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21 Nov
This press note has been doing the rounds since yesterday morning. It was issued by Zila Samajkalyan Adhikari. Apparently this concerned officer issued this press note in continuation with one scheme in force under one 1976 scheme of UP Govt as made applicable to Ukd
As UP was the parent state, there is an unwritten code that schemes, rules etc are generally copied from UP only & so was this scheme. Under one order during previous Cong Govt, the amount paid to couples eligible under this scheme was increased from 10K to 50K
During PY 2019-20, 18 couples were paid this prize money-15 were cases of inter caste marriages & 3 were that of interfaith marriages.
Details of 3 interfaith marriages are-
1) Sikh boy married a Hindu girl
2) Sikh boy married a Muslim girl
3) Christian boy married Hindu girl
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19 Nov
This narrative by Mr @ShekharGupta is another cunning attempt to stop the real game from being exposed. Let us understand one by one the reason behind this PTI story and who, what and why of it.
Why today: Armed forces dealt a massive blow to terror infra and managed to instil fear in the minds of terrorists by sending the message that they r not even safe in apple trucks & that there pun pointed intel means sure shot death of every gun wielding Izzlamist terrorist
Need was to do something that will help divert attention away from the today’s success of armed forces in the valley and PTI story did exactly that - turned out to be a perfect diversionary act!
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4 Nov
Arnabis not into fake stings,he is not even a blackmailer & he does his journalism openly-yet look at what all he is going through only for his journalism.
Now compare his case to that of media houses like NDTV- IndiaToday etc who for years did supari journalism yet going strong!
Back in my state- a known blackmailer- with cases of land grab & even alleged rape cases (withdrawn or not pressed)- one who destabilised several govts not only managed to thwart all attempts to use legal recourse against him. Such is his fear amongst all pillars that when 1/n
his bail plea came up for hearing in, judges recused themselves & one who later heard it- he gave police custody of 6 hrs as against one week demanded by police. Later got long stay from SC and now even HC passed a strange verdict...& guess what he is known blackmailer!
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1 Nov
Said this in 2016 and what we are witnessing is nothing but this- the older cousin and the original barbarians are being pestered and pushed to wake up from their self imposed ban on barbarity- it won’t end well for new barbarians ImageImage
And younger cousins will bear the brunt of the barbarity - it won’t end well for younger lot! Image
Small sample from France I guess
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22 Oct
All great men had voice so similar to each other......guess the name of this great man!
Another great thinker and stalwart of spiritual world- note his voice!
And who can forget this voice - another great of his era - one of the most original philosophers of his times!
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22 Oct
It took one woman politician to drill down sense in everyone including Macron and her name is Marie Le Pen: credit for the change goes to her and not Macron!
Macron defeated Marine Le Pen in 2017 on his liberal card only. 2022 is when he has to face the electorate. This age old flagbearer of liberal values- hailed by IRW for sharing one tweet- has suddenly realised the threat, that he rejected, in the run up to 2017
Also important get to mention is the other name - Gerald Darmanin- his newly appointed Interior Minister and yes it is him who is making the difference. He is the real guy in all this war, discovered by Macron!
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20 Oct
I truly wish one opens a school wherein other than teaching dharm- shastras & sanatan values, kids are given space and freedom to enjoy their lives- and given the fact sanatan is a way of life, I am sure latter will automatically flow from former!
I had once tweeted about a school in Sri Kedarnath ji valley near Kalimath and how one answer of a kid stayed with me forever - here it is:
Never before this (or even after that) I came across a school kid who gave me this answer........
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20 Oct
Imagine how bad the modern school system is - u may laugh on this video but as u reach towards the end, it leaves u with lot to ponder and introspect!
I have a friend and guide who is head of a reputed school. His own daughter is a voracious reader and a great writer. In most of his stories that she writes, school head is a villain, the main protagonist is always a young school going girl who is feeling tortured at school!
The girl is yearning for freedom so that someone frees her from the clutches of her teachers, who she feels are her main tormentors - imagine how young school goers- even though separated by geographies, are feeling same. That is a telling comment on the school system!
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19 Oct
Nawaz Sharif of 2020 was Imran Khan of 1988 or Imran Khan of 2020 was Nawaz Sharif of 1988 << Pakistani politics in a nutshell! #PDMJalsaKarachi
Those orgasming on #PDMJalsaKarachi forget that this all madness repeats every few years - let us look back into history of Pakistan elections. Ever since first elections were organised in Pak (for their provinces) loser has always ended up accusing winner of rigging.
Pakistan until 62, didn’t have any direct elections at national level. Guess scar of PML loss to BNUF in 1954 elections to East Pakistan Assembly were so deep that “powers to be” developed a sense of fear against elections & this fear is haunting Pak & it’s politics till date!
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18 Oct
BD is not a new development; this started after dismantling of quota regime following GSP abolition. Chinese and other cos, besides lot of buying houses set up shop there and it all happened around 2004. I know it as BD was part of my work responsibility....
Dear @Abhina_Prakash BD to large extent and Cambodia to smaller extent benefitted coz of GSP regime- that led to lot of cos setting up shop to take advantage of their quota during 1994-2004 period following Uruguay round. BD benefitted from that not just cheap labour
BD is more of a RMG success story thanks to abolition of MFA in 2004- Infact 85% plus share of its exports is RMG .... India’s issues are multifold as we are present across entire textile chain- perhaps @kushal_mehra can talk more abt this
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17 Oct
Visited Vindhyavasini temple inside Chila Forest this morning - situated inside Rajaji National Park, atop a hillock that overlooks Henval river on one side and Neelkanth and Yamkeshwar valleys on other sides is serene and calm...u feel different kind of energy out here-peaceful!
Uma Bharti Ji is a regular to this temple and she was staying in an ashram nearby - was to visit in the noon. Temple has a cave inside the temple campus; present day maharaj ji- disciple of the Guru Maharaj, lives here along with 2-3 more disciples.....
Guess what Maharaj Ji,who lives here,has to deal with an over intrusive Forest Deptt-thx to forest conservation act, it doesn’t let electricity reach temple;proper water pipeline to the temple can’t be laid as it passes through their domain....yet flag of Sanatan is flying high!
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17 Oct
And then I saw this - and felt an instant urge to tweet something that makes me feel great even today- 10 yrs ago, the house in pic 1 and gallery in pic 3 was converted to pic 2 and pic 4 respectively- problem was that we were ahead of the curve then!
Recognition followed when Outlook traveller featured us as part of their “50 journeys that you had never undertaken” series!
<< made this video then - motivation to do something different was so strong that every pic and caption that went with it, narrated the personal pain of seeing our empty villages!
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12 Oct
Until we Hindus add dignity to labour and stop looking down upon people of our faith- indulging in various occupations, we CANNOT arrest the zeehadi expansion currently underway in our cities and towns- onus lies of us Hindus only!
Biggest factor for zeehadi expansion in cities and towns is loss of traditional occupations to Maa. Almost all occupations cornered by them were with our folks- primarily SCs - but the societal issues within our faith pushed those Hindus give up such traditional occupations
As more and more Hindus left occupations, they were cornered by Ms and today result is that in every city & town of India, majority of carpenters, masons, butchers, barbers, Fabricator’s etc etc are from one particular faith and only HINDUS are to be blamed for this
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11 Oct
Time to use Bhaddu today- this bronze utensil used to be a regular in every pahari kitchen- used to be heavy and daal cooked in it used to be simply unbeatable- this one weighs almost 8-9 kgs as it is made of thick sheet of bronze !
Soaked mixture of 9 different daals with rajma being soaked separately- boiled it in pressure cooker and that’s how it looked after 5-6 whistles
For tadka and frying base masala
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10 Oct
Ancient name of Mana was ManiBhadra Puri and ashram of Maharishi VedVyas was known as Shyamaprash Ashram where hundreds of students from across India used to come for learning Veda, Purana, Bhashya, Upnishad etc- this place is where Maharishi VedVyas wrote MahaBharat.
Now read this thread about the role played by Mana residents in establishing bonds between Sri Badrinath Ji and Thololing Mutt of Zanda, Ngari
Another crucial piece of info is around the blanket that is woven at Mana village through entire summer and in the run up to Kapat closing ceremony. It is at Mana where an unmarried girl weaves a blanket(one row a day) & Bhagwan is wrapped in that blanket during entire winter!
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9 Oct
Utkd Govt is prompting Goatry & Fishery as means of livelihood in hill districts -several such projects are underway in Garhwal/ Kumaon region. Given past experience of market access being a major issue, Govt decided to create an end to end supply chain to support farmers
With this aim in mind, Govt decided to brand Himalayan Goat meat as Bakraw and fish (trout and other fresh water fish) as Uttara Fish and is creating an end to end market for same. This move will help farmers who have taken up these two initiatives as means of livelihoods
Some folks are raising Qns abt Jhatka or Halaal status. Fact is: animals are sent to mechanised slaughter houses and hence “Bakraw” is neither halaal nor jhatka. Please understand that gov has already deliberated on this issue-also appreciate the move to to support farmers!
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9 Oct
Tweeting a story that is 17 mins and 30 seconds long- got this as an audio file and I converted it to a video so that more and more folks can listen to this and share with others- it is such a simple yet powerful story with an equally powerful msg- Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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9 Oct
How far do they go to protect the honour of the mother land- yes this pic was taken by friend- Col @amitbisht111 - Principal of NIM, Uttarakashi - who led an expedition of Indian Army and ITBP and opened a new 75 kms route to LAC in Middle Sector!
The beauty of Garhwal- Kumaon Himalayas is simply unmatched - the diversity of peaks that you come across in this region in terms of ease- difficulty - access and deniability is simply awesome....considering that largest range of 6000 meters n above is found here!
During their 15 days expedition where they traversed the Himalayan region of 5500 meters and above and walked from Nelang to Mana in Uttarakhand- scaled 6 peaks, did patrolling along 75 kms long route on LAC
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8 Oct
As a proud KV’ian I feel given below is the reason why KV system with 1067 schools is best across India- may there be 10,000 KVs across India!

She is from KV Pattom in Kerala & is singing Himachali Song -language that doesn’t even know-under prog Ek bharat shreshth bahrat.
Marathi song that was part of our music period session in mid 80s
This Assamese song was also one of my fav
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7 Oct
Came to know something very exciting today- this is around the relationship between Sri Badrinath Ji and Tholing Mutt (Monastery)- situated in Zanda county of Ngari prefecture in Tibet…
So until 1962, Rawals of Sri Badrinath ji used to send dry fruits, sandalwood, sandalwood balls, malmal cloth as gift to JungFung (Chief) of the area where monastery was situated. In return, JungFung used to send dress made of wool (worn by Rawal),suhaga & Chaunrpooch fir Rawal.
All this exchange of gifts between Rawal and JungFung was part of a age old tradition discontinued in 1962 and system of Gifts or Saugat was known as Funya-kutra (kutra is Garhwali word for potli). Residents of Mana village used to carry these gifts back n forth.
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6 Oct
1. Pithoragarh Medical College
2. Almora medical college
3. Kashipur Medical college
4. Tanakpur-Pithoragarh All weather road
5. Road projects across Kumaon
6. Jamrani Dam (long term)
7. Homestay tourism promotion
Will share exhaustive list in a day or two.
1. Land for Pithoragarh was sanctioned in a day and this project was brought to Ukd.
2. Chaukhutiya airstrip project is being pursued
3. Nainisaini is being expanded.
Trout ka special focus is Kumaon where a hatchery farm is coming up at Bageshwar.

Here is the sanction letter for Pithoragarh medical college

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