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25 Sep
I don't think people understand that a coup won't be Donald Trump going, "I won't leave and you can't make me." It would be him declaring victory, proceeding to act as though he won, creating a difference of political opinion about who is president as of January 20th.
I think if he does, then long before the electoral college convenes and officially designates a winner, we'll see contested declarations on both sides, where Democrats will be under pressure to find an agreeable framework for settling the question, and Republicans acting freely.
Why do I think that? Because that's the way it's worked all along, every step of the way. Democrats send legislation; Republicans do nothing. "Democrats fail to reach deal again."
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24 Sep
There is actually no response I can make to a reply I find existentially frustrating other than blocking the person that will do anything other than frustrate me further and I just need to *own* that. Blocking is free and harmless.
I never feel better when I mute the person, knowing they're just going to keep doing whatever ticked me off. I never feel better when I try to tell them off or engage them. Anything other than blocking leads to dwelling on it, and not moving on.
I know I have harped upon this string before and I will again, but... the wide range of "friendly, well-meaning" comments that people think need to be phrased as a contradiction or correction blows my mind.

I got two different "Surely you mean..."s today.
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24 Sep
So, after considering many fairly intricate ways of handling degrees of complication in success for Dragons, and So On..., I have come up with what I think is the final (final final FINAL) revision, and it highlights player agency.
If you roll a check and don't like the result, you can choose to roll again and use the better result (similar statistically to the D&D and adjacent concept of advantage). This nets you a complication, a small wrinkle, that will change your situation whether you succeed or not.
If you have still failed, you can pay a cost (something bigger and longer-lasting than a complication) to add the two different die rolls together.

Or you can make a sacrifice (bigger cost) to just succeed, if the dice won't do it but you need the success.
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24 Sep
Julie and the Phantoms: A musically gifted young woman's life changes forever when she finds three dead himbos in her family's garage.
Excuse me, MAGICAL dead himbos.
The dead himbos are:

1. Nice Bad Boy
2. Gay Zach Morris
3. Christian Slater's Wholesome Little Cousin
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24 Sep
So if anybody is reassured by GOP leaders saying "the winner of November's election will be inaugurated in January," I'm going to need you to read up on the Oracle at Delphi.
There's nothing there about the process. There's nothing there about the integrity of the election. I don't think Mitch McConnell is being clever or sneakily honest but when he says the winner on November 3rd will be inaugurated, think about Trump's ranting about instant results.
Trump was never going to stage a coup premised on losing. WHOEVER is inaugurated in January 2021 WILL BE the winner in November, is the premise. The same GOP figures making these statements today will, if needs be, refer to them again in January...
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24 Sep
There's no such thing as a red state. Or a blue state; Trump's strategy (both within his campaign and by outside actors) in 2016 involved identifying and targeting key tipping point districts in "Democrat strongholds".
The targeting was as much Kushner's as Bannon's. I think I was clear enough that it wasn't Trump himself directing it.

Whether he expected to win or not, he certainly never intended to lose. I know why people like to think otherwise, but he needed to win.
Donald Trump is like 7/9ths of the way towards seizing total power in perpetuity and people are still really imagining him as a hapless boob who accidentally a whole presidency. I get why it's comforting, but it's not the comfort we need.
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24 Sep
Any time there's a false flag anarchy tag slapped up somewhere it makes me nostalgic for 90s Avengers when they all had leather jackets with the A logo on them.
I haven't read (and do not desire at this point to be told) any plot summary or details for the Eternals beyond the casting but I really hope that Black Knight/Sersi is a thing in it.

(This tweet super does not contain a question.)
Sersi was my favorite Avenger for a long time just because I really wanted to be her. Party girl socialite with unlimited wealth, close to omnipotent within a short radius around herself. Scruffy hauntéd/curséd bad boy boyfriend with a hover bike and (at that point) a lightsaber.
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23 Sep
I see a lot of people concerned that Twitter is unfollowing people for them en masse; I'm not convinced this is happening. It seems to be based on people's follower counts being down.

There are always "Oh, Twitter unfollowed you"s happening. Glitches somewhere.
*ducks* Honestly a lot of that is unnoticed user error, which is still down to Twitter's UI doing things like floating a pop-up unfollow button based on where your mouse is hovering.
But I have not noticed an uptick in chatter where Person A suddenly notices they are no longer following Person B, who they didn't ever deliberately unfollow.

Just people noticing their counts are low.
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23 Sep
Theory: Twitter did one of their periodic bot purges that got *really* out of hand.
I've watched a good four different groups thinking they were being targeted for suspension because of specific activity and a wide swath of purely random users mentioning they had to pass a bot challenge to log in today.
When Twitter does a bot purge (and please do note that the term "bot" is imprecise for what accounts are targeted and why), accounts with large followings and a high visibility/value rating tend to lose a bunch of followers all at once.
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23 Sep
Modest proposal: Replace the word "guy(s)" in everyday speech with "goofball(s)".

1. More definitively gender neutral.
2. Fun.
3. Implies, in a still mostly positive way, that nothing much is expected of anyone, but that's okay. We're all a bunch of goofballs.
Consider the applications when regarding inanimate or notional objects. "Hand me the goofball with the hex wrench on the end." or "This goofball here is causing a stack overflow."

"Oh, one of these goofballs. Yeah, I've seen this kind of goofball before. You're going to want to get some, what's that goofball called? Diatomaceous earth, and spread it around the gaps in the sill, so that when these goofballs try to get in..."
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23 Sep
Float like a butternut squash, sting like a bumblebee tuna.
Okay, but in all seriousness... in Trump's vision of the country, you have to *explain* food. It's obvious he and his audience are taking this explanation as bunk, but he is putting forth a version of the world where you have to account for food.

I don't think there has actually been a case where someone was "caught with" umpty cans, I've only seen police showing isolated pictures of allegedly thrown individual cans (mostly of beans), so as of now I think this whole scenario is one of his fantasies.
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22 Sep
Hold on, Anthony LaPaglia is Australian?
I just figured he was Canadian, like normal American actors.

Playing "where are they now" with movies in 2020 is dangerous. Debi Mazar caught covid back in March, apparently.
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22 Sep
I've talked about how naive I still was in November, 2000, when I was twenty years old and thought Al Gore looked kind of petulant and if he'd just concede we'd get another one term Bush and how bad could it be?

Let me tell you about teenage me and gay marriage.
The first time gay marriage even got on my radar as an actual possibility was the first time it got on a lot of people's radar who were of about my generation in the US: the Baehr case in the state of Hawaii.

As a deeply closeted tween/young teen, I was excited.
I imagined that we were seeing the first movement of a sweeping pendulum of history, that momentum was going to be on the side of gay rights, and that legal rights would lead to normalization and acceptance and gay relationships and people would just be relationships and people.
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22 Sep
Becoming a supervillain after the university yanked funding for my plan to wire a bunch of human brains into a massive literal neural network, because I insisted on calling it "the human sentiepede".
Their actual quibble was that this name is not all that actually descriptive of a parallel processor. I offered to revise the schematics to more of a serial arrangement but they said that if I had to force the joke it wasn't funny to begin with.
So now I have to decide if I'm going to be a robs-banks-to-fund-dubious-human-research villain, or a lethal-prankster-because-they-said-my-jokes-weren't-funny villain.

Academia is a scam. Don't fall for it.
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22 Sep
I bought one funko pop (my first) because it was a really cute rendition of one of my favorite characters and a few days later another one arrived that I not only don't remember ordering but remember explicitly deciding not to buy. Is this how it begins?
There's no mystery here, my name was on the invoice for the second one and I checked my order history. I definitely bought the second one while drunk on Friday.
It's the Outsider from Dishonored, which came up when I was looking at the Emily Kaldwin one. I passed on it because in a medium where everybody has black, empty eyes, the Outsider doesn't really look like the Outsider, he just looks like a generic sulky kid.
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22 Sep
Democrats have more legitimate ground for grievances over the nomination of Kavanaugh and even Robert Bork than the GOP does.

Bork was defeated but that the GOP ran and defended him is insulting. Kavanaugh? They pushed a drunken rapist through just to prove they could.
Those were both bad nominations, but the central tenet of the GOP post-Nixon has been that to accept limits on either corruption or depravity is to accept limits on power, which is the only sin they recognize. So the GOP is "aggrieved" at being challenged on them.
The mythic version of the "borking" of Robert Bork has only grown over time, each telling he becomes more a shining paragon of virtue and each year the Democrats become an even more merciless, pitiless band of witch-hunting inquisitors.
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22 Sep
Today I learned that the hideous story The Cold Equations was sent back by John Campbell three times because he didn't like that the girl was saved. The criminally negligent underengineering in the story is there to make the original ending impossible.
And so a story that was probably about the triumph of human ingenuity in saving lives while operating on the razor's edge of scarcity and danger became cruel capitalist snuff porn.
I've said this before, but: keeping each other alive is what makes us humans. It's the reason we're the top of the food chain. It's the reason for human advancement.
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22 Sep
@HolmesJosh The myth making here.

We have underestimated nothing. It's the same ridiculous victim complex from the right-wing perpetual outrage machine, in its most ridiculous form yet.

@HolmesJosh Your guys put a drunken rapist on the court for life just to prove you could. Just to prove there are no limits on conservative power or conservative depravity.
@HolmesJosh The desperate performance by Graham there came after the GOP senators benched their prosecutor for asking questions that even appeared to begin to corroborate the story. Maybe it would have gone nowhere... but now we'll never know.
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21 Sep
Ash, the City, and Summer chapter 4 is now live for patrons! Unlocks to the world Friday around 4 PM.

They say there is nothing like clear, concise storytelling and well-written descriptions of good sex, and that's exactly what this chapter delivers.
Non-patrons can start reading the story here. New updates with five or six thousand words of original fiction appear weekly, on Monday for patrons and Friday for everybody else.…
Also obligatory mention that Patreon hides NSFW creators in the site search results so use the tweeted links or remember that my Patreon URL is /AlexandraErin, same as on here.
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21 Sep
My favorite teacher in high school... didn't teach any classes I took, she was the vocal music teacher and part-time drama coach. So I only knew her from extracurriculars.
But she was big in the community theater scene down around Capital City and would call in favors to get us professional lighting, costumes, even consultations for our blocking and such.
Also gave me the easiest audition I ever had, which was a shouted "You can do the Clouseau accent, right?" in a hallway.

(The part was Clouseau.)
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21 Sep
The right wing myth machine has people as high as the US Senate claiming that the pushback against Kavanaugh was about holding the seat open, somehow, until after an election years later.

But Trump and company could have ended it by just appointing someone else.
In basically any conservative thread about the SCOTUS or Senate hardball tactics or whatever, you'll see rank-and-filers going "I think anything is justified after what they tried to do to Kavanaugh," like he was some innocent being smeared for political reasons.
The myth is that he was such a pristine faultless babe-in-the-woods and if the Democrats had succeeded in getting Trump to withdraw his nomination, why then it could happen to anybody.
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