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6 Aug
.@LindseyGrahamSC, .@DevinNunes please compare FBI Lawyer Trisha Anderson’s testimony to the House on the Carter Page FISA process to the testimony Sally Yates gave yesterday before the Senate. You may have a criminal referral for Perjury to send out.
Ms. Anderson: “There were individuals, all the way up to the Deputy Director and the Deputy Attorney General on the DOJ side, who had essentially given their approval to the FISA before it got to that step in the process. That part of it was unusual, and so I didn’t...
consider my review at that point in the process to be substantive in nature.”

Compared to Yates testimony yesterday in which she states that she only approved after the information came up through the FBI.
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3 Aug
“Based on the Department’s findings, of the hundreds of pages of facts contained in the 29 applications audited by the OIG, the Department has identified only one material misstatement and one material omission, neither of which we assess to have invalidated the authorizations.”
So, only one small mistatement and one omission found in 29 Applications, neither of which undermined probable cause compared to the Carter Page application that had over 50 errors and omissions, 17 significant errors/omissions that DID undermine and invalidate the application.
This is 100% irrefutable proof that the errors and omissions in the Carter Page applications were not routine at all like the lawfare crowd and other collusion truthers claimed. It’s 100% proof that the process went off the rails ONLY when spying on the Trump Campaign.
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28 Jul
Bill Priestap, Former FBI Assistant Director for CI, told the senate that he wanted to include the Dossier in the ICA, “even though the FBI didn’t stand behind it” because Obama wanted all information relevant to Russian interference in the ICA.…
So why did the FBI want the dossier in the ICA so badly even if it was unvetted while Brennan was against the idea of including it? Did the FBI just want to follow Obama’s orders or they realized they messed up and didn’t want to take the entire fall for spying on the Trump Camp?
Page Dec 2016: “I’m just saying the C (classified) portion is absolutely different from the bulk of the stuff in the community. And the community and especially the WH will jump all over it since it’s what they WANT to say and they can attribute it to us, not themselves” ....
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4 Jun
@shipwreckedcrew His entire article is full of hyperbole until he gets to the wire comment stuff. Hirono did not let RR explain the full story which is: On 05/16/17 McCabe finally told Rosenstein that he opened an investigation on POTUS...
@shipwreckedcrew Rosenstein responded sarcastically “oh sure I’ll wear a wire” because he thought McCabe couldn’t be serious. After realizing what McCabe had done, Rosenstein knew McCabe couldn’t be entrusted with continung to lead the investigation so he appointed Mueller...
@shipwreckedcrew As Rosenstein confirmed yesterday he appointed Muelker because:
1. There were no senate confirmed US Attorneys
2. He believed McCabe couldn’t lead the investigation.

McCabe and Comey claimed it was because of the memos which is false.
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2 Jun
Is there anyone left in the nation that is still stupid enough to buy this Fake News Grift? Seriously slap yourself if you think this is a real official after the NYT’s “Anonymous” that still mysteriously hasn’t come forward. This is insulting to everyone’s intelligence @axios.
The lies the media tells that are so obviously fake are even more infuriating than their regular hysterical criticism of Trump. These are the stories where the media shows what they think of us. They think we all have the memory of a peanut. It’s fucking insulting.
The clear reality of this story? Axios didn’t have the guts to criticize Trump outright so attributed their own criticisms to some “Senior official” that they so obviously made up. Frauds and cowards.
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19 May
@sethjlevy What about in September 2016 when Page texted Stzork “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing.”

Did Obama tell Comey to do everything by the book in September of 2016 or was he only telling Comey to do everything by the book after Trump won and this fraud would be discovered?
@sethjlevy Obama was briefed on the FBI’s investigation of the Trump Campaign long before January 5th, 2017. Many people are acting as if January 2017 was the first time. What did Obama and Biden know about @GeorgePapa19 and @carterwpage in 2016?
@sethjlevy @GeorgePapa19 @carterwpage If @NatSecLisa’s texts to Stzork in September of 2016 were accurate and Obama was told about everything they were doing, then Obama knew about quite a bit about the illegal surveillance of the Trump Campaign.
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13 May
It’s not routine for political figures such as Joe Biden to unmask names of an incoming NSA Advisor who was just being surveilled due to false allegations from an FBI Informant. I highly doubt that’s acceptable. I also highly doubt the DOJ or the FBI thinks it’s acceptable either
No one’s asking why was Flynn being surveilled in the first place in the summer of 2016? Why didn’t the FBI give a 33 year General and head of the DIA who fought against Russia his entire life a defensive briefing during the campaign?
The only information the FBI had that suggested Flynn had done anything nefarious with Russia came from false allegations from an FBI Informant, that accused Flynn of having an affair with a British Citizen that had no connection to the Russian government.
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12 May
Apparently it’s up to @RichardGrenell to release information on the unmasking of Flynn’s name on the phone call with Kislyak.
As we now know there was no basis to even surveil Flynn. No reason to unmask. The case was closed and the only “evidence” gathered on Flynn up to that point, turned out to be lies by FBI informants. We know the agents and 7th Floor knew that at the time Flynn was interviewed.
The only thing that is still a question is what did the Obama White House know and when did they know it?

Judging from Stzork’s texts and Sally Yates testimony to Mueller, it’s clear the Obama WH knew a lot more than they’ve said publicly.
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8 May
Andrew McCabe admmited under oath in Dec 2017 he had seen no evidence anyone on the campaign had colluded with Russia.

However on May 16th, 2017 he told DAG Rosenstein that the POTUS was possibly a Russian asset and needed to be made an official target of the investigation.
McCabe admitted he knew there was no evidence anyone had colluded with Russia, yet he made an extraordinary leap and tried to make the President a target of what we no know was an illegitimate investigation. May 16th, 2017 proves the coup attempt.
If the DOJ just concluded that McCabe’s handpicked FBI team didn’t even have a legitimate basis to be questioning Flynn in January 2017, what do you think they are going to end up concluding about McCabe trying to make the POTUS a target of the investigation in May 2017?
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6 May
Alternate Headline: Rosenstein Scope Memo instructed Mueller to investigate allegations that Comey’s FBI swore under oath were correct and eventually proved they were false, leading to Durham criminal investigation of Comey’s FBI.
I’ve been telling everyone for years that the scope memo instructed Mueller to investigate allegations that were made by the previous FBI from the Dossier. No one cared until now. No one still wants to figure out why Mueller was appointed to take the investigation from McCabe.
Everyone is still stuck in their narrative, still failing to realize that WHY Mueller was appointed and the end result is the most important part. Rosenstein proved McCabe’s FBI was absolutely full of it. Proved McCabe falsely accused the President and tried to sabatoge him.
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25 Apr
The Comey FBI went after Gen Flynn because he was their false justification for not giving the Trump Campaign a defensive briefing and instead surveilling the Trump campaign during that briefing. We should never treat another veteran like this again. Enough is enough.
One could argue that the only purpose of justice this case is serving is a precedent for guilty pleas which then raises the question what are guilty pleas worth if it’s worth aggressively pursuing a 33 year General based on no underlying evidence? IDK the answer to that...
That said the original prosecutors in this case got way ahead of themselves, which is slightly understandable due to the nature of SC and the pressure they were under. I guess what I’m saying is IDK the answer in Gen Flynn’s case but it’s damn sure not what’s been happening now..
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15 Apr
@themarketswork @RepGosar Probably not. Especially if Durham is planning on going to trial.
@themarketswork @RepGosar "defraud part of section 371 criminalizes any willful impairment of a legitimate function of government, whether or not the improper acts or objective are criminal under another statute.”

Multiple investigations were impaired, including the SC, by those who withheld evidence.
@themarketswork @RepGosar Intent:”make false statements or representations to the gov or its agencies in order to obtain property of the gov, or that the defendant performed acts or made statements that he/she knew to be false, fraudulent or deceitful to a gov agency, which disrupted the functions..
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12 Apr
All it would take to get this app completely off course and cause disinformation would be a group (any group, Foreign, Political etc) to report false information. Your suggestion, while well meaning is only a reliable solution in a utopia.
The best solution to get everyone back to work is to rely on the policies of industries deemed essential that have successfully been working this entire time. Wellness checks and temp readings before every shift are good options that are already in place for essential industries.
For the life of me I can’t figure out why so many are racking their brains, trying to come up with policies to get back to work instead of just looking towards businesses that have continued to work through this successfully. Their policies are already proven.
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15 Mar
The DOJ position is that it’s not relevant whether Flynn colluded with Russia because everyone is subject to prosecution for false statements to the FBI at any interview regardless of what it’s about. Technically they are correct, but it would be hard to get a conviction by jury.
That’s why I think if Flynn is able to withdraw his plea, the DOJ will drop the charges against him. IMO he has a real shot at that by claiming ineffective counsel.
POTUS should just let it play out now that it’s gotten this far and if Sullivan doesn’t allow Flynn to withdraw plea, he should pardon.
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6 Mar
Rosenstein who appointed Mueller, oversaw the entire SC investigation and an entire team of DOJ officials had the same conclusions Barr did. Is Judge Walton going to accuse them of deliberately misleading as well?
Judge Walton is going to end up looking just as idiotic as Democrats did when Barr testified the first time and like Dems, he will have only brought the DOJ response that debunks his baseless theory on himself.
Oh and let’s not forget Democrats baseless conspiracy theory about collusion was already called “completely divorced from the facts” by a federal judge and the DNC’s lawsuit was thrown out.…
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5 Mar
@shipwreckedcrew Sessions did speak with Rosenstein prior to the transition in which Rosenstein shared his opinions on the DOJ, including his opinion that the FBI needed to be reformed and that it needed new leadership....
@shipwreckedcrew Rosenstein testified under oath: ““In one of my first meetings with then-Sen. Jeff Sessions last winter, we discussed the need for new leadership at the FBI. Among the concerns that I recall were to restore the credibility of the FBI, respect the established authority of the...
@shipwreckedcrew Department of Justice, limit public statements and eliminate leaks.”

Pretty sure that’s why Jeff Sessions choose him to be DAG at a critical time for the Department.
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27 Feb
Wow imagine that the NYT’s fake story about the IC briefing to Congress turned out exactly how I called it when it came out. So predictable.
It was obvious from the beginning that it wasn’t Trump’s IC officials stating that “Russia was interfering for Trump” it was Democrats in Congress purposefully misrepresenting what the IC officials said and then leaking that to the NYT.
The IC officials did nothing wrong and got the original blame from both sides because of disgusting Dems misrepresenting the briefing and then leaking it to the NYT. Talk about undermining the IC they virtue signal about.
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27 Feb
@JohnWHuber @AndrewCMcCarthy Now ask yourself why the decision to appoint a SC was rushed without a Scope? According to previously reported DOJ sources to @edhenry it was because Rosentein believed he had to appoint someone else other then McCabe to continue the investigation because McCabe was conflicted.
@JohnWHuber @AndrewCMcCarthy @edhenry According to Henry, after the May 16th meeting with McCabe in which McCabe tried to make the POTUS an official target of the CounterIntel Investigation, Rosenstein sarcastically responded “oh sure Andy, I’ll just wear a wire” and then thought McCabe had to be removed.
@JohnWHuber @AndrewCMcCarthy @edhenry This account of the events was further confirmed by a DOJ press release in late 2018 that was even approved by then Acting AG Matt Whitaker according to released FOIA communications by Judicial Watch. Image
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21 Feb
I have an idea, instead of relying on “5 people familiar with the Matter” let’s ask Barr, Wray and McGuire directly about election interference.... (See next tweet)
What’s that you say? They wrote an entire article today about this election interference in the 2020 Election and it says NOTHING, about Russia helping Trump. The NYT Article is horse manure.… via @usatoday
Very strange how Barr, Wray and McGuire wrote a non-political article today about election interference and not only did the NYT not mention it at all, they made up a story citing 5 anonymous people instead of the top officials that wrote an article today on this issue.
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17 Feb
@emptywheel Let’s debunk this real quick,

IG Horowitz: ““There is such a range of conduct here that is inexplicable,” he said, “and the answers we got were not satisfactory, that we’re left trying to understand how could all these errors have occurred over a nine-month period or so...
@emptywheel among three teams—hand-picked—the highest-profile case in the FBI, going to the very top of the organization, involving a presidential campaign.”

Horowitz said the answers he got from leadership were unsatisfactory and inexplicable, not just one lawyer.
@emptywheel Secondly IG Horowitz also said: “I would not have submitted the [FISA] they put in. No doubt about it. It had no business going in.”

IG said he would have not put any of the FISA’s in and they had no basis going in.
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3 Feb
McCabe notes in the new FOIA release that directly conflict with Rosenstein’s account of the meetings. Such as the “wire” comment and the fact that Rosenstien said he never asked for Comey to be involved in appt of a SC.
There is also this intresting note that McCabe said Rosenstein asked him to recuse from the Russia investigation and at one point Rosenstein said McCabe was “radioactive.”
There is no question that it is far past due that both men testify before the Senate. Only one man is telling the truth and if past behavior tells us anything it’s not Mr. McCabe. @LindseyGrahamSC said they would testify, let’s hold him to that.
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