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28 Aug
Street harassment based on political affiliation was made illegal in 2018 in DC
Here’s an overview of the law. Political affiliation is considered a protected category under the DC Human Rights Act.
They could also get hit with disturbing the peace. DC law attached.
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21 Jul
Cathy Areu claims in lawsuit that the last time she appeared on Tucker Carlson's show in 2018 was prior to Fox Christmas party in NYC. According to social media posts from multiple FNC staff, that party took place on Dec 10. Areu appeared on Carlson's show on Dec 28 per Grabien
Here are two social media posts about the FNC Christmas Party (this appears to be the party for all of the shows ... the individual shows also have their own parties the following week). Both posts are dated Dec 10, 2018.
Here is a snippet of Cathy Areu's appearance on FNC's Tucker Carlson Tonight on December 28, 2018, per @GrabienMedia. Mark Steyn was guest hosting that evening. NYE was on a Monday in 2018 (notice bottom right corner promo).
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4 Jul
WH just sent this out at the conclusion of Trump’s speech! The new monuments are a go 🇺🇸
A list of people they will include in the statue garden
It also specifically says no modernist or abstract interpretations. This is beyond based.
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15 Apr
Article II Section III gives the president the authority to call a special session of Congress. The DOJ apparently affirmed this authority in a 1947 opinion:…
"The important factor would appear to be not the nature of the recess or ad- journment but, rather, that the Congress is not in session and that an extraordinary occasion has arisen which requires that it be in session and that it convene...
..., therefore, at a date earlier than it otherwise would. It is beyond question that the two houses of the Congress do not have the power, even by statute, to defeat the constitutional power of the President"
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29 Feb
Two years ago I was a young media reporter and stumbled across a tip about Chris Matthews. Soon discovered he runs an abusive and sexually charged work environment that is so bad staffers called themselves members of the “battered wives club.”
He had a sexual harassment settlement in the late 1990s. Rated guests on a numerical scale. Rearranged sets to sit next to female guests. There’s more I’ve heard that’s even worse but don’t have enough sources to confirm for reporting.
He is a stain on the network and it’s shocking that they didn’t investigate his show when I dropped all of this at the time. Beyond the sexual harassment, staffers and guests on his show told me he was so deranged they felt like they were walking on eggshells around him.
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2 Oct 19
Sources tell @dailycaller that the State IG presented a packet of months-old news articles about Dem ties to Ukraine to congressional staffers during today's "urgent" briefing.

Huge blow to Dems who were expecting docs that could help w/ impeachment.…
@DailyCaller The packet was apparently given to Pompeo this spring in an attempt to undermine the US Ambassador to Ukraine. It was then passed along to the IG in May, raising questions as to why this was presented as "urgent" now.
@DailyCaller Sources say some of the articles in the packet were from The Hill's John Solomon, who has written extensively about Ukraine (and particularly Democratic involvement there).
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15 Jan 19
This is a real segment on @CNN where Erin Burnett and Joan Walsh are legitimately offended that the president made a joke about the first lady preparing salads.

"Incredibly sexist," Walsh says.
Then they get angry at @ScottJenningsKY for saying he didn't think it was sexist (which, btw, they totally set him up by making him the only male on the panel).
They actually cannot fathom the idea that maybe the first lady makes and/or eats a lot of salads and that's where the joke came from. It has to be some insidious sexist joke about how only women can prepare food.
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1 Jan 19
The Anderson Cooper shot montage you didn't know you needed #CNNNYE
Featuring some sexual tension?
For more fun drunk Anderson Cooper moments:…
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7 Dec 18
A "pathetic minion"?

What is pathetic is that you tried to intimidate me in The Hill green room and condescendingly called me "dear" on the phone. Is that how you treat all female reporters? Or just the ones you don't like?
Oh, and the offer of xanax and wine. Definitely not sexist. Not at all.
I usually don't talk about things that happen in green rooms, but I figure it is fair game now. I was sitting down and looking at my phone, and Rick starts pacing back and forth before stopping in front of me. He had a complete meltdown and yelled at me for a months-old story.
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