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3 Oct 19
A thought about Jesus' forgiveness.
What if Jesus was trying to demonstrate what to do when forgiveness is simply too hard? Father forgive them, because I can’t. Father forgive them, because I might just cuss.
Father forgive them, because I might lose my mind up in here. Father forgive them, because I might call somebody and roll up on some folks. Father forgive them because this is some mess I can’t understand. Father forgive them, because I don’t know where to turn.
Father forgive them because something may come out of me that I don’t want anyone to see. Father forgive them, because sometimes they know exactly what they are doing!
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4 Jul 18
Things I am thinking about today:
1. Why would anyone want to be a conservative?
2. Why are poor people conservative?
3. What has conservatism done (in a good way) for this country?
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23 Jun 18
For the past 10 years, conservatives have consistently told us what they would do if they were elected. They did not try to hide what they would do. And for this, WE constantly rewarded them with elected office. The question is will WE rewarded again in November?
I remember when elected officials LOST their congressional seats because they tried to PROVIDE people with health care. Conservatives ran on destroying health care and WON!
When people try to do what the majority of the country SAY they want, they seem to lose. When folks promote immoral policies and "sound tough" WE seem to elect them.
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25 Mar 18
Okay, let me save some of you the trouble: no, for white evangelicals, the #StormyDaniels interview will change nothing for them. So please, don't be surprised. #EmptyThePews #WhiteChurchQuiet
Instead be on the lookout for evangelical leaders to double down on their support for Trump. They will question the morals of #StormyDaniels while painting Trump as the victim.
Listen, white evangelicals are not the exemplars of moral virtue. Stop looking to them for examples of what's moral and decent.
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10 Mar 18
Okay, I feel like another twitter thread. So here goes. I am still thinking about the article in the @nytimes on Black people leaving white churches as I prepare for a keynote address at the conference on Communication ethics.…
While the story centers on Black people trying to find a home in largely white congregations and eventually leaving, @JLWeisenfeld noted that this is also a story about racial reconciliation.
Anybody who has read any of my work or followed me on Twitter know that I am HIGHLY skeptical of the term "racial reconciliation." here me though; I have no problem with reconciliation. I do believe people can be reconciled.
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9 Mar 18
There is much buzz going on on social media about this story published by @nytimes:…. The better title may have been "Black Folks get Woke on #WhiteEvangelical churches and Leave.
So I will take time out of my writing schedule for today to comment on this story. First, much love to the people who shared their stories. In talking with people who found themselves in similar situations, I know it wasn't easy.
But let's be clear: #WhiteEvangelicalism is probably the number one reason people are leaving the church. It's so toxic that even Black people are not immune! It's soul crushing and damaging so much so that you don't want to attend any church.
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24 Jan 18
Okay, I am back to this wonderful thread on forgiveness. First, @Pastor_Earle and I have a soon to be published chapter on the subject in an upcoming book on the #CharlestonMassacre.
Basically, in the chapter, we titled, “But, I Forgive You?”: Mother Emanuel, Black Pain and the Rhetoric of Forgiveness," we examine the rhetoric of forgiveness and how forgiveness, as a trope, performs in public when expressed through black pain.
We maintained that the wider public not only expects a rhetoric of forgiveness when racial ghosts of the past (and present) manifest in ways that cause black pain but families must offer the forgiveness in non-threatening and expeditiously ways that eases public consciences.
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