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15 Sep
I went food shopping tonight, and as I entered the supermarket and I put on my mask I felt this cold wet thing touch my hand. It was a dog, attached to a leash held by a woman who was asking people to help her shop. She is blind, and 75 years old
I really wanted to say no. In my mind I said no, but I helped her. In fact her dog nuzzled my hand and decided to sit down next to me as a way to ask my help for her owner.

I told her I would be glad to help her, as long as she let me hug her dog. So, we struck a deal
She had a pretty large list of items. And some of what she wanted was really specific. So, I let her know the price and the ingredients and the brand and the expiration dates.

If I would have said no to helping her my daughter would be really upset
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