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18 Jun
Hello to the folks at @Upworthy I have always wondered about who you all are and what your mission is. I am aware that you are looking to promote wellbeing and positivity and that is great, but I fear that when you filed this piece under "prosperity" 1/
You might have missed the point of my whole piece. Perhaps I neglected to explain this part of it. Having too much money is the opposite of "prosperity" if you define prosperity as something more expansive than having money. Yes, I was taught how to grow money, 2/
How to hoard money and how to keep it away from the government lest it get "wasted." Whether that little chestnut is indeed true is a discussion for another time. But if you have a lot of money and you do not spend significant time 3/
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24 Apr
In complete sincerity I reach out to you, Jonathan VanBoskerck just to say I am sorry that everything feels like it is leaving you behind. I feel the same way sometimes. I want to offer you a chance to meet some of the folks behind this “woke” culture that troubles you so much 1/
As a survivor of sexual assault myself, I have to confess that the carefree way in which the pirates bid for and buy women whom they clearly intend to rape left me feeling traumatized and certain that what happened to me didn’t matter to anyone but me.And that’s a hard feeling 2/
For a person who is already ashamed. I would like to introduce you to the sons and daughters of men and women who can remember their enslaved forebears so you can listen to them talk about the scars on their backs, the children sold away from under them3/
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21 Apr
Thread: I don't want to be hiding from this piece so here it is. Bummer. It doesn't, of course, represent who we are and what we are about. In the least. Which is not to say that we've been perfect 1/ hollywoodreporter.com/news/ex-staff-…
Or anywhere near perfect. There have been problems, some of which I'm damned ashamed of. And a piece like this hits hard when in the rest of your work you are trying so hard to talk about fairness and decency. The best I can do is acknowledge where we've done wrong 2/
Where we've made mistakes (big difference), where we've been misunderstood (something unlucky but still for which we are accountable) and where we have tried but failed. It is odd to find myself in a rogue's gallery 3/
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27 Jan
Thread: So here's my final word on the subject of the twitterati trying to be social workers for people they do not know. Child abuse is bad. I know this because once I was an abused child. Mostly verbal, sometimes physical. My parents were public figures. 1/
So I do know something about this. If anyone thinks I am taking the Conway family's problems lightly, then I would ask you to take this into consideration. There was nothing ok about what happened to me, and I wish I'd known how to help myself. If I'd had access to Twitter, 2/
I know I'd never have taken my issues to be aired in the public square because I was just too timid of a kid for that, but I can see how another kid might want to do that. Knowing the way my parents would have taken such a thing, there would have been hell to pay for sure. 3/
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10 Jan
The other bone Trump tickled for small business people and aspirants was his hostility to taxes and regulation, the two things that feel the most arbitrary and capricious to someone trying something very difficult which is to get a small business to profitability.
If you are trying to start a restaurant, and a black or latino, or god forbid, female AND black or latino city worker comes to inspect and finds a small problem, or the government is telling you what the minimum wage must be, or the ADA is requiring a ramp when you've (ct'd)
never had a customer even once come in in a wheelchair can feel like the government is solely in the business of making you fail. And then charging you for it in the form of your tax bill.
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9 Jan
THREAD: This is so important @yashar @jaketapper @soledadobrien @Maria_Hinojosa Days after election in 2020, Donald Trump, for reasons nobody understood, replaced a number of key high ranking folks at the Pentagon with a series of partisan hacks. WHY? 1/ defense.gov/Newsroom/Relea…
Well let's look at them one by one. Kash Patel, former staffer for Devin Nunes, with "unique access" to the Prez, known to give "out of scope" advice to him, and already on record as looking to block much of the transition work he was appointed to do.2/
Anthony Tata. Former Fox commentator. Called Obama a Muslim and a terrorist. Pushed a conspiracy theory that Brennan was trying to overthrow Trump. Described by some as unconfirmable. In charge of defense policy now 3/ cnn.com/2020/06/12/pol…
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7 Jan
Here’s my list for 2022. These mofo’s need to go DOWN. 1) Ron Johnson WI. Won his race in 2016 with 3.4%. Led the nit brigade today. Vulnerable.
2) Pat Toomey PA Won his race by only 1.5%. Tried to see above the fray today but has been a trump booster from the get go. A classic ends-justify-means evangelical who can only think about stopping the ladies from using their vaginas. Must go.
3) Richard Burr ND squeaked into office in 2016 by 2.8%. ND is a battleground. If we organize something fierce it can turn into our second Georgia.
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6 Jan
Thread/ Let’s be clear. This was never ever not going to happen. Not when Reagan eviscerated all public spending and accused anyone who questioned this a communist. Or when he started the death by a thousand budget cuts 1/
of our sacred covenant that every citizen deserves a good education and a decent change at a decent life. It was never not going to happen when Timothy McVeigh and his accomplices bombed the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. 2/
Not when the NRA called ATF agents “jack-booted thugs.” Not when oops, the anti-choice language about murder led to the killings of several doctors at clinics. Not when Bush and Cheney and Rumsfeld chose fascist language like “Homeland Security” to exploit 9/11 3/
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6 Jan
Remember this? Image
And this? Image
And this? Image
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30 Sep 20
What did I tell you? The layoffs were always coming. Today Disney chose to layoff nearly 30% of their workforce on the same day as the first presidential debate. Hoping, I am sure, to have the news of this drowned out by the news of that. 1/
Josh D'Amaro's "it's incredibly painful" reminds me of when I was a kid and my father was getting ready to spank me and he'd say "this is gonna hurt you more than it's gonna hurt me." It was bullshit then and it's even more bullshit now. 2/
The layoffs are apparently heavy on part-time workers and it should concern you that such a high percentage of their workforce is part time. That's because, like so many other companies relying on an hourly labor force, lots of shenanigans are used to prevent.3/
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30 Jul 20
THREAD/ There is a deep rot at the core of American fundamentalist capitalism. Over the years a greed-is-good mindset has taken hold across corporate culture. And CEO's have taken the ball and run with it. They populate their boards with other CEO's 1/
And they add layers and layers of executive structure between themselves and their workers. Eventually they forget what they once knew (if they ever did) about what it was like to live paycheck to paycheck, to have no power over your own destiny, to feel like a cog 2/
In a giant machine whose work is "unskilled" ergo easily replaced by a hundred other people who would rather take your horribly paid job rather than continue to languish on unemployment. I objected when Disney furloughed their workers not because they shouldn't have, but 3/
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13 Jul 20
A beautiful reframe of the Harper's letter, which I frankly think is a slightly less crotchety version of classic conservative grousing about "political correctness." Speech is and should be free, yes, but that is not to say it should not have consequences. 1/
I happen to have experienced this on a personal level. Yes, I got "ratio-ed" on Twitter (and deserved it) and have somehow lived to tell the tale. What I tried to do in the situation is to honestly have a look at what I might have done wrong, learn from it and go forward 2/
With respect for my critics, and with enough regard for my own integrity that it remains my lodestar but not so much that I cannot admit that from time to time it doesn't know enough, hasn't thought deeply enough, or just isn't smart enough to always be right. 3/
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5 Jun 20
So Breonna was the victim of a no-knock warrant. The cops claim they identified themselves but they were under no obligation, legally speaking, to do so. And given the record of white police officers shooting people and then lying about it, 1/ THREAD
I'm gonna believe her boyfriend, Kenneth Taylor, that they did not. BTW, he was also shot that night. The no-knock warrant was given to the police because they thought Breonna MIGHT be receiving packages for a drug dealer who lived not nearby and whom she didn't know. 2/
In other words, they could have easily a)asked her about it b)knocked c)come during the day or d)done some actual detective work during which they'd have figured this out for themselves. But they did none of these things. Instead they chose, at midnight, to bust down her door 3/
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27 May 20
Twitter math. Sometimes you have to add story one to story two to understand. Here is story number one:
to me, not at all surprising. Who does this feel surprising to? There is nothing about mainstream liberalism that is not consistent with racism 1/
Story number two:
Yes, Joe Biden was an asshole during that interview but what got lost in the hoohah afterward was what Charlamagne was saying: you guys are not working hard enough to deserve the votes of the black community 2/ foxnews.com/politics/charl…
So yes, the Democratic Party is not holding its own feet to the fire. Sure we ridicule conservative trolls who pretend that Dems are the real racists because they supported slavery a century and a half ago, and were late to peel off of the dixiecrats. Of course that is 3/
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21 May 20
Thread/. “Big. Dreams. Never. Die.” Those are the words Elizabeth Warren used to end her Campaign. And I just can’t get them out of my head. It was such an honor to chat with Sen Warren, who dropped out of the race and immediately got 1/ thedailybeast.com/abigail-disney…
Back to work and who has been the best and brightest voice from the left about how to confront this pandemic. Her brilliance comes partly from how closely woven in her personal story is with the way she behaves as a politician. And the people I love best, perhaps because 2/
I can relate to just how hard this is, are those who have the courage to change. When she went into the bankruptcy work that started her career in law, she was convinced that most of the folks she was talking to were fakes and cheaters. But she changed. How inspiring. 3/
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30 Apr 20
I want Joe Biden to address Tara Ries’s allegation publicly, to see if she is willing to meet with him, with or without witnesses as she decides appropriate, to talk about what happened. I want to see that if this happened as she describes it, it was horrible and he needs 1/
To take responsibility and make amends as well as he reasonably can. It would be an incredible thing for one man, any man, to be willing to allow for the idea that perhaps what he thought he experienced was not what SHE experienced and that the answer to the question of 2/I
How to handle the disjointed perspectives is never ever to ignore them or wish them away. It matters not that it was a long time ago. At least to her. A full throated apology would be “a small step for one man, a giant leap for humanity” 4/
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21 Apr 20
OK, I've been holding my tongue on the theory that a pandemic is no time to be calling people out on anything other than failing us in a public health sense. I thought it might be a moment for peace and reconciliation. But I feel a thread coming on....1/
WHAT THE ACTUAL F***????? Look, dividends aren't ALL bad, given the number of fixed income folks who rely on them. But still 80% of shares are owned by the wealthiest 10%. So that excuse only goes so far. But the REAL outrage is, of course, those bonuses...2/
All 1.5 billion of them. 1.5 BILLION. That'd pay for three months salary to front line workers. And its going to people who have already been collecting egregious bonuses for years. Here is what the @ft piece has to say about it: 3/
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20 Apr 20
Thread: I know this article is a couple of days old, but it's been an open tab since I first saw it, and I've going back to look at it and fume and seethe and marvel (I'm sure there's a work in german for this particular blend of emotions) because it... 1/ wsj.com/articles/for-t…
Contains everything that has been wrong with our economy, and as a result of that our social structures, that's been laid bare by this pandemic. Now I'm not exactly perfect, and I think anyone who can get help with household humdrummery would do it if they could. Having help 2/
Has liberated me to do so much else with my time, and it's also enabled me to employ someone at a living plus wage that might not have been able to get that wage elsewhere. I also know in my heart that some things are too personal, too risky, too humiliating to ask another...3/
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12 Jan 20
No, actually they couldn't. Education, first of all trains future workers for future jobs. Your plan would ignore the 53 million americans currently working in low wage jobs. What's more,no matter how well-educated your populace is, there will always be a need for service jobs 1/
Which means that your education plan does nothing for them, and only reinforces the idea that at the bottom of the wage scale are a bunch of good-for-nothing losers who deserve what they get because they aren't educated enough or aren't trying hard enough. Are you content to 2/
let a good 40% or more of all American workers live on the knife edge of poverty? Are you content to say that a hotel maid, even though her back hurts at the end of every day's work, should take home barely enough to feed her family, much less live a life of dignity? 3/
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16 Dec 19
OK, so in response to everyone saying he looks like he's taking care of himself, or he looks healthy, or thinking that I'm a buzz kill or whatever, first of all, I was kidding. But to go on to be that very buzz kill I was just saying I'm not, it's a long distance 1/
Between being healthy and being the obsessive, controlling and all-around obnoxious person you need to be to look like this. A healthy male of his age should have a body fat ranging from somewhere around 8% and 20%. And he is below 8%. That means his metabolism 2/
Is slowing and he has adopted some pretty unrealistic diet and cardio habits. THIS IS NOT A CRITICISM. AND YES, I'M A FATTY SO WHO AM I TO BE SAYING ALL OF THIS. if you're curious about my body fat %. I'll save you the trouble and just let you know it's roughly 99% 3/
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25 Nov 19
Why is this whole episode not making everyone EXTREMELY nervous? If POTUS loses in the next election, we all know he will claim he won and refuse to leave. He will use all the folks in congress and the media who have demonstrated already that they will gladly help him 1/
Muddy the waters just enough to fire up the Fox crowd and we all know that significant numbers of the rank and file military are among those. If he decides to defy election results and claims there was a conspiracy to knock him out of office and points to the "deep state" 2/
as the source, then it'll come down to the military to make him leave. And now we are in coup territory, folks. The brass is mostly made up of highly educated men and women who believe deeply in order and discipline and defending against "all enemies, foreign and domestic." 3/
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