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8 Apr 20
I'm bored and everybody's talking about the many sins of T-Series. So I'm just gonna do a thread of quotes from the TWO FULL PAGES that T-Series was honored with in a 2011 book called MEDIA PIRACY IN EMERGING ECONOMIES.
"T-Series was a profoundly disruptive force in
the Indian music market, in large part because
it was a tremendously successful pirate."
"The company built its catalog through a variety of
quasi-legal and illegal practices, notably by abusing a provision in the fair-use clause of the Indian Copyright Act, which allowed for version recording. On this basis, it released thousands of cover versions of classics"
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14 Oct 18
<We're at the Daryaganj book market today. Picked up the Spark for Rs 60>
<A long biographical essay about Toni Morrison, with lots of photographs and coffee-table-styled production. Rs 50>
<And a memoir by Rumer Godden. Rs 60>
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5 Oct 18
<A tweet of appreciation for Kelly Link @haszombiesinit who was awarded a well-deserved MacArthur "Genius Grant" yesterday. KL's one of the finest writers of what Lovecraft called 'weird fiction', an extremely rock-and-roll blend of F, SF and Horror. The key is TRANSGRESSION>
<Just like Carmen Maria Machado employs --- and frequently upends ---- the genre conventions of Horror to make larger socio-political points, Kelly Link roots her horrors in the seemingly mundane. Until the point you realise that the mundane is horrific all by itself>
<Recommended: her collection MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS. The story STONE RABBITS still gives me goosebumps. So naturally, after I read about her MacArthur last night, I had to re-read on the cab ride to office today. And now I have demonic bunnies in my head. Thanks for nothing, Kelly>
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23 Sep 18
<Alright, shit just got real. I am at the '1st Conference on National Commission For Men', at the Constitution Club. Lots of beady-eyed volunteers in bright yellow tees, committed to fighting for 'Real Gender Justice> #MRA #MenInYellow
<The logo/insignia for the afternoon is ---- a balanced scale. Just that. A 90s MS Paint-job. Against a block backdrop.... of solid yellow> #MRA #MenInYellow
<Because this is the Constitution Club, we are running 10 mins late already, waiting for Our Esteemed Guest. Meanwhile, volunteers are buzzing around the place. Pamphlets and fevered pitches. And yellowness. Rather like a dysfunctional honeycomb at the moment> #MRA #MenInYellow
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