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21 Dec 20
#akleg This is a great rundown by @AK_OK on the fiscal challenges our state is facing. Important for Alaskans to read, absorb and understand these choices we're making:…
Alaska needs to reinstate the income tax we never should have repealed.
Here's my now moldy op-ed from 2016 on this...…
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11 Jul 19
#akleg A little thread on Wasilla. I was wondering to myself how Wasilla became such a stronghold for anti-government sentiment so I read up a bit on the history. 1/x
It's always seemed incongruent that such an anti-government crowd wants so badly to become the capital of Alaska. The home of Palin and Dunleavy and the site of this splinter session of the Alaska legislature trying to decimate the government. What's underneath all that?
Before colonization the land was inhabited by the Dena'ina people and the city of Wasilla was named after a respected Dena'ina Athabascan leader. The photo is from the City of Wasilla website and the text is from "Native American Placenames of the United States."
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