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24 Sep 18
#AiristonHelmi raids aftermath thread below:
1 Russian citizen detained. 1 person with unknown nationality detained.

17 properties were searched.

Possible imprisonments will be decided by Tuesday. uusisuomi.fi/kotimaa/259534…
Weapons found during raids. Deemed as collectibles, no charges coming on that. is.fi/kotimaa/art-20…
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22 Sep 18
No-Fly Zone declared to Finnish archipelago area.

National Bureau of Investigation jointly with other authorities conducting multiple searches of unnamed company's properties over financial crimes. map image: hs.fi (outzoomed)
Locals and boaters reporting non-stop presence of Finnish Border Guard's helicopters and planes. hs.fi/kotimaa/art-20…
100 police and other authorities participating to raids targeting company premises. Searches expected to take whole weekend. Authorities prepared to stop boats and vessels in the area. yle.fi/uutiset/3-1041…
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12 Aug 18
Many Finnish gov sites and e services are currently down. Including many ministries, police and customs.

Reason currently unknown, all possibilities from tech breakdown to hacking remain open.

Valtori (ICT services for the central government) CEO Lehmus says it's distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. Started approx 16.30 local time targeting Valtori. Says that currently it's beaten, services are being restored.

Next ~48hrs will be "interesting" ... was it one-off or are next waves coming.

Tomorrow is a regular workday, subsequent attacks would start causing actual disruptions to everyday life.
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10 Jul 18
Russian Western Military District special forces paradropped to an unprepared spot in isle of Gogland (Suursaari), Gulf of Finland. After touchdown, hid parachutes and proceeded to destroy targets before heli extracted from ad hoc site. >
> Jump executed from Mi-8AMTSH, height 2,5km and 3km away. All special forces operators who participated have done at least 100 jumps.
Make no mistake, making this very public is a sure message.
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