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21 year old, Aham Brahmasmi! Indic civilizational nationalist. Dreams of an Indic civilizational state, free of all imperialist shackles.
16 Oct
Hinduism is the religion of the future.
It is the best choice for a person who wants to be a rational, educated, scientifically-oriented person.
A snippet of Jnana Yoga below, presented by @NileshOak. Image
Hinduism is going to be relevant until humans would become fully aware of the way nature works, but if risks of "materialism" are not properly addressed then doomsday is not far.
In Hinduism, "the right thing to do" aka. Dharma is given the utmost importance.
You have four choices to spend your life in Hinduism, they are "Jnana Yoga", "Karma Yoga", "Raja Yoga" and "Bhakti Yoga".
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