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10 Oct
So this @JKNC_ mouthpiece shared an article full of lies & insecurity topped with a tweet comparing current situation of Kashmir with Dogra era. He doesn’t stop there and calls the rulers ‘despots’.

Time to teach Veeri Sahib some lessons on history. Learn sir.

There are lot of things wrong in this whole thing, right from the article embedded in your tweet. I will destroy each of your claims here, grab a cup of namkeen chai.
While Farooq & even Sheikh Sahib avoided making communal statements, it is unfortunate that you had to make one
Before arriving at history lessons, let’s get the present sorted out. The article you shared cries about how Muslims are losing the bureaucracy in J&K and it is alarming situation, so alarming that you compare it to 1846.
Does this mean that JK belongs to only Muslims?
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9 Oct
Few more.

Qualities of Ranjit Singh’s army as described by foreigners.
Alex Gardrner says that a certain Sikh soldier often travelled on foot from Lahore to Peshawar in 5 days. Singhs were called ‘Chali koha’ ie, one who could walk 40kos or 100km daily.

Steinbach has further added some more facts about endurance of Singhs.
Observing the Soldierly trait of fairness and justice M’Gregor says that in battle of Ferozshah many English soldiers & officers fell into hands of Sikhs. Sikhs treated them with kindness & fed them before returning them to Brits.

Sergeant Bingham wrote
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7 Oct

400+ Combine owners are protesting the latest move by Captain Amrinder Singh requiring them to install ‘stubble removing device’ that costs 1.5lacs. The offenders will be penalised 50,000/-

The move is announced in the wake of stubble burning in Punjab.
Farmers and combine owners have their own set of grievances on this issue. The device installed does not uproot the stubble, instead it makes it tough to uproot it by cutting it shorter. The farmers don’t want to pay labourers for uprooting stubble on large fields.
Punjab govt is rather insensitive to farmers in dealing with this issue. It wants farmers to spend on the devices attached to combines but would do nothing to help them pay off the labourers to uproot the stubble. The farmers choose the easy & cost effective option of burning it.
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2 Oct
Gandhi and Sikhs. [THREAD]

Gandhi was a great man of his time but to what category of great men he belonged can be studied by objective historians only. One thing is certain that he was not inerrant.

Gandhi always proclaimed that there is no difference between Sikhs & Hindus
Gandhi called Guru Gobind Singh Sahib as ‘misguided patriot’ & never called any other guru as ‘guru’ but mere followers.
But Sikhs were not the only ones who were victims of his ire. He was equally disrespectful of Christianity & wrote.
By writing this thread, I mean no disrespect to Gandhi. The aim & purpose is to bring out the truth & truth alone.

Evidence 1.

Dr Ambedkar after consulting his colleagues decided to embrace Sikhism along with his followers. Giving his reasons in favour of Sikhism he said
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1 Oct
#FarmBills Update
•Huge rally of farmers + Akali workers headed by Sukhbir Badal from Sri Akal Takht has reached Beas on its way to Chd.

• Crowd led by Harsimrat Kaur Badal has reached Barnala starting from Damdama Sahib.
•Third group headed by Prem singh Chandumajra from Anandpur Sahib is also on its way to Chandigarh.

•The memorandum will be presented to Governor in Chandigarh. Here is what memorandum includes-

“President should call session of Parliament to reject the bills.”
• Farm unions have extended their support to the Badals & have sent their people along to accompany Badals to Chandigarh. -Sarvan Singh

• Seeing huge rally heading to Chd, additional security & police has been deployed around Raj Bhawan Chandigarh.
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30 Sep
Umm? What? Sirsa Sahib you shit talk on the same channel that glorifies @CBCTerry ‘s report with Minor Arya as an expert on all things Sikhi.
Why is it hard for you to comprehend that politics is based on popular narratives & not ‘realities’.
I found no eye brows rising when same Amrinder Singh announced de radicalisation centres for ‘radicalised Sikhs’. In fact when I blew whistle on it, some of your people from DSGMC criticised me for it. Does this mean that a Sikhs will be used in popular narratives for politics?
The same Amrinder Singh went on record in June to say that there is no threat in Punjab. How is it that Punjab suddenly became a ‘vulnerable state’ just during farmer states?

I suggest that the grievances of farmers be addressed keeping Sikhs out of whataboutery. What say?
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30 Sep
Three letters of Maharani Jind Kaur
The story of incarceration of Maharani Jind Kaur in the fort of Lahore, her removal from there to fort of Sheikhpura as a state prisoner & her ultimate banishment from Punjab is very tragic. The letters in this thread make it more sad
The first letter was written on, or a day or two after, 14th Aug, 1847 when it was decided by British Resident at Lahore, Col Henry Lawrence that “Maharani is to confine herself to summan [Burj]” in the fort of Lahore & old servants be replaced by govt ones.

The letter.
In the above letter Maharani challenges the bonafides of the British Resident & accuses him of maleficence in condemning her to public disgrace & imprisonment without any judicial inquiry & without any documentary evidence that proves the allegations against her.

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29 Sep
Prakash Singh Badal after his release from Jail. I feel that current SAD is quick to jump to take credits for everything ‘Akali’ which is not true. Studying Akali movements from past 100yrs gives one a fair idea that Badal SAD is a relatively new emergent. Image
This said they are not ‘useless’ as deemed by vast majority. The era of corruptions & money laundering along with other non panthic activities has seen SAD deviate from what was once original authentic & respected Akali party tributary. Image
This is a huge file that talks about secret meetings, letters of Akalis to Congress, British & letters from them. It includes many controversial letters of MK Gandhi that I will share in another post on man’s birthday.

These files gives us perspective that Akalis deserve respect Image
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29 Sep
#FarmBills Update
•Amrinder singh met 31 farm unions in Chandigarh today.

•Farm Unions have decided to boycott BJP after PM’s statement of not backing out on bills.

•Rail Roko continues for the 6th day. Farmers have put on black clothes today to protest the bills.
•Amrinder singh assured Farm unions that a Punjab Assembly session will be held soon to reject centre’s bill in Punjab.

• Amrinder singh assured farmers that he will lead their legal fight against the bills in Supreme Court.
•Farm unions asked Captain to check the misinformation campaign around protests which is targeted at defaming farmers. Farm unions unanimously assured Captain that protests will always be peaceful.
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28 Sep
#FarmBills Update
•Sukhbir Badal addressed another huge rally in Gurdaspur moments ago and repeated his speech again. He highlighted the contributions of Prakash Singh Badal. He also targeted Captain for burning tractor in Delhi by his ‘goons’. He said our movement is peaceful.
• Sukhbir said that Punjab won’t tolerate ‘Dhakebaazi’ that centre is trying to do based on numbers.

•He appreciated the message of Faroq Abdullah & hinted that JK might see SAD in elections.
•Punjab Youth Congress workers stage a protest against the farm laws near India Gate in Delhi. A tractor was also set ablaze. Some of them have been arrested as well. Image
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27 Sep
#FarmBills Update.
•Sukhbir Badal addressed a rally of at Ropar in Gurdwara Bhatha Sahib where he urged people to gather support.
•Sukhbir expressed sadness that BJP showed no respect for party that was part of alliance for 23yrs.
• He was joined in by Ex SGPC president. Image
•Dr Cheema while speaking at same function said that decision to split alliance has farm bills as reason along with Exclusion of Punjabi from JK official language list.

• Cheema warned Captain amrinder singh & called him out for his nefarious designs to make protests communal Image
•From Ropar Badal headed to Hoshiarpur where he addressed another rally of around 5000 farmers + party workers. Badal repeated his speech exposing captain’s 2017 manifesto & INC’s 2019 manifesto.

•Counting contributions, He urged people to gather for march to Mohali on 1stoct Image
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26 Sep
#FarmBills Update

Sarbjeet singh Pander (Senior Analyst Punjab Politics)
“Amendments can be brought even today if centre wishes. The thought is to Drag the protests along so that protests die down. Govt should not test it cuz one never knows where things go.“
Sarvan singh pander- Gen sec- Kisan & labour sangarsh committee Punjab

“Our protests are against the bills entire nation is protesting against these bills. We are told Modi hasn’t backed up on any bill ever so task ahead is huge for us. Nation can’t be distracted” Image
“This is wrong time for centre to play with our sentiments & Delhi knows that our harvest is up in few days, they are playing a waiting game but we will see how they will eat if we are not able to harvest due to protests. It will cause us loss for season but we won’t give up now”
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26 Sep
Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Portraits in various postures. THREAD

A group portrait of his early years; which is a record of Maharaja’s meeting with Jaswant Rao Holkar in the year 1805 A.D, kneeling posture is used for Maharaja while seated on carpet. Image
While in this portrait, he is shown seated on golden throne in kneeling posture but a little variation can be noticed in two kneeling postures. One (figure 1) is in kneeling posture but his feet remained crossed under him while seated on carpet. Image
but in other (figure 2), kneeling posture is a popular posture of Indian miniature portraits. In figure 1 his raised hand shows his business in conversing, while in figure 2 his relaxing hands shows his old-aged comfort and peace among his courtiers.
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26 Sep
Update on #FarmBills

•Amritsar- Farmers protested against the Farm bills in a unique manner by going shirtless.

•Sangrur, Ferozpur, Jhandiala, Barnala have farmers camping on Railway tracks & protesting from last 48hrs. Image
•Jalandhar-Kisan Sangarsh Samiti sat in on railway tracks to protest. 15km of railway track was covered by farmers with sit in protests.

•Meanwhile a renowned Sikh has filed law suit against @RajatSharmaLive for calling farmers Khalistanis. Image
•The farmer unions have rubished the claims of being associated with congress or Akali Dal. They have challenged BJP members to enter the villages & have conveyed the similar challenges to INC workers.

•Farm unions have challenged agri minister to call upon a live debate.
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25 Sep
IGP Kashmir today revealed at a press conference that DNA of the Rajouri family members has matched with that of the 3 persons killed in Amishpura Encounter in Shopian on 18 July 2020. It's now scientifically established that same 3 missing persons have been killed in Shopian.
IGP Kashmir said that police would intensify investigation in the FIR already filed and proceed as per findings of the DNA report.

This has eliminated all doubts that the 3 civilians of Rajouri, who had arrived in for labour jobs, have been killed and labelled as militants.
There is no running from Justice and Justife must be delivered to every one. I have context of these killings by virtue of being a kashmiri myself and also from the era of unrest in Punjab. There are so many cases that don’t catch light of the day but those that do need activism. Image
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25 Sep
#FarmBills Update.
1. Sukhbir in Mukatadar Sahib reiterated that no one listened to him in parliament and that he opposed it all along keeping farmers in loop. “Delhi betrayed us”
Flashing INC manifesto he targeted Rahul Gandhi & Amrinder singh again accusing them of cheating
2. He challenged captain to make one Mandi system in Punjab by calling an emergency session of Punjab Assembly.

3. The 31 farm associations today observed the bandh in all parts of Punjab. The bandh was supported by every organisation in Punjab.
3. Manpreet Badal also hit out at centre and said that Agriculture is state subject and we don’t want intervention by centre as it has hampered our finances earlier as well. We will go to SC and we are in process of it. Manpreet singh Badal calked Badal a thug.
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25 Sep
Portraits of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh Ji.

One of the earliest portraits of Maharaja Ranjit Singh is Maharaja Ranjit Singh on horseback (Figure 1). Although the artist is unknown, Lafont (2002) attributes this painting to exactly 1830. Image
Ranjit Singh in this picture has partially a black beard which may imply its year of execution. All figures in this painting facing right in profile wear an orange cloth and headgear. The same coloured saddle flap is equipped with a white horse decorated by many accessories.
Ranjit Singh and Hira Singh. Artist unknown. Punjab. Ca.1838-1840. This painting has similar style as the first one.
Ranjit Singh sits on the European chair with his legs folding on it under the blossoms. He wears a yellow headgear and his head is surrounded by a halo. Image
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24 Sep
#FarmBills Update Sukhbir Singh & Harsimrat Kaur addressed a huge rally of 3500 farmers in Gurdwara Damdama Sahib today. In his 20 min speech Sukhbir targeted Congress & Centre. The historic speech was full of energy.

Here is what you need to know.
1. Complete bandh will be observed tomorrow in Punjab.

2. PRTC has said that no buses will run in Punjab tomorrow.

3. SGPC will keep its offices closed tomorrow.

4. Police associations & trade bodies will participate in the bandh tomorrow.
Here is what you need to know from speech
1. Sukhbir called out Giani Zail singh and Buta Singh in his speech & said that even they did not give up their chair.

2 He highlighted the role of Prakash Singh Badal in agrarian reforms.

3. He challenged Captian to undo bill in PB
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24 Sep
Still trying to sink in the fact that killings are now normalised in Kashmir. A father left his daughter, son & wife just because he was doing his job to feed them-Remember that. No one will remember people like him in history but his family & close ones.
Kashmiri Sikh community is a minuscule one & every one is known to each other. The killing of Bhupinder Singh has posed serious questions to the security of Sikhs in valley. Summing it up-We are at mercy of majority that has majorly gone rogue with guns in hand.
Just in case you did not know that, kashmiri society has layers. The layered structure that condemns these acts from top, with middle celebrating silently as victory of ‘mujahids’ in eliminating ‘collaborators’ & then the last layer that has practically no say at all.
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23 Sep
And this is how they mock the killing of innocents in Kashmir. I have raised red flags about the security situation of democratic workers & how they are prime targets of terror groups in Kashmir but Delhi never seems to learn. Image
I have been very vocal with facts and data about the sad state of affairs of the democratic workers in Kashmir. I repeat, Terror outfits are not scared of bullets, they are scared of democracy.

The data in this thread is mind boggling if you sit and look at the number of deaths
Needless to say they don’t ask for your religion before killing you in Kashmir. You die either as a collaborator or a Mujahid for them. The fact that these killings are celebrated by vast majority is not known to people. The truth is that they celebrate these killings.
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23 Sep
#FarmBills Update. 31 Farm Associations of Punjab met today & have decided the following unanimously-
1. 25th Sep to be observed as complete Punjab Bandh

2. ‘Rail Roko’ to be started from 24-26th & if govt fails to undo the bill 1oct will be observed by blocking entry of trains
3. The Farm unions have urged Captain Amrninder singh to pass a bill in Punjab cabinet to bypass the Centre’s bill.

4. The black flag tractor rally was organised in Daakha, Moga, Patiala with over 50,000 people participating in it.
5. Farm unions have called for boycott of BJP members & have decided to not let any BJP affiliated candidate to enter villages.

SAD meanwhile has divided into two factions, with Dhindsa carving out ‘SAD democratic’ as new party (not approved by EC yet)
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