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14 Aug
I have a few things to say about this. For one, this was formulated last year but no action taken so far. Budgetary allocation needs to be hiked several times, payouts to hospitals need to be sharply increased to make it viable for them to provide service.…
Maharashtra govt extended MPJAY scheme to the entire state. What was the result? Clients still not getting serviced. Why? Because hospitals on the network have not been paid since the past eight months and have stopped providing service even for existing clients.
Why are they unable to pay? Because the scheme needs 3500cr to run smoothly, but has only 1500cr outlay. Undaunted by this, Maharashtra govt extended the scheme to entire state, without any additional outlay. Question must be asked whether they really intend to pay hospitals.
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10 Aug
#NowReading "Vaccinnated: One Man's Quest to Defeat the World's Deadliest Diseases". The story of Maurice Hilleman, whom you have probably never heard of. He is the father of the modern vaccine.
These pages of the book are wow!! Spellbinding piece of history of how Pasteur gave the first successful rabies vaccine to Joseph Meister, a 9-year old boy bitten by a rabid dog. This was at a time when people with rabies were hunted down and murdered.
How was this vaccine made?By drying the spinal cords of rabbits who had died of rabies. It had been tried in dogs and was found to be effective, but had never been given to a human.
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21 Jun
Thread on #Favipiravir and the data on which approvals are being granted to it across the world. First used in Japan, then China, and in other countries: all on “compassionate grounds”. But does it really work? Read this paper.… details follow. 1/n
Favipiravir study in China: “primary endpoint of better clinical improvement at 7 days was not met” but still goes on to claim that fever and cough were reduced. So why that doesn’t count as clinical improvement?? Or was it just subjective opinion unsupported by data?
These are the details of improved, unchanged or worsened cases from the study, which suffers from extremely serious flaws. No control and test group for comparison, no comparison with known rates at which improvement or deterioration occurs without medicines.
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28 May
Does ICMR know that fever clinics have been shut down? Or that all private labs have been virtually stopped from testing as of today? That the number of beds and patients at municipal hospitals is being blatantly fudged? That symptomatic patients are being refused testing?
From my medical college group. This one conversation exposes the government completely on their bogus claims. Doctors perfectly understand what’s going on but are afraid to post openly due to the open threat of police case and imprisonment.
You already cut your hair, you’re safe.
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27 May
How did things come to this pass? The government is responsible in a big way for creating such intense fear of the virus that people have lost their humanity and are abandoning their relatives and friends, and many hospitals and doctors are also unable to do their duty. 1/n
1. There was no need to shut down hospitals for weeks and quarantine the entire staff if a patient tested positive when simple sanitisation would have sufficed. As a result, hospitals stopped taking suspected cases. Many non COVID patients died without treatment due to this. 2/n
2. There was no need to seal off entire streets and buildings if a patient tested positive, when just isolating the person in his or her home would have sufficed. As a result, the fear factor jumped manifold of having any patient nearby, and the disease was stigmatised. 3/n
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12 Apr
All respiratory patients irrespective of whether COVID or not are being diverted to COVID hospitals for treatment. There are no ICU beds available in most of these hospitals for this reason. This is a dangerous situation for non COVID patients with respiratory ailments.
It exposes non COVID respiratory patients to a risk of developing COVID19 and this is a high risk group in case they contract COVID19 from other patients or hospital staff. Flip side, if a non COVID hospital takes such patients and they test positive the hospital will be sealed.
Colleagues are reporting acutely ill respiratory patients desperate for an ICU bed roaming in cardiac ambulances being turned away by hospital after hospital. Currently I’m trying to arrange ICU bed for a colleagues mom who has ILD acute exacerbation but not getting an ICU bed.
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1 Apr
Authorities across the country are on a hospital shuttle spree whenever a positive case is detected there. This is not going to end well.
Another hospital sealed for the same reason…
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18 Jan
I’m going to bust this lie with pics of the cell in which Savarkar was lodged as well as the plaques dedicated to the hundreds who died or were incarcerated at Cellular Jail. Thread.
List of freedom fighters 2/n
List of freedom fighters 3/n
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20 Sep 19
From 1997 to 2000, I worked in LTMGH, Sion - it handled the highest volume of trauma cases in Asia. A large chunk of the injured were railway accident victims. Fall from train, hit by pillars while hanging from train, run over by train after falling at platform. #ChalaNigha
Day after day, the sickening injuries poured in. Legs cut off, heads shattered. Reason? Overcrowded trains. How we wished for closing doors on the trains. Over a dozen lives could be saved by this alone. But how can doors be closed, with hundreds hanging out? #ChalaNigha
Its been nineteen years. Nothing has changed. Dozens still pour in every day. A young girl with both legs chopped off. A young guy with his head caved in, fighting for life. A father, brought dead on arrival. How long? How long can this continue? #ChalaNigha
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14 Sep 19
Doing a thread on some of the blatant lies by the #SaveAareyForest organisers, based on their own website and statements of representatives. This is the site.… I will post screenshots so that they can’t back out of what has been written.
According to the website, Aarey is home to butterflies like plain and striped tiger, pansies and mormons - these are some of the commonest butterflies in the country, they’re literally everywhere. Rollers, grey hornbills, starlings and ibis listed as rarest birds. Outrageous lie.
According to their website, Metro 6 shed is already being built at Kanjurmarg on the plot they claim MMRDA says is not possible. They’ve written this twice. Fact: Metro 6 shed location was shifted by govt from Aarey to Wadala on 11 Sept 2019, Kanjurmarg shed is a blatant lie.
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7 Aug 19
This is a myth. In multiple RTIs filed by me across India on this issue, and on perusing legal documents pertaining to acts from British era, I found only one expired lease which had already been renewed. Lease granted in nearly all cases is “in perpetuity” and not 100yrs.
Curiously, most letters came back with the note that there are no churches on defence land in our area. However the Indian Churches Act 1927(repealed post independence) has a list of over 100 churches on defence land.…
That’s where it gets more curious.
With the act that granted the lease having been repealed and not substituted by any other act, what is the legal status of the lease that was granted to churches under the act? It seems some govt officials did ask this question. And it has never been solved. Think about it.
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6 Jul 19
The Chimur incident. How many people know about it?
An incident probably more brutal and expansive in its scope than the Jallianwala Baug, goes unmentioned in history because the victims are not of a particular political party or ideology. Chimur was a hotbed of nationalist activities of RSS and Hindu Mahasabha.
During Quit India Movement, while Cong leaders were enjoying the hospitality of luxury jails under British, ordinary protesters at Chimur were lathi charged and shot till the ammunition ran out, killing an unknown number of people. Locals retaliated by attacking the police.
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1 Jun 19
My thread on the #NEP2019 - new education policy. First of all, congratulations are in order to @PrakashJavdekar for a comprehensive, excellent and forward looking National Education Policy document that addresses most of the problems plaguing our education sector today. 1/n
First lets start with the controversial part: extension of RTE Act to pre-primary early childhood education. One may note that it has been limited to public education system only. “It will be obligatory for the public system to provide appropriate quality and infrastructure”. 2/n
Loosening of input restrictions of the RTE, “regulations on inputs will be limited to ensuring safety of children, access and inclusion, non-profit and minimum learning outcome standards”. This is a big step forward in diluting this draconian act. 3/n
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25 May 19
In 1910, the same year when Nehru wrote this letter pretending to be a white man in England, Savarkar was arrested in London for supplying weapons for armed revolution in India.
On 12 July 1910, Nehru wrote a letter to his dad lamenting Indians being in the same institution as him in England.

On 8 July 1910, just four days earlier, Savarkar made a daring escape attempt at Marseilles, by jumping from the porthole of a ship transferring him to India.
On 5 August 1910, Nehru writes a letter to his dad describing his pleasant excursions on a cruise to Norway.

On 4 August 1910, the French press writes strongly in support of Savarkar’s right to asylum and demands his return to France in what becomes a major international row.
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18 Dec 18
#NowReading The Armies Of God, by Iain Buchanan - a study of how US foreign policy uses evangelical Christians as proxies to push their political, military, cultural and economic agenda.
“Never before has an imperialism had the capacity to destroy the earth - and leaders who are comfortable with the prospect.”
Very interesting, key member of the evangelical movement in US was Buchman’s Oxford Group, which inspired The Family that ministered to the White House for creating an elite who could impose “God Control”. Oxford Group was renamed Moral Rearmament. It’s headed by Rajmohan Gandhi.
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3 Nov 18
Some excerpts from Meenakshi Jain’s book The Battle For Rama
#AyodhyaHiddenFacts I had the pleasure of meeting Maam recently. Wonderful, unassuming person.
Akbar’s court recorded Ram Janmbhoomi at Ayodhya as sacred ground and Rama’s birthplace, indicating that withi a hundred years of Babur tearing Ram Mandir down, Hindus had already reclaimed the place. #AyodhyaHiddenFacts
The area was referred to as Masjid Janmasthan in court proceedings by Muslim petitioners as far back as 1858. #AyodhyaHiddenFacts
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23 Aug 18
And within an hour of arrival at Pattanamtittha District Hospital after 14 hours of travel, the team gets to work, sorting out the medicines for tomorrows camps so that we don’t waste any time in the morning and start early.
Ready to move to camp sites about 15km from Pattanamtittha with the dashing @dhiren_dr . I must say the health department here is quite formidable in its efficiency. Checklists being used, good arrangements. Very systematic work.
Medical camp in progress at Thuruthumala village, Pattanamtittha district. Doxycycline prophylaxis, vaccinations, treatment of fungal and viral infections, replacement of BP and diabetes medicines lost in flood.
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17 Jul 18
Daughter narrated some hilarious and heartening stuff from her class debate. A boy speaking on “inspiring leaders” and first name he comes up with is Gandhi. A kid from the audience asks him, “what exactly were the qualities of a great leader that Gandhi had??”
Another: “you said great leaders are never partial but Gandhi favoured Nehru over Patel”. A third: “a leader looks after the welfare of his followers but when Gandhi signed the peace treaty that’s clearly not what he did”.
The boy, shaken, goes to his next “great leader” and unluckily for him it is Alexander the Great 😂
a kid from the audience asks him “Alexander was also known to be very cruel. So did people follow him out of fear, trust or not follow him at all!!” Poor guy went mute 😂😂
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17 Jun 18
Have pointed out earlier how NGO lobby has been pushing for introduction of the drug bedaquiline into Indian market on pretext of urgency in fighting MDR TV, without it having undergone due process of clinical trials. The picture is now becoming clearer as to who is behind this.
The Wire is one such “NGO” involved in this global sweepstake. But the real strings are being pulled by someone else. But first some cold facts about the drug that is deemed crucial for India. It has been introduced without even phase 2 clinical trials for efficacy and safety.
The US FDA has put prominent safety warnings on the drug that clearly show a 11.4% risk of dying when on the medicine as compared to 2.5% when on placebo. In the unmonitored Indian context, this can potentially mean lakhs of people dying due to this allegedly life saving drug.
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