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16 Aug
Folks, over the course of a few periscopes I'm gonna be talking one on one about fitness w/ the awesome @LoKeys910 @davereaboi @AJA_Cortes
These guys are amazing, generous with sharing their expertise

I'm 54, the little things become big problems, see below and read the replies
Heres the improvement after a few crazy weeks of neck pulls Image
This was a little over a year ago, i record these things, thankfully, today i realized how far backwards i've gone in the quality of my breathing
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15 Aug
🔥Quick thread. Holy Moly, this is the US Post Office quarterly report.
Yup, they file cos they have public debt issuance.… Image
Fiscal year 2019, U.S.P.S had a negative net worth of $71.5b & unfunded liabilities +$160b.
This is a taxpayer burden for something that was designed to be self sufficient.

You're reading this right folks, its in billions Image
"dear mom and dad, having a fun time at college and learning a lot. Please send money" Image
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12 Aug
July 20: NY State Dept of Health investigating nursing home deaths, one of the findings is...
"Nursing home quality was not a factor in nursing home fatalities"…
June 30: Newly signed NY State budget becomes effective, which included a little-noticed passage shielding corporate officials who run New York hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities from liability for Covid-related deaths and injuries.…
NY State dept of Health investigation: "Most patients admitted to nursing homes from hospitals were no longer contagious when admitted and therefore were not a source of infection;

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10 Aug
The first month+ of China/CCP and WHO's lies, obfuscations, owing confusion and ambiguities has been wiped out of almost all the timelines. Everytime begins with mid January, then "trump messed up, lied, etc"
I can debunk all these, but now is not the time…
Look at this timeline, nothing about chinas violations of Article 5 in the IHR, nor WHO's violations of IHR (international health regulations) articles 9, 10, 11
The IHR was created after CCP LIED about SARS outbreak...…
LOOK...this timeline begins JANUARY 21!…
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4 Aug
🔥Preview of sales only podcast i'll be doing w/ @jposhaughnessy
Moments that improved "me"

1. Asking a client who regularly referred me biz "why" He was an accountant, said he measures time in 15min blocks, knew i would "get it done"

Different professions respond differently
2. I once overheard at a small party, a client/top decision maker, explaining to their peer from another company what my company "does". The way they communicated it was simpler, quicker, more elegant and i saw the trust between them
3. Turning process into an assembly line, and stations that have to be accomplished.
Optimizes time, improves communication and expectations on both sides of a sale. And if they fail on their side (slow response, etc), you can alert them to it and you can also observe if you fail
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3 Aug
🔥 Quick thread: In 2019 the pharma industry announced they will be spending $10 billion on ads in the US alone (and another $5 billion for patients groups and doctor advocacy)

Will media bite that hand?

Russia only spent $10,000 and look what happened…
Amazon, Facebook and Google spent a record amount in 2019, on track to spend even more in 2020. What are they lobbying for?…
"Amazon Is Flooding D.C. With Money and Muscle: The Influence Game"…
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29 Jul
New York City could not have done a better job of accelerating the spread of Covid-19 if it tried.
January 28: Coronavirus No Match For NYC, Health Commissioner Says
Dr. Oxiris Barbot hopes the city's first coronavirus case will appear "sooner rather than later" so New Yorkers can see how ready we are…
February 2: NYC Health Commissioner Oxiris Barbot -

“As we gear up to celebrate the #LunarNewYear in NYC, I want to assure New Yorkers that there is no reason for anyone to change their holiday plans, avoid the subway, or certain parts of the city because of #coronavirus,”
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26 Jul
🚨January 31: Trump signs Presidential Proclamation 9984 responding to coronavirus

This from med journal Stat: "...Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich), a prominent conspiracy theorist and early Trump supporter, had agitated on Twitter for a Chinese travel ban..."
"argumentum ad Cernovich"

'You have only to associate an idea, however loosely, with Mike Cernovich for that idea to be discredited.

Anything that could be remotely imputed to him renders it completely unworthy of further mental consideration'

oh, and Biden said this
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15 Jul
🔥 Quick thread about a widely media'd but little read "study", the one referenced here...…
Economist magazine is distinguished, they talk about that same study. Did their readers actually study the study, nah…
First, before we dive, we have some issues:

In NYC contact tracers could ask if people participated in the protests. We're dealing with incrediblky incomplete information to inform a "study"…
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14 Jun
🤣 This is from the official CHAZ reddit. I'm not shizzing you, this is real:

"Introducing: Conflict Resolution Advisory Council
We will form a unique system called the Conflict Resolution Advisory Council....…
(cont) We hold a community democratic vote to appoint three people to the Council. To eliminate prejudice, we elect 1 Black man, 1 Black woman, and 1 white woman. Each person should undergo at least one 45 minute sensitivity & political training session which we can help organize
(cont) Whenever there is an internal conflict in the Zone, it will be put to the Council. Both people will have an opportunity to present their side of the story to the Council to review.
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9 Jun
🔥 “In the future, everyone will be a world-famous virologist for 15 minutes” – Andy Warhol

NonExperts, Mismatched Experts and some are fine people
Scientist: uses the professional language of the sciences unambiguously and free of connotation. They use abbreviated symbols, proper names, and Greek or Latin words, which prejudice the concept as little as possible and allow it to stand only for its freely defined content.
Specialist: works within a narrow & restricted field sphere & also uses the linguistic precision of the scientist

Expert: Someone familiar w/scientific & technical matters who wanders between specialized fields & society at large = point at which knowledge is put into practice
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9 Jun
🔥 1/8 I'm ur fan, u know that, i bought ur book

Boeing = collapsing as a biz? Exact opposite. Look at booked orders

Its hub of complex, big team, expensive, high yield innovation.
Youre reacting to negative press by $BA competition so as to win orders Boeing has in pipe
2/8 I went thru the buzz of "it's going out of biz" against McDonnell Douglas in 90's
Plane crashes are unfortunate = human, mechanical, software

Buybacks are not bad, execs captured some fracton of the benefit, meh. Rich gonna rich

Innovation is $$$ you need stock in treasury
3/8 US lost a small chunk of Space Force, horrible loss.
and threatens our own defense industry by demanding Green New Deal defense, it's cra cra and we'd be the laughingstock of world.

US demanded contracts that ended ability to manage production whilst staying in business
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19 May
Quick thread of some great explain'rs and research on Space Force, lets start here...…
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15 May
🔥 Quick Thread about Gwadar Port in Pakistan. This is important, you'll know something you're friends don't. Read on

1958: Pakistan buys Gwadar port from the Sultanate of Oman. It cost $3m

2020: Gwadar port is priceless for China and on sale by Pakistan
Gwadar port is owned by the Pakistan government’s Gwadar Port Authority (GPA) and operated by state-run Chinese firm China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC), which has a 45 year lease.
Gwadar port:
45 miles away from the Iran border and the Gulf of Oman, at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and close to the Strait of Hormuz, the only sea passage from the Persian Gulf to the open ocean, through which +/-40% of the world’s oil passes
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13 May
Predicting the Winner of Survivor, Winners at war:

I’m a survivor ‘almost’ superfan.
I can’t name every cast member in every episode, the challenges they faced and I don’t study the puzzles in case I ever make it on. Other than that, I’m as much a Survivor fanatic as they come.
Wednesday is a standing dinner date with my sister, she’s a great host and makes me lots of popcorn, a big treat for me that I otherwise wouldn’t eat.

I’ve also watched all the Australian Survivor seasons, New Zealand and 2 seasons of South Africa.
Getting 20 winners together in competition was going to present new production challenges. They all want glossy confessionals, personal moments, more food and no-one wants to go home, ever
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12 May
Folks, remember when i said this. That idiotic 'color brave" sanctimonious nonsense that Starbucks was doing...
November, 6 months later:…
"Starbucks laid off about 350 corporate employees Tuesday, an expected wave of job cuts associated with a reorganization announced earlier this fall.

The company, under pressure to accelerate sales growth and in the midst of a multiyear changeover of its top leadership...
, spent the fall engaging in a function-by-function review of its corporate teams, beginning with senior vice president and vice president levels.... Most of the job cuts were expected to hit employees... Sodo headquarters, where about 5,000 people work.
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12 May
@louis_oneilll @DavidGenat Hmm, U.S has gone (deteriorated?) from being character driven to event driven in which the castaway is a supporting role. Story arc is built for them, castaways have to fulfil their archetypal roles

Physical is no longer a large part of US...
@louis_oneilll @DavidGenat Not having the outstanding physical challenges changes game play premerge significantly, don't need the ozzies/Malcolms, etc to win team challenges, easier to vote out the big physical threats
@louis_oneilll @DavidGenat Social in Aus Survivor (and New Zealand) is remarkable, perhaps because its a smaller country and they are more aware of how they present themselves.
Even the villains such as Harry (and from New Zealand, Adam) are rascally but not socially offensive.

Aus had gruelling challeges
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12 May
1/ Quick thread, yes. In 2019 Pakistan got +/-$2b in Chinese loans as a bridge while Pakistan was negotiating a +$7 billion loan from the IMF to settle Pakistan’s then urgent finance crisis. There is no transparency to the terms.
Pakistan has felt the tide turn as China further retreats from CPEC. In 2019, at the international “Financial Action Taskforce” meeting in February, China supported grey-listing Pakistan for failing to do enough to curb anti-terror financing.
“I think we should put everything on hold for a year, so we can get our act together” “Perhaps we can stretch CPEC out over another five years or so.” Abdul Razak Dawood, minister for commerce, industry and investment, 2018
In 2019 July
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8 May
Hope and Change, 1993
Hope and Change 2002
Hope and Change 2008
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7 May
My (secret) Covid-19 log begins...

Chapter 1. Prologue

Today is not one day more than yesterday, it is a new creation. If you fall asleep on a couch, as I expect to do this evening, I will most likely find myself on this same couch when I wake up.
I ass-u-me that because our creases match that there has been some distance in time the couch and I have traveled together like John Glenn in his spaceship.

I arise in the same room, the same cats staking the same chairs. The same ink stain is on the orange felt tablecloth...
and I am still upset with the pen that did this to it, and the tablecloth that let this happen.

Everything is just as I remembered it, my wallet is on the lamp table, I fit into my 7 day-a-week jeans just as I should and my 7 day-a-week sneakers take me in just...
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22 Apr
August, 2019
resistance porn…
more progressive pornography, Progressives wishing recessions...cos nothing is better for minorities then unemployment…
Chuck Schumer "“The electorate is moving in a more Democratic direction. When middle class incomes decline, people tend to move in a more progressive direction.”

Shutting down a country for 45,000 lives does that
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