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»Il n'y a qu'une tristesse, c'est de n'être pas des saints«
25 Oct
A brief thread on the symbolism of foreskins / circumcisions [1/10]
first, let us note that the act of circumcision corresponds to an 'unveiling', a penetration to the 'inner core' (like the Holy of Holies in the temple) which is likewise a shedding of the 'garments of skin' (like Moses putting of his shoes before ascending the Holy Mountain).
This shedding of the garments (which were put onto Adam after the fall; Gen.3:21) thus represents a recovery of the primordial state (which is precisely what is effected in baptism, hence the Apostle speaks of a 'spiritual circumcision' as 'putting off of sinful nature; Col.2:11)
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16 Oct
this image is so fascinating to me tbh, it's primordial, jungian, realer than real etc. it's an avataric manifestation of the contemporary psyche a true 'satanic' (inverted) icon; some brief thoughts (1/7)
its essentially depicting the violent subduement of the male by the female principle; now, traditional order rests on the female submitting to the male and the male to God (cf. Eph. V), this however is not conceived as a 'struggle' but an 'erotic hierarchy' (like Christ - Church)
The reversal of this hierachy is exactly the Fall; as such some of the Fathers interpret Adam as nous and Eve as psyche; micro-macrocosmic order & harmony being only archieved when nous is subjected to God and psyche to nous so that the divine light can illumine all parts equally
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