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RN, reader & writer of words, mama to a medically complex son w/ heterotaxy and a spirited daughter with a bouffant. Look for us in the forest. #HikeWithEthan
13 Mar
Got kids at home suddenly and need some screen-free entertainment? Here's a list of some of our favorite podcasts:
We have to start with our all-time fave: @storypirates. Kids write stories and they turn them into amazing sketch comedy and songs. Their website ( has bonus content and you can get your kid writing stories to send in!
For science, and @Brains_On is a great place to start. It's a fun mix of silly and serious, and my kids love trying to guess the mystery sound. Their recent episode on COVID is excellent. Their website is
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26 Mar 19
What’s hard for me is the sheer number of people who believe that this is no big deal and that life for families like mine will just go on as usual. Because surely insurance companies didn’t REALLY deny based on pre-ex conditions before the ACA, right?
I don’t know how to convince people of what is true. I don’t know how to make people care, how to convince them that there’s enough to go around in this ridiculously wealthy country.
So I’m sitting here again, crying into a pile of laundry, gutted that it wasn’t enough. That laying bare our family’s private medical story, sharing the bright light of our son with them, that it somehow wasn’t enough.
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15 Aug 18
Against him getting up the courage to kayak on his own for the first time.
Against just one more scoop of ice cream.
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