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26 Jun 20
.@RepJimmyPanetta’s scumbag consultant Plasha Will a @mcweekly darling. Total sleaze ball working for Republican John Phillips.

And Plasha bought a multi-million dollar house from one of Jimmy’s multi-million dollar donors. Has the Weekly and .@bradleyzeve reported? No.

“Oh yeah, I care about young people, but don’t pay them. No integrity there”

Chris Marohn political consultant doing bag work for Phillips with Democrat funded cell phones.

Hey .@HaffaAlan who did this? Come clean.

Democratic consultant who didn’t get paid for doing some down low work, talks about Phillips mixing it with another committee.

But nope, no wrongdoing there.
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26 Jun 20

Remember all the people who said that they would be there for Muslims when Trump went after Muslims?

We all said we would support Muslims, look out for them - whether we are Muslims or not? People in my community universally said this - so called liberals - in my community!

When I said it - I meant it Joe.

And anyone who said it and has remained silent on issues that directly affect us here, in #MontereyCounty, issues that require sacrifice, character, loyalty?

Those other people are liars.

That is the next hill to climb.

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25 Jun 20
In 2011 Archie Warren, Jerry Teeter, disgraced sheriff Mike Kanalakis, soon to be fired commander Mike Richards - and many other crooked cops conspired to raid the home of newly elected sheriff Scott Miller (a deeply flawed person) because his young son is a drug addict. they had

a snitch they cultivated to pull this shit (usually straight out of the jail) - they snagged the then sheriff’s son in a buy/sting and had a scumbag judge RUSS SCOTT sign a search warrant.

Richards called his buddy .@FelixKSBW to give him a tip - early 10am July 2011 raid

In July 2011 - the bullshit bust/raid on the new sheriff’s house goes down with full media coverage - including the scumbag reporters at the .@mcweekly - who were in on this coverage. Their Mary Duan has a soft spot for Richards. The Weekly’s former editor Michelle Caldwell
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21 Apr 20
Do Some #journalism for once Felix. Who is Riverview Farms? Same entity giving cash to supervisors? What’s the word on the street?

Maybe the @MCWeekly can bury another story.

Buying politicians along the way.

#GrupoFlor and all that cash they poured into candidates campaigns - one way or another.

Including @RepJimmyPanetta

#PayToPlay @FelixKSBW
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20 Apr 20

But there must be strict licensing standards. Drugs are as dangerous as guns. #marijuana, like #alcohol, can be abused & should not be used by young people. Studies show problems w/ mental health and developing minds - and early use of THC supercharged 420. @JaneParkerMC

In addition a number of entries into the marijuana game are people who couldn’t pass a basic background check. Forget the workers as the lobbyists have tried to portray it but the owners and other various sketchy entities that have risen up to enter the “legal” framework.

If the USA 🇺🇸 is to take a serious position in #corruption and the harm it does to #Democracy - then we need to have rigorous standards and tough regulations over this industry. My county and the largest county in @RepJimmyPanetta’s District is awash in public corruption.
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17 Apr 20

Excellent post.

Now more than ever it is a priority for local govt.’s to root out #corruption or the appearance of corruption. We have elected officials - many of whom are under active investigation by the @FBILosAngeles and other districts for quid pro quo - and the one

main mover of #Monterey #County policy (BOS) is offering up some sweet-heart deals to an industry that has serious criminal problems - aside from being illegal at the federal level.

1) lowered background check standards

2) reduced tax payments made by this industry

3) deemed an #Essential #Business

4) demands a deferred payment of taxes and a delay in any increase in taxes

Where do you stand @JaneParkerMC ?

Where do you stand @AdamsSupervisor ?

Where do you stand @SupervisorAlejo ? (Considering the payments he rec.)

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7 Apr 20
Gave this story to Michelle Caldwell - who was doing good work at ⁦@bradleyzeve⁩’s ⁦@mcweekly⁩ - on a silver platter.

If the name #Caldwell sounds familiar it’s because she is married to MCSO “Narc” #MarkCaldwell - who ⁦@Calkins_Royalmontereycountyweekly.com/news/local_new…

wrote about recently for @VoicesofBay.

Caldwell, the Sheriff’s department commander has been involved in a number of sketchy issues in my community - and is good friends with fired commander Mike Richards - who ran for sheriff in 2014 - and lost

Pardoned and “Reformed” Concert Promoter Dave Drew has an especially close relationship with Mike Richards - and defends Richards every chance he gets.

@AdeleFrese @SalinasPD - correct?

Very #JoeExotic

Apparently this behavior is acceptable to our “community leaders”
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29 Mar 20

Here was the thing with Dennis Donohue as Mayor of Salinas. He was a terrible Mayor. Even Joe Gunter, the current Mayor of #Salinas, was running around investigating Donohue for some crime or walking on crime scenes without permission.

He played fast and loose with the rules

He sent Kelly McMillin a “police officer” over to the #Salinas #Californian (it was a daily paper at the time) to threaten them with zero #transparency if they didn’t stop writing mean articles about Dennis, but more importantly, his buddy Bruce”Troll” Taylor.

Donohue made space for Bankers Casino, a future card room owned by a guy he was on the planning commish with - in a bizarre property transaction - with some deal made over dirt lots on Division St (probation was all abuzz about this, because ...)

He brought #Salinas
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28 Mar 20
The world will become less transparent. Less light 💡 .

A terrible thing.

IMO the advertising model was was doomed with the growth of the Internet. Too many have clung to the click model, then the paywall model that sets a price that is the same for regular people as it is

For the well off. When I was younger I subscribed to four papers. It was expensive then - a young person not making rock star money but it was doable.

For nearly everyone from bottom to middle that model eliminates our ability to stay informed - and I have always believed

in print #journalism over #television journalism. Especially the longer, heavy lifting, serial pieces.

In my community I have done what I can. I have enforced the public records act. I have reviewed and researched and collected massive amounts of documents and tips
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28 Mar 20
1/ 🚨🚨🚨

Potter is an elected official who has access to millions of dollars - but as the @MontereyHerald reported - when @JoeLivernois & @Calkins_Royal were in charge - he wasn’t a great businessman.

But LH set up a trust to help him get his Casa in the CCBTS. Easy.


Now his job, when he isn’t performing his duties as Mayor of #Carmel, is lobbying for the billion dollar #marijuana business.

Convenient. Friends in #high places.

@mcgreevy99 has written extensively (@latimes) about the 420 industry and allegations of #publiccorruption

in #LosAngeles and #SantaBarbara county.

We know the County of San Luis Obispo was just raided under the authority of a sealed federal search warrant investigation (*reported* by @CalCoastNews )looking into #paytoplay - involving their elected board of supervisors - in
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20 Mar 20
Former member of the #corrupt @CityofSalinas city council & *public figure President & CEO at Monterey County Business Council (MCBC)

Frmr Councilwoman Craig - when you arrived on the #Salinas City Council - did you call for a federal investigation into fraud in COS 457b TD?

did you call for a federal investigation for the land deal the @CityofSalinas made with the owners of a Division Street property?

are you close with convicted cocaine furnisher Mike Hackett who owns or owned the Pizza Parlor within the City of Salinas’ city limits?

have you ever accepted campaign money from anyone in the ‘legal’ #marijuana business?

would you help identify the man in this photo?

(Thank you for *unlocking* your account. It was locked most of the time you were on the #Salinas City Council.)
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10 Mar 20
Remember this is the @SheriffBernal all the #LocalTrump types paid $500,000 to get into office?
And @RepJimmyPanetta so cozy with ‘Judge’ John Phillips (who clings to his title like an incontinent old man clings to his diaper) with #PLASHAWILL as the bag woman for both of these two: (and #BipartisanJimmy is silent on #MoCo #corruption 🤔)
And the multi-hundred millionaire #WarrenWayland who had the @CityofSalinas and County of Monterey name a stadium after him at the #Salinas Community Center. The #accountant who has paid huge fines for failing to timely report many, many campaign contributions?
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30 May 19
I hope everyone who can, across the US, does everything they can to signal boost and protect @AOC. The CongressWoman is breaking norms and is therefore an existential threat to unchecked power.

Remember when the 'real ones' would call out injustice - until they got elected?
@RepJimmyPanetta my local congressperson is all about dialogue while refusing to be bold. I remember having a conversation about it with a friend, grousing about 'Jimmy', the friend said Panetta can't do anything because he doesn't have any power - yet.

His dad was #CIA,
Chief of Staff, SecDef, and a beloved congressperson from MoCo.

His mom and dad are multimillionaires who have the Panetta Institute where THE most powerful come and normalize power (I enjoy the lectures though, guilty pleasure)

Their homebase is #Carmel, where absent AG titans
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29 May 19
"The Democrats invested everything in this issue. Well, turned out there was nothing much there. They gave Trump a huge gift. In fact, they may have handed him the next election. That’s just a—that’s a matter of bei ng so unwilling to deal with fundamental issues"
"the voting base producing a candidate utterly intolerable to the establishment? During the—since the 1970s, during this neoliberal period, both of the political parties have shifted to the right. The Democrats, by the 1970s, had pretty much abandoned the working class."
"I mean, the last gasp of more or less progressive Democratic Party legislative proposals was the Humphrey-Hawkins Full Employment Act in 1978, which Carter watered down so that it had no teeth, just became voluntary. But the Democrats had pretty much abandoned the working class.
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