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12 Feb
Good day to start editing the next chapter of the food allergy book manuscript, “Who is to Blame? Navigating the Causes and Cures for Food Allergy”
I’m REALLY tired so I don’t know how far I’ll get — I missed naptime EVERY DAY this week and right now it’s naptime — but the refined framing of my argument around “reproductive politics” is going to pull this chapter together in really great ways!
Alright, alright, I’ve done 9 pages of longhand edits on this 27 page chapter, we’re getting there...
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11 Feb
In NYC pandemic news, I am thrilled to learn that there will be a vaccination site in my region of predominantly Black, specifically West Indian (even despite gentrification) central Brooklyn that neither Cuomo nor BDB has anything to do with. gothamist.com/news/two-vacci…
Relatedly, partner just got a “Valentine’s event” invitation from NYC DSA that is themed around hating on Cuomo, and they really nailed my love language.
Anyway, here’s what happens when they are in charge gothamist.com/news/citi-fiel…
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11 Feb
OK YES a thread of visceral responses — too close to home to take much of a step back atm 🤷‍♀️

Really enjoying this overall!
Thayer’s first point is that postpartum moms are having higher rates of mental health issues because it’s not possible to safely have child care or in-home help, like help with cleaning.
I am very worried about this!! And I don’t even have other kids at home. I am *hoping* mom can help, but she is also older herself, and she has her own home + things to attend to, especially in the summer with some property-related things she’ll have to take care of
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10 Feb
Wow going to the doctor reminds me how much I hate people
Someone is on a call in speaker phone in the waiting room. Which is also full, that's great too.
I was told I'd be put in a private room to do this glucose screening and I'm in a full waiting room. Partner is sitting in the car somewhere waiting. someone here is coughing and another is sniffling. I'm fucking PREGNANT IN A PANDEMIC GODDAMN
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10 Feb
Listening to the stupidest COVID story yet: limits on sharing EHRs is slowing vaccinations 🤯 from a Venrock partner 🤦‍♀️

@NPR you got played
Story is about how doctors are greedy with patients using systems to prevent them from seeing other providers, not, like, HIPAA, or the fact that all the systems are non-interoperable because they’ve been developed as competitive systems by private, profit-seeking corporations
@hined you’d hate this as much as I do npr.org/2021/02/10/966…
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13 Jan
In some personal, post-writing cyborg thoughts, I’m more than halfway through this pregnancy so I think I’m now authorized to say this:

I really can’t believe this is how we are making new people still!!
Like, why? My experience is totally fine and uneventful, but it seems like there should be a technological alternative by now
My mom is horrified that I don’t feel thrilled to be the embodiment of the divine feminine by now 😅

It’s cool when the kid kicks sometimes (though other times annoying), but generally pregnancy is just a mildly annoying and bizarre, temporary medical quirk to me still
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13 Jan
One of the things I want readers to know about the Cyborg Manifesto is that it's mostly about mundane technologies and modes of organizing work + family that hugely predate the 1980s
The paper is often taken up as being about futures, acceleration, new modes of technological enhancement and achievement and the dangers they pose.

But also!
It's about being a feminized secretary and vulnerable to a boss's lewd gaze; about the re-establishment of gender roles in the home among white, US engineering elites; about women and girls oppressed by global capital + intimate patriarchy doing hazardous industrial work by hand
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12 Nov 20
Ok so, more bad COVID math and uncritical reception of "science" on the tl today: that COVID risk calculator map is interesting, but remember that due to politics, racism, economic policy, and American refusal to act in solidarity, COVID + COVID risk IS NOT evenly distributed.
And very specifically in relation to attending family Thanksgiving gatherings: if you are the type of person thinking it's a good idea to travel and/or visit with 10+ family members right now in the first place, you're probably exposing yourself way more than me to begin with.
Plus, we know that risk isn't evenly distributed due to racism (Black, Latinx, Filipino people more likely working in healthcare and other essential jobs) and classism (low-paid jobs don't offer paid sick leave, health insurance, and are the ones mostly classified as "essential")
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