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26 Feb
Did #Savarkar himself gave him the title of 'Veer'/'Swatantryaveer' ?

A communist named P Sainath started the campaign claiming that V.D. Savarkar himself gave the title 'Veer'/'Swatantryaveer' and thus he glorified himself. Sainath claimed that biography of V.D.Savarkar..
titled 'Life of Barrister Savarkar' written by Chitragupta in the year 1926 is the first book which gave him the title 'Veer'. And as per Sainath, the author Chitragupta who showered praise on Savarkar is none other than Savarkar himself. He made a video claiming this &..
... all the Jamat-e-liberals including Fact checker cum Lie Spreader like Zubair started propagating it using Goebbels technique. First of all, in the biography written by Chitragupta, there is absolutely no mention of the word 'Veer' or 'Swatantryaveer'.
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21 Feb
Most dumb argument I heard about BJP not doing anything to get in Power in MH is that Amit Shah wants to eliminate DF as he considers him to be future competitor 😂😂😂😂

Those who make such dumb comments have ZERO knowledge about how Sangh Parivar works.

There are absolutely NO CONFLICTS between all important project who have RSS Background. Whether Modi-Shah-Gadkari-Rajnath-Fadnavis. And even no differences with Murli Manohar Joshi or Uma Bharti too. ABSOLUTELY NONE. There is a concept of Jababdari in RSS.
Each person is loyal to the organization, its purpose & larger goals. Nobody is working for petty personal gains. None are so petty minded that they will let differences over some silly issues affect organization. & If AS considered DF as a potential competitor,...
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7 Feb
Those who give such logic that US, Sweden, EU etc provide Direct Income Support/Subsidy to farmers miss the point that these countries have just less than 5% population engaged in Agriculture (less than 2% for Sweden). India has more than 60% population directly/indirectly..
... dependent on Agriculture. When these countries spend money on Farmers, they are effectively spending on just less than 5% of their population. While for spending on Agriculture, India spends on atleast 50% of its Population. That's why it's totally unsustainable for India
.. to give subsidies to Farmers. Average Farm size in India is just 3 acres while in US it's almost 444 acres (they allow Industrial Farming). That's why even with such miniscule % of Population being engaged in Agriculture, they are able to produce food not just for...
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1 Feb
Pre filling IT returns & no Tax audit for businesses having Turnover upto 10 crore is an assault on CA Profession.
Government is hell bent on destroying one of the respected Profession in India by doing such useless things. If Tax return filing is simplified, then how will..
... CAs make money? How is a CA supposed to run his firm when Government is taking such anti CA decisions in the name of Ease of Doing Business. This #BlackBudget2021 ought to be resisted at all costs. Either government should ensure Minimum Professional Fees for all CAs,..
Or govt should take back all such useless proposals in this #BlackBudget2021 .
I request all people from CA fraternity to gather at #SinghuBorder . We should learn from our Annadata friends about how to blackmail an elected government. Ease of Doing business can go to hell.
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30 Jan
Excerpts from the book 'Indian Summer'

From the sorrow & tragedy of Gandhi's death, some hope emerged. Mountbatten took the opportunity to tell Patel & Nehru that Gandhi's last great wish had been to see the two of them brought together. Weeping, the two men embraced.
Furthermore, though the long-anticipated final sacrifice had not been made by his own hand, it had, nonetheless, achieved a little of what he had spent much of his life pleading for. After a small spate of attacks on Hindu Mahasabha members in Bombay, India calmed, and...
... the harassment of the Muslim Population of Delhi ceased. Refugees were rehoused in the Punjab. Stalls and shops reopened in Connaught Place. Unwittingly, with his act of hatred, Nathuram Godse had brought the Hindus and Muslims together.
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29 Jan
This day. 1948.

Gandhiji was assassinated by Naturam Godse. Within hours, at 15-50 people were killed in Anti Brahmin riots in Maharashtra organised by Congress supporters just because Nathuram Godse was Brahmin.
"In February 1948, one thousand of their (Chitpavan Brahmins) houses were officially reported as having been burnt down in Maharashtra as well as Northern Karnataka, and an unspecified number were killed." Koenraad Elst in 'Gandhi and Godse' pg 13.
The mob attacked the residence of Narayan Savarkar, the brother of Veer Savarkar.
He was pelted by a stone on his head. He succumbed to injuries and died eventually.
Nobody has made an official count of number of Brahmin victims. Some estimates put it in thousands.
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17 Jan
My guts tell me that something will happen in MH soon.
Few days back, MH BJP team met Nadda. Then Gadkari suddenly visits MH. Today Gadkari & DF had closed door meeting in Nagpur for hours. Sena & Congress fighting over Aurangabad issue. NCP & Cong fighting over Munde issue.
There can be split within Congress. 2/3rd MLAs can join BJP.
Reasons I feel this -
1. Congress hasn't appointed WHIP in MH assembly.
2. That fool UT gave away speaker post to Congress in return for less ministries. Generally, those who want to remain in power, ensure speaker..
.. of their own party. In Bihar, BJP has speaker. In UP when BJP-Mayawati formed govt, BJP had their own speaker. It helps during political crisis. Currently in MH, speaker is of Congress. And he is ex BJP man. Nana Patole. He resigned from BJP & joined Congress in 2018.
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16 Jan
तुकाराम मुंढेसारख्या अधिकऱ्यांना नायक सिनेमामधला अनिल कपूर बनण्याची इच्छा आहे. प्रसिद्धीची चटक लागली आहे. जशी आधी अण्णा हजारेंना लागलेली. नायक सिनेमाने राजकारणाबद्दल खोटं चित्र निर्माण करून तरुण पिढीच फार नुकसान केलं आहे.केजरीवालचं अक्ख करिअर त्या सिनेमामुळे आहे.
काही लोकांना पैशाची चटक असते, तर काही लोकांना मी किती साधा, सरळ, इमानदार आहे हे दाखवून फेमस होण्याची. मुंढे त्यातले एक. ह्यांच्यात एक वेगळाचं अहंकार असतो. मी सरकारी अधिकारी आहे. मला एखादी चुकीची गोष्ट दिसली की मी कारवाई करणार. तत्वतः हे बरोबर आहे. लोकांना देखील असली....
... स्टंटबाजी आवडते. परंतु तुमच्या इमानदार असल्याचा समाजाला फायदा होत आहे की नुकसान हे ओळ्खण्यासाठी विवेकबुद्धी देखील असावी लागते. एक उदाहरण देतो. एक बिल्डिंग पुनर्बांधणी साठी गेली. तिथले सगळे रहिवासी दुसरीकडे तात्पुरते भाड्याने राहायला गेले आणि तो बिल्डर त्या राहिवाश्यांना..
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17 Dec 20
भाऊ तोरसेकर एकदा म्हणलेले की पवार हे काही ब्राम्हणद्वेषी नाहीत. मतांच्या राजकारणासाठी ते काही विधान करत असतील, परंतु देवेंद्रजी ब्राम्हण आहेत म्हणून पवार त्यांचा द्वेष करत नाहीत. तर त्यामागचं खरं कारण असं आहे की पवारांना फडणवीसांमध्ये तरुणपणीचा शरद पवार दिसतो.
तशीच अभ्यासू वृत्ती, धडाडी, अफाट मेहनत, बोलण्यावर ताबा, शांतपणे संयम ढळू न देता राजकारण करणं हीच तर पवार यांची देखील वृत्ती होती. त्यात फडणविसांना पक्ष नेतृत्वाचा पूर्ण पाठिंबा आहे. त्यामुळे आपल्या हयातीत एक माणूस पुढे येऊन आपल्या पद्धतीचं राजकारण करून, आपण केलेल्या चुका..
...टाळून अपल्यापेक्षा पुढे जातोय हे पवारांना खटकत आणि त्यामुळे ते फडनविसांचा द्वेष करतात असं भाऊ म्हणलेले. त्यावेळी काही मला ते पटलं नव्हतं. परंतु पवारांच्या आणि फडणवीसांच्या काही उत्कृष्ट मुलाखती ऐकून हे पूर्णपणे पटलं. त्या मुलाखती शेअर करतो आहे. इच्छुकांनी ऐकाव्यात.
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16 Dec 20
आदरणीय राहुलजी @RahulGandhi , मै महाराष्ट्रसे काँग्रेसका हितचिंतक हॉनेके नाते यहाकी कुछ बाते आपके ध्यानमे लाना चाहता हूं। पिछले साल शिवसेनाके नेतृत्वमे यहा जो सरकार बनी है, उसका हिस्सा होकर काँग्रेसने बहुत बडी गलती की है। हर दिन शिवसेना और राष्ट्रवादी काँग्रेस के लोग...
... काँग्रेसका मझाक उडा रहे है। २ दिन पेहले ही, एनसीपी नेता प्रफुल्ल पटेलने कहा की "काँग्रेस के वरिष्ठ नेताओने शरद पवार को प्रधानमंत्री बनने नाही दिया"। उसके बाद उद्धव ठाकरेके नौकर संजय राऊतने भी कहा की "काँग्रेसको बडे दिलसे शरद पवारका नेतृत्व मान लेना चाहिये"।
इस सबके कूछ दिन पेहले शरद पवारने खुद कहा की "राहुल गांधी के नेतृत्वमे Consistency नही है"। हमारी आदरणीय नेता @AdvYashomatiINC जी ने उनको कडी भाषामे जवाब दिया। लेकिन उसके बाद भी संजय राऊतने कहा की "काँग्रेसको अब यह बात मान लेनी चाहिये कि अब वह कमजोर हो चुकी है"।
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13 Dec 20
Bengal Elections

In WB assembly elections, BJP will either win 180+ seats or less than 50. There is not way in between. BJP can't win 100 or 125. Bengalis will either give full majority to BJP or TMC. They will never give fractured mandate.
To know the reason behind this, we need to understand how Dictatorial regimes like those of TMC & CPM work. These parties ensure that all the benefit of govt schemes goes only to those who vote for Party. They never let voters of other party reap the benefits of govt schemes.
Not just that, these parties maintain boothwise record of voting. If on any booth, people vote against that party, then after coming to Power, they Harass those people with Power cuts, Water Cuts, unnecessary raids of govt officials, non-coperation from govt agencies....
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6 Oct 20
GST Compensation

We are seeing a lot of outrage over GST Compensation issue these days. Let us analyze whats this GST Compensation issue actually is. As we all know, India replaced almost all Indirect Taxes with GST in 2017. Except the tax on Fuel, Alcohol & Customs,..
... all other Indirect Taxes were replaced with GST. There is uniform rate of GST across India on a particular product or service. As we all know, GST is divided into CGST, SGST/UTGST & IGST. IGST is levied on Interstate trade of goods or provision of services.
Whereas CGST & SGST/UTGST combined are levied on Intrastate trade of goods or provision of services.
Let us take example of a product/service which charged at 18% GST. If seller and buyer are from different states/UTs, then 18% IGST will be levied which will then be....
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21 Sep 20
I don't know why People (incl RWs) blame #NirmalaSitharaman so much for Economic slowdown & mock her continuously.
IMO, it's the policy failures in the first term of Modi Govt which is responsible for slowdown & not #NirmalaSitharaman .
I will explain why.
Contrary to general perception of layman that #DeMonetisation & #GST are responsible for slowdown, I feel there are other policy failures more responsible -
1. Delayed Payments to Industry by Govt Depts & PSUs. When govt itself never follows payment discipline, how....
.. how can we expect Payment discipline in Private Sector? According to one estimate, Govt owed more than 5 lac cr to MSMEs alone. Nirmala had nudged Govt Depts for faster clearances last year. I don't know it's current status tbh.
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17 Sep 20
Agriculture & Prosperity

One of the major indicator of Economic Development of a country is the % of Population dependent on Agriculture. No country can really call itself a developed country unless it has minimum Population depending on Agriculture & yet producing better.
During WWII, Germany had almost 30% Population depending on Agriculture while USSR had 50-60%. This is the reason Germany could give so much hell to USSR even though it didn't have enough land & resources especially Oil. On the other hand, Britain had only 3% population...
... depending on Agriculture and I am sure it would be similar number for US too. This is why Britain could eventually win with lesser losses than USSR (USSR won because of blunders committed by Hitler & not because of its own efficiency). A country's % of Population...
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18 Aug 20
Today is the 320th Birth Anniversary of Shrimant #BajiraoPeshwa who was 2nd Peshwa of Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj.

Born on 18th August, 1700 at Shrivardhan, Maharashtra.

Died on 28th April, 1740 at Raverkhadi on the banks of Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh.
He was appointed as Peshwa (Prime Minister) of Maratha Empire by Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj at a young age of 20 after death of his father Balaji Vishwanath. Chatrapati Shahu Maharaj ignored all the naysayers who were against Bajirao's appointment.
In his career of 20 years, Bajirao expanded Maratha Empire in India, successfully weakened the Mughals and kept Nizam of Hyderabad in check. He never lost a battle in his life and always enjoyed victory. Malwa (1723), Dhar (1724), Aurangabad (1724), Palkhed (1728),...
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20 Jul 20
Beware of Environmental Activism

As India is trying hard to reach its full economic potential, one can see sudden rise in hitjob by Environmental NGOs who are trying to create SaveAarey and TribalLivesMatter like Campaigns.
This time the main target is Coal Mining.
They are Opposing Coal Mines and asking govt to shut them down and use alternative sources for electricity production.

Today almost 60% of countries energy demands are met by coal alone. It is the cheapest source of energy production. Also it creates employment specially..
.. in Coal rich tribal areas. Today we dream of becoming $5 trillion economy and a world economic Power. Is it possible without meeting our energy requirements? And as we grow Economically, our energy demand is also going to increase.
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23 Jun 20
Radhikabai, Who?

Putting an End to the likely FAIRYTALE Romantic Bollywood Periodic Flick featuring the Vishwasrao Peshwa and Radhikabai before it ends up in the hands of any director like Bhansali and Gowarikar.

From fb post of Ashutosh Potnis & Amit Pethe
Over the last 10 years, a series of fb posts, online articles & fake wikipedia pages about a mythical figure by the name of Radhikabai have spread like wildfire. While there are some variations, the basic abstract of all these posts is the same. It goes something like this:
"Vishwasrao Peshwa was set to marry Radhikabai Gupte, the daughter of Sakharam Hari Gupte. Sakharam Gupte's wife was Parvatibai Peshwa's sister. Radhikabai and Vishwasrao spent time together at Satara, Pune, and Nashik after they were bethrothed.
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16 May 20
Chimaji Appa and the Battle of Vasai Fort against Portuguese

After the discovery of India by the Portuguese Explorer Vasco da gama in 1498, Portuguese started to arrive in India with the intent of Conquering and Ruiling India in 16th Century.
They arrived on the Western Coastline of India and started to capture neighboring areas. They consolidated their power in the Konkan and established a strong foothold in Goa. Bassein (Vasai) is situated at 70 km North of Mumbai on the Arabian Sea.
In year 1414, a person named Bhandari Bhengale had built the fort of Vasai as a small structure. King of Gujrat Sultanate won the fort in 15th century and held it till 1534. During the period of 1528-1534, Portuguese captured& burnt the city of Bassein& destroyed the fort.
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14 May 20
संभाजी महाराजांना सोडवण्यासाठी आप्पाशात्री दीक्षित नावाच्या व्यक्तीने प्रयत्न केले.
संभाजी महाराजांना वाचवण्याच्या प्रयत्नाच्या बदल्यात राजाराम महाराज ह्यांच्या काळात इनाम मिळालेली मौजे कणदूर येथील जमीन आता काही वर्षांपूर्वी कुळकायदा मुळे खालसा झाली.
संभाजी महाराजांच्या सुटकेसाठी कृष्णभट्ट उर्फ आप्पाशास्त्री दीक्षित ह्यांचे बलिदान*

महाशिवरात्री अवघ्या चार - पाच दिवसांवर आली होती. गावो गावच्या शिवालयात त्याची तयारी ही सुरू होती. परंतू बत्तीस शिराळा त्यास अपवाद होते. कारण गुण्या गोविंदाने नांदणाऱ्या गावात एखादा माजलेला
...वळू शिरावा तशी एक मोगली तुकडी बत्तीस शिराळ्यात घुसली होती. कोणास ही मागमूस लागू न देता मोगलांनी शिराळ्याच्या कोटा जवळ पूर्ण छावणी न करताच मुक्काम टाकला होता.

तेथील ठाण्यात मराठा शिबंदी ही कायम असे, परंतू जेमतेमच.आजचा दिवस ही ह्या शिबंदीच्या संख्येस अपवाद न्हवता.
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30 Apr 20
Today is the 150th Birth Anniversary of Dhundiraj Govind Phalke, popularly known as #DadasahebPhalke who is known as the Father of Indian Cinema. He produced the first Indian Movie in the year 1913 titled 'Raja Harishchandra' which was India's first full length feature film.
He made 95 feature-length films and 27 short films in his career, spanning 19 years, until 1937, including his most noted works: Mohini Bhasmasur, Satyavan Savitri, Lanka Dahan, Shri Krishna Janma and Kaliya Mardan.
Link of First Indian Movie 👇
He was born in Nashik in a Chittapavan Brahmin Family. Later on, when his father joined as Professor in Wilson College at Mumbai, Phalke family came to Mumbai. Dadasaheb Completed 1 year Drawing Course from J.J. School of Arts. Then, he went o Baroda to learn Oil Painting &..
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