

Mar 9, 2020 10 tweets 22 min read
@RosemaryJMorgan @majardine @SallyRMelb @alexandraphelan @clarewenham @juliaheather @DaviesSaraE @DrSophieHarman @KarenGrepin Hi! Thank you for writing this comment - glad to see gender issues being considered from the outset! Like @SallyRMelb, I think there are a few distinct pathways via which outbreaks could lead to increases in #IPV & #GBV. Some thoughts: 1/n @RosemaryJMorgan @majardine @SallyRMelb @alexandraphelan @clarewenham @juliaheather @DaviesSaraE @DrSophieHarman @KarenGrepin First, on a macro-level, IPV may⬆️during times of high stress. Particularly when linked to economic stability & fears of job loss or not being paid/earning loss. There is a robust lit linking safety nets to both IPV & other intra-familiar violence:…