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Most tweets authored by the fmr. advisor to Monterey County Sheriff Scott Miller. rt may be meaningful, or not. Public Corruption is the root of all evil.
Feb 4 4 tweets 5 min read
Tell the @ksbw audience how it is that @CityofSalinas Mayor, @kimbleycraig & Salinas councilman @stevemcshane were allowed to direct @SalinasPD resources to a Church function in December, @FelixKSBW?

@MollyMGibbs @TessKenny12 @mcweekly @WorkLight_CIC

@JoshCopitch * the @CityofSalinas is a legislative body, setting broad policy. Newly hired City Manager Steve Kerrigan would need to sign off on any of this crap.

That’s a scandal. It’s also worthy of a credible DA investigation, @JeanninePacioni.

I’m sure Civil Rights supporter
Feb 1 4 tweets 4 min read
“This is not the first time that something less than transparent has occurred in FTX cases. In fact, a dark curtain has been drawn around much of what is going on in both the FTX bankruptcy case in Delaware and the criminal case in lower Manhattan.” ImageImageImageImage #SBF ~> @RepJimmyPanetta ImageImageImageImage
Feb 1 14 tweets 2 min read
"California's cannabis industry, once hailed as a model for other states, is facing growing concerns of corruption and illegal activity. Despite being legalized for recreational use in 2016, the industry has been plagued by issues ranging from illegal grow operations to pay-to-play schemes in the licensing process.
Jan 31 7 tweets 18 min read
@caturdayish @CityofSalinas @JeanninePacioni @FBIOakland @USAO_NDCA @FBI Mary Duan the fraud LOVED writing about the Neil Kitchens story. Very poetic about his “spectacular fall”. Kitchens was a nobody in political circles and some political consultant told him he could use his other address, no big deal.

montereycountyweekly.com/blogs/former-a… @caturdayish @CityofSalinas @JeanninePacioni @FBIOakland @USAO_NDCA @FBI Kitchens is properly reported to District Attorney @JeanninePacioni and her boy Berk Brannon (who is a total clique scumbag dirty DA) tells the reporting party “they can’t enforce residency claims”. But the SOS @DrWeber4CA’s people investigate fully and tell Pacioni, prosecute.
Jan 29 4 tweets 2 min read
Pay close attention to Craig’s garbage language in her letter.

She misrepresents the “intent” of @alllocalpolitic despite the fact that I’ve publicly stated exactly what I am doing here.

“Appear intended to “incite” your 17,000 Twitter followers”

1) my twitter followers are 2/

law abiding resisters of a like mind. Resisting fascism and other tyrannical conduct in government using the First Amendment to call it out. They *are not* MAGA types who pull @SpeakerPelosi level garbage.

2) the tagging of persons directly involved in the conduct of
Jan 23 12 tweets 5 min read
Some piece of crap kicked a woman’s car door in at South SALINAS’ Nob Hill grocery. The woman had three kids in her car and was scared. A witness came to my house to tell me about the crime because this dude was following him on a bike. He knocked on my door and I was home. Part 2 🤣

So I come out and this dude is talking smack to the witness, who is now a victim. The suspect comes up on my driveway and threatens the witness. So I gotta go back in my house - get my shoes on 🤣 and deal with it BUT

@SalinasPD (for once in a while) is in South.
Jan 23 12 tweets 3 min read
1) Sheriff Scott Miller is reading my talking points to effectively communicate with the community about a private issue that had absolutely nothing to do with public official Sheriff Miller.

2) KSBW and other media worked with several scumbag detectives 2/

members of the soon to be eliminated narcotics unit (for several non-public reasons) two of whom were Det. Archie Warren and Cmdr. Mike Richards. Fast forward to 2023 and we know Warren is a sleazy detective (ret.) who hung out a lot with Mike Hackett and D Drew.
Jan 17 4 tweets 5 min read
@MCoSheriff @TinaForSheriff has her first controversy.

@ksbw ran a tawdry piece of journalism about some locals with a YouTube reach.

I had no idea Corey Struve was doing this YouTube thing with cameos from Bruce Taylor’s former brother in law Kevin McWilliams. 🤮 🧵

Well the “reality”, almost nonsensically fake YouTube show, made it to @TMZ and many other outlets. They know that kid that talks a lot of shit Jake Paul … apparently.

Now Struve is claiming @MCoSheriff cops ROUGHED HER UP @hometheater_z.

I smell a lawsuit coming AND
Jan 17 30 tweets 80 min read
@hometheater_z @TinaForSheriff @WendyRootAskew @knowledge1422 @supervisoraskew I did read that one. So my take on that, without having talked to the officer, is … Miller had multiple complaints filed against him when he moved over to Pacific Grove (his home town) to become Chief. Miller had bogus complaints filed because he was ripping through corruption @hometheater_z @TinaForSheriff @WendyRootAskew @knowledge1422 @supervisoraskew at @PacificGrove city hall. It was really bad. (Guess who was on the front line of that too? ME). A couple scumbag @PacificGrovePD cops and a dirt bag meter maid filed complaints. All buddy buddy people with a sleazy mayor named Morrie Fisher

I wanted Miller to arrest Fisher btw
Jan 16 25 tweets 82 min read
@macrovist @mcweekly @TajhaLanier @JoshCopitch @TessKenny12 @MikeMuscutt @CityofSalinas @supervisoraskew @AdamsSupervisor @KingCityRustler @GreenfieldCAPD Well let me help you with facts.
In 2011 I had just had Scott Miller elected Sheriff. I was working, from a policy perspective to do what these so-called journalists claim @TinaForSheriff will accomplish, clean up corruption and clean up the largest corrupt LEO dept MCSO @macrovist @mcweekly @TajhaLanier @JoshCopitch @TessKenny12 @MikeMuscutt @CityofSalinas @supervisoraskew @AdamsSupervisor @KingCityRustler @GreenfieldCAPD @TinaForSheriff Scott Miller has four children now all adults. His youngest is an addict (in recovery now) and the dirty cops, pushed by dirty politicians, worked to smear Miller using his son - and they RAIDED the new sheriff’s home after rigging up a buy sell that failed twice on Jacob Miller.
Jan 16 11 tweets 5 min read
I’ll tell the good people of #MontereyCounty this tidbit from local politics - but I’m an open book in total - re/ politics. NO BULLSHIT

When I was THE senior policy advisor to Sheriff Scott Miller and working hard FOR THE PEOPLE on the jail issues, CCW, police reforms - all the topics @TinaforSheriff has on her plate now after 8 fucking years of Deputy Steve Bernal running the @MCoSheriff I was on my phone 14/16 hours a day.

In the evening myself and several others had the Jameson hour. Usually at 11pm to 1am. By 1am it would get a little wild.
Jan 16 7 tweets 4 min read
What do I really think about @WendyRootAskew’s chances for re-election in #Election2024?

1. Askew has incumbency on her side, think @stevemcshane on @CityofSalinas or Kimbo Craig as Mayor having just BIFFED it in her favored supe bid. (Craig was re-elected)

2. ((People)) gave Askew $450,000 +. While that pales compared to McShane when he lost to Askew by 2,000 voted (McShane raised over $1,000,000 - that was reported to the @CA_FPPC) it’s a SHITLOAD of Interest money

3. Askew’s talking points are in line with what the community needs - generally
Jan 16 9 tweets 2 min read
Here is a funny little bit about how the Billionaires fuck the little people on the regular.

I’ve been reluctant to condemn Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover because … he’s just another fucking billionaire. It’s out of my control.

When @jack was still largely the influential guy I signed up for the $2.99 Twitter program. 1 the edit button those I don’t much give two shits about typos. I know people on the internet like to focus on lame shit like that to condemn some Twitterer or anyone typing online commentary - but it’s not my big issue. corruption is.
Dec 29, 2022 6 tweets 5 min read
What was sexual predator fmr. Police Chief Kelly McMillin’s relationship with narco trafficker Soxie Silacci, District Attorney @JeanninePacioni? Other than landlord …

because this was Soxie’s chemist in the cocaine biz in the 70’s and 80’s - until he went on vacation. Don’t be worried @JoshCopitch, you and @FelixKSBW are buddy-buddy with all the cool people like trafficker Mike Hackett and this is just * conspiracy theory I’m sure.

* fun fact, it’s not conspiracy theory
Dec 17, 2022 5 tweets 6 min read
you know who will love the mute and block policy counting as downvotes within the Algo?

this scumbag: @RepJimmyPanetta ImageImageImageImage The paid local news and their response: ImageImageImageImage
Dec 16, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
I’m staying. When the going gets tough and all …

Enjoy this journalism:

This is illegal (@MeidasTouch?) There’s a reason:

(“mike” Bitar is a convicted felon)
Dec 15, 2022 8 tweets 4 min read
Kelly McMillin is a sexual predator. How many right wing Christians backed him in all he has done to #Salinas? @JoshCopitch

@kimbleycraig pops up as the most recent and relevant public official to back a predator. #MeToo

Predator says what? @JeanninePacioni ksbw.com/article/former…
Dec 11, 2022 4 tweets 5 min read
…. @FelixKSBW hangs out with convicted cocaine trafficker Mike Hackett.

Cortez wrongly calls what I’m doing here “bullying” to use a phrase used by a criminal stalker harasser Mary Duan.

No, Felix, what @ksbw does is bullying - and it’s becoming more known in my community. “Unless your afraid Mary’s going to box your ears”.

… seems obvious who the bullies are, @JoshCopitch, @mcweekly @VoicesofBay @Hearst
Dec 9, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
.@CityofSalinas mayor @kimbleycraig was keynote speaker at Christians in Commerce’s Christmas gathering.

She thanks Jesus Christ for all he has given her and then went on to talk about all she is doing for #Salinas. It turned into a promo for Kimbley.

She brought an entourage. 2/

Part of that entourage was fmr. mayor Dennis Donohue (who should have gone to federal prison for his role in local fraud). Donohue gets up and gives himself credit for saying (something Dennis does) “You know, she’s going to me Mayor someday”. As though that’s achievement.
Dec 5, 2022 7 tweets 4 min read
... come on Felix. You know in Monterey Co. that's only sometimes true.

Lots of criminal cases are being ignored by the two largest law enforcement agencies in MoCo. @chief_filice's @SalinasPD and @SheriffBernal's @MCoSheriff.

Some of the criminals work for those departments. Let me give you an EXCELLENT example (of my many examples to you and @JoshCopitch) mostly ignored.

@Calkins_Royal was working up a story on Aromas criminal Gonzalo Fernandez and Calkins asked me to background Fernandez for him. I did. (for community)

Calkins explained
Dec 3, 2022 8 tweets 8 min read
Should anyone stop tweeting about the scandal paid media refuses to talk about. @LeonPanetta12's son, @RepJimmyPanetta is taking influence money from a couple convicted felons. Mike Hackett (cocaine) Mike Bitar (fraud) and District Attorney @JeanninePacioni refuses to investigate (journalist tag thread break)

@cmarinucci @JeremyBWhite @SacBeeVictor @latimes @AC360 @Calkins_Royal @VoicesofBay @mcweekly @salnews @jocelyn_reports @TessKenny12 @dkellogg66 @scsentinel @SLOTribune @CalCoastNews @lara_korte @FelixKSBW @JoshCopitch @AdriSutton @CASenCaballero