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2 Jun
I’ve gotten no fewer than 10 emails today to come talk to someone’s company tomorrow about the mvmt. no fewer than 10 emails with advice from “history and politics buffs” about how to “really take everything over.” Meanwhile, helicopters have been circling my house for a week.
I’m feeling a little crispy around the edges today, so I wanna say this with love. No. I’m not available tomorrow to talk about inclusion. I probably won’t be available the next day either. Or the next week. Or month. That’s not the work I do.
I would be happy to talk with you about policy change you can support right now. Are you willing to do it? There is a very developed field of people who do diversity and inclusion work. I can do that work, but I choose NOT to do that work.
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27 May
I’ve gotten a lot of questions about what we can do right now. Some food for thought.
First, Black people are exhausted. I’m exhausted. Angry. Devastated. Scared.
There is not *one* easy thing you can do right now to make you or anyone else feel better about the fact that this country allows black people to be hunted and killed like animals. There is not *one* easy thing you or anyone else can do to make this go away.
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5 Feb
Just gonna drop this here: Trump messaged more to Black communities in this one #SOTU2020 speech than Dems have in the last 4 years. I’ve been saying this for a long time but it bears repeating — Dems cannot afford to lose Black communities, but MUST do the work to win us back.
The work that we do at the @blackfutureslab is based on what we’re seeing tonight. If progressives don’t make sure Black communities are at the core of all of our issues, we leave a lot on the table for opportunists who don’t have our best interests at heart. #SOTU2020
Taking Black communities for granted and using us for symbolism and not substance — the issues we care about, our experiences in the economy and democracy, etc — is a poison pill for progressive governance. #SOTU2020
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12 Dec 19
Sooo I think we need to start having a serious conversation about this HIGHLY LIKELY scenario that win or lose, Trump will probably not concede the election. I’m worried that too many people just think that the goal is to get Trump out and get back to normal. A thread.
No— this IS the new normal. What hinges on this election (one of many things) is whether or not there will be elections. Trump team is LITERALLY discussing staying in power with or without elections. As flawed as they are now, I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.
I beg of you — let this very real possibility organize you. Let it organize what you do moving forward. Because they are not playing — they plan to stay in power with or without you.
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5 Apr 19
Sooooo...we just gon keep saying that the non-apology “apology” from Biden was genuine when he made no less than three jokes about consent on the non campaign campaign trail today? I mean if it wasn’t so painful it might be funny.
Today’s comments to me demonstrate that he does not in fact “get it” as his video message suggested, and further, that it’s not even something he takes seriously.
And before one of you jumps in to talk about litmus tests let me say this: is it *really* too much to ask for someone to apologize when they’ve done something wrong? Especially if they want to, you know, RUN THE COUNTRY?
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