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24 Nov
Qanon is not a conspiracy theory or a political movement.

It's a major fundamentalist religion now.

A failure to recognize this will be devastating.
Not only is it a fundamentalist religion, but it has an active and dedicated militant wing.

It now has representation in Congress

It's not a fad, it's not a phase, it's not a trend and it's not going away.
QAnon is the hub of a wide federation of increasingly mainstreamed conspiracy groups and militant white nationalists

It is the unified field theory of Trumpism and is the abstract entity that will outlive Trump.

It is what this sect of America needs.
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24 Nov
Unfortunately the fact that we got this far is indicative of exactly how fragile it is.

A stable government would have done its job to rid itself of a con man tyrant four years and a quarter-million lives ago.
A quarter million people died unnecessarily because it was a nihilistic con man's turn to run the place.

It was his TURN

Everyone knew what he was. But for a myriad of terrible reasons, decided to let him do whatever he wanted at whatever cost.
There's something deeply broken in a government when everyone knows that a man is killing thousands of people to satisfy his ego and line his wallet, and a legislature of actual, grown-up humans couldn't muster the collective will to stop him until it was the appointed time.
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22 Nov
Let me just nip this in the bud right now.

I am Patti Labelle's son.
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22 Nov
I think there's a reason for this too.

POC have been working hard for years to train white people to call marginalized groups what they want to be called and to hold each other accountable when they don't.

But this causes confusion when there's mixed messaging from the groups.
Usually the latest label for a group is considered the least offensive/most acceptable.

(Nigger > Nigra > Negro > Colored > Black > African American)

So if white people are gonna play it safe, they're gonna insist that everyone use the most recent.

"Latinx" is the most recent.
Of course when you're discussing how to self-identify, what is the least offensive coming out of the mouths of white people is different than what feels most comfortable or natural to individuals within those communities.

So which term is "right" is heavily dependent on context.
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22 Nov
How did I lose a thread by pointing out erasure?

I am not claiming that there isn't legitimate disagreement within communities about the use of the term.

I'm saying that pretending it was an invention of white academics and not people of Latin descent is gross nonsense
There is a consistent push to dismiss attempts to shift thought in a way that benefits the marginalized by tying it to academia and PC culture.

When people talk about academia and PC culture, they mean white liberals.

This erases the work and effort of those marginalized people
The idea inherently is that there are REAL marginalized people and then there are academics and those two groups are inherently different.

The idea that marginalized people are ALSO in academia and approach change from those perspectives is just washed away.
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21 Nov
Ok Legal Nerds. I have some questions.

Where do you jail an ex-president?

Do they keep their Secret Service detail in prison. (And how would that work?)

Would a convicted ex-President keep their lifetime Presidential pension?
Has @greg_doucette already done a thread on this that I missed?

Maybe @LegalEagleDJ ?
Like I'm well aware that America gives a tacit pass to its Presidents and does its best to shield them from any consequences or personal responsibility at all costs.

But OFFICIALLY there has to be some sort of stated procedure or guidelines, right?
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20 Nov
In order for it to have been effective, it would have needed to peak during a period of national uncertainty.

They missed the window, so they lost the period where they could have made a compelling argument during which no clear decision had been reached.

But they whiffed.
They will successfully cause unrest and disorder and death in their futile tantrum.

But they won't succeed with the coup.

They blew it.

But they ARE ushering in a new era of government by constant sedition and conspiracy.
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20 Nov
To be fair, the Supreme Court came TO Bush and Gore.

That case was solicited BY SCOTUS.

It wasn't a case that bubbled up through the courts like normal.

SCOTUS invented new law just to hear that case.

Bush v Gore was illegal as hell but nobody could stop it.
Everybody trying to rehabilitate 2000 as if it was the legal GOP response to losing.

It wasn't. It was a naked power grab. It just worked.

Bush v Gore wasn't an ethically moral affair. It was the biggest stain on SCOTUS since Dred Scott.
SCOTUS knew this and tried to hastily argue that this one case didn't count for the purposes of any precedent.

They realized that the case was so corrupt that it shouldn't be a model for SCOTUS behavior.

So they declared it didn't count as precedent

Just a one-off intervention
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20 Nov
Not sure which is worse:

1) Tucker Carlson being praised by the Left for siding with reality for the first time in ever.

2)Tucker Carlson being dragged by the Right for siding with reality for the first time in ever.
I'll leave it to you. Which is worse?
For the record... Carlson in the lead up to this clip defends his show as being reasonable because it accepts evidence that the government is lying about UFOs for which there is evidence.

"If people are yelling 'Conspiracy theory' you're probably over the target"
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20 Nov
The GOP hold on their base is through a mixture of gerrymandering, racism and lies.

The lies are more critical than you'd think.

That's why they're working overtime on the bullshit.
They know full well they aren't convincing the rest of the country.

All of this is aimed at their base.

They're lying to themselves to stay alive.
They can't turn to their base and say "Joe Biden won fair and square, but we really want Trump to be President so we're trying to cheat"

It would play in the inner sanctum cult and the extremist set but not the GOP rank and file.
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20 Nov
America has been content for so long to just give these people a pass as "crazy cousins."

No matter how much they kill, no matter how heinous their plans, at the end of the day they're white and so white America will continue to excuse and support them.
If a bunch of Brown people had been discovered to have a plan to take over a government building and kill officials, we'd already be dropping bombs in their home countries.

But here?

Economic anxiety. White boys will be white boys. Both sides. Fine people. Salt of the earth.
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18 Nov
The problem is that the spread in the general population is so astronomical that what would normally be considered a totally unacceptable level of transmission at the start of an outbreak is now perfectly fine in comparison

We literally lowered the bar for pandemic safety.
Places that have Covid-19 under control will literally shut down whatever is necessary in order to properly contain ONE case.

There's a reason for this.
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17 Nov
One of my juvenile justice clients was a 10 year old arrested for larceny for stealing a small box of rubber bands from his school.

It's real good to be white.
His eight year old brother was arrested as an accomplice.

Did I mention how beneficial the whole white thing is already?
This happened because their school, having discovered $0.89 worth of office supplies missing, called the cops on two of their students.

The kids, you might imagine at this point, weren't white.
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15 Nov
Because generations of children grow up worried the sky will kill them at any moment.
And I can't think of anything that could radicalize me quicker than growing up knowing that someone weaponized the fucking SKY against me.
Like... the organization that rains invisible death down from the sky on unsuspecting communities is clearly the one the heroes must destroy in order to save the world in any movie.

And we spend hours rooting for whoever it is fighting back.
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13 Nov
This is the crux of it.

"You're poor so you should be happy with whatever castoffs I toss you, and if you don't like it, you're just ungrateful."

Poor people are indebted to literally everyone just because they're poor.
To be clear.

Handing a hungry person your leftovers you probably didn't need is indeed better than nothing.

But it is also the least you could possibly do for a fellow human trying to survive.

Whether they appreciate it or not.
Also. People are human.

Just because someone is food insecure doesn't mean that they're ready to scarf down whatever meal you didn't finish at that exact moment... or perhaps hours.

Hungry people need more than food.
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13 Nov
Why should one person become a billionaire for their biological research?

There's literally no way someone cures a disease in their own.

How did that one person claim all that value?
The problem is that you keep beginning with the faulty premise that it it's objectively reasonable for billionaires to exist.

You know why poor people who come into large sums of money tend to lose it quickly?

They tend to spend it on or give it away to friends, family and people in their local communities.

They immediately try to make other people's lives better at their own expense.
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13 Nov
Stop donating money to billionaires.
Whenever you are about to donate to a billionaire's project... Just ask.

"Why does a person with a virtually infinite amount of money need mine?"

And then put your money back in your pocket until you find someone actually in need.
A billion dollars can do pretty much anything a regular human can think of.

So if it's really that important to them, they already have everything they need to do it.

They make more money than you will ever see at once.


They. Do. Not. Need. Your. Money.
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9 Nov
The only way to unify the country is to prosecute this administration.
"Won't that make the Trumpets angry?"

Yes. Of course it will. But that's way better than validating their idea that they're untouchable with a license to kill.
Humans are creatures of social imitation.

We take cues on what is acceptable behavior based on what others around us are doing in that context.

What we see everyone else permit, we are likely to permit.

What we see everyone else embrace, we are likely to embrace
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9 Nov
This reads like every support board for families of cult members.

And it should.
The thing about all the Trumpist cults is that now that Trump is being deposed, they are going to double down on their fanaticism.
One of the most common refrains you hear from friends and family about Trumpist cults is "I just can't get through to them anymore"

There's a really good reason for that.

Think of the value YOU hold with the greatest conviction.

How likely is someone to talk you out of it?
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7 Nov
For the record, I'm PRO coalition building.

It's just that there's no lasting coalition built with Lincoln Project.

They do not care about any of the things that would be necessary to do so.
Lincoln Project Republicans have one issue of common ground with the Left

Hating Trump.

Now they have nothing left.
They're not even against white nationalism.

Like seriously people?

The story of unseating Trump is not gonna be one of the GOP riding in to save everyone.

That's just not what happened.

Miss me.
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7 Nov
Lemme just clear a thing up.

The Lincoln Project members agree with almost every Trump policy except Covid-19.

They just don't like Trump himself.

They hate the messenger and love the message.

That is all.
The Lincoln Project is that weak link kidnapper who was supposed to watch you, but felt kinda bad at the last minute at how badly the rest were treating you and slipped you a key to your cuffs and even though he's still gonna help hunt you down, he wants to give you a head start.
Like you can be thankful that they helped you escape eventually, but like... They're not heroes.

They're kidnappers who had a momentary change of heart.

Sure they let you out, but they also helped cuff you to the radiator in the first place.

And they'll help again later.
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