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11 Oct
People denying the fact this is the best time to be alive in recorded human history spent the past 6 months in heated apartments playing Animal Crossing and crying over politics on twitter

My granddad was taken from his school and put in a Russian concentration camp

Bless them
99.99999% of your ancestors has to shit in a hole in the ground and wipe their asses with leaves

But keep broadcasting to the world on your pocket sized supercomputer about how awful the world is and how much your life sucks

99.999999% of your ancestors died in squalor after a few hard decades at the very fucking best

You have a fucking heated waterfall in your house

Shut the fuck up
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21 Jul 19
Get In The Zone, Refuse To Leave:
A practical guide to Extreme Hyperproductivity x Zone Inhabitation
I’ve been engaged in an experiment in Extreme Hyperproductivity and Zone Inhabitation for a while now. Part 1 ran from Feb 2018 to December 2018, and a refined Part 2 started on January 1st 2019 and is ongoing.
I detailed some of the ideas behind it here
Here’s a graph showing how my experiment in Extreme Hyperproductivity and Zone Inhabitation has affected my Spotify streams
Stage 1: Feb - Dec, Stage 2: Jan - now
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20 Jul 19
I’ve been engaged in an experiment in extreme hyperoroductivity all year

The idea, simply, was to get in the zone

Then refuse to leave
Practically, Get In The Zone, Refuse To Leave, means entering a state of flow, then maintaining activities that keep that state going

In my case making music almost every day at a very high level, very fast and barely consciously, not pausing to question my decisions
In my mind I liken creating, while in this zone state, to when you get the boost in a racing game and you can pretty much blast through the course at insane speed, so long as you don’t think too hard
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