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Founder President, Association of Muslim Professionals (@AMPIndia) | Proud Volunteer @TheIndiaZakat and @TheIndiaMentors
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Apr 1, 2022 17 tweets 13 min read
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Alhumdulillah! Alhumdulillah! Alhumdulillah!

We can not thank enough Allah for the splendid journey & success of @TheIndiaZakat

Many would not have imagined the success which we have witnessed but ALLAH has made this possible.

#2YearsOfIndiaZakat #IndiaZakat @TheIndiaZakat is India’s 1st Zakat based crowdfunding platform promoted by the Association of Muslim Professionals (@AmpIndia) launched on the eve of Ramzan in 2020.

The objective was to bring socio-economic transformation in the lives of the Muslims.
Oct 22, 2021 20 tweets 6 min read
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Bright & Meritorious MBBS students are facing one of the biggest hurdles of their lives. In tough Covid times, families are struggling to support their children complete their studies.

It's our chance to contribute to their fees.

Find list below 👇👇👇 Name: Ayan Saiyad
Location: Kadi, Gujarat
Amount Required: 33000
Amount Raised: 0

Link: indiazakat.com/campaign/5829/…
Aug 7, 2020 18 tweets 9 min read

Muslims in India should not loose hope with turn of events happening in last few years especially last one year.

Let's Unite & work for common cause of Social, Educational & Economic Empowerment of Muslims in India.

#Beyond5thAugust 1. Let's make sure that we reach to 100% Literacy, Zero Drop Down & Highest % of Graduates in India as compared to any other group.

Each one of us should ensure no School Drop Outs in our area