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14 Jan
A daily coffee routine helped create one of the largest financial institutions in the world.

Thread πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
2) Michael Bloomberg was born in 1942 in the Boston neighborhood of Brighton.

He attended John Hopkins for undergrad and earned an MBA from Harvard Business School.

After graduating in 1966, he would be hired at Salomon Brothers and rise to the level of general partner.
3) In 1981 Phibro bought Salomon Brothers and he was fired. He was given a $10M severance.

With his new money, he started Innovative Marketing Systems (later to be renamed Bloomberg LP).

The company would provide data services to firms on Wall Street.
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12 Jan
THREAD: Today Sheldon Adelson, the 19th richest American, died at age 87.

He leaves behind a net worth of $33B. Most notable for his role as a casino magnate and megadonor to the GOP.

But what you might not know how he transformed the tech industry.
2) Sheldon Adelson was born in Dorchester, a suburb of Boston. His father was a taxi driver, and his mother ran a knitting shop.

He was an entrepreneur from a young age, starting his first business at age 12 selling newspapers.
3) He enrolled in college at the City University of New York, but dropped out and ended up enrolling in the Army.

After the Army, he started a handful of businesses and finally found his first success with COMDEX.
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12 Jan

β€’ 2020: 15% of cable subscribers planned to cancel their service
β€’ 2021: 27% of cable subscribers planned to cancel their service

"Streaming consumption now accounts for 68 percent of TV viewing versus 28 percent for traditional TV viewing."

Linear is dying
Some more interesting stats:

"Only 30 percent of U.S. consumers cite live sports as a reason for maintaining a cable TV subscription – significantly down from the 60 percent that cited live programming, including sports, just nine months previously."
"Fifty-one percent of U.S. consumers are unwilling to spend more than $20 in total per month on streaming subscriptions, according to the survey."
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11 Jan
Netflix sold a stake in this company for $7.4M. The company is now worth $50B and one of their biggest competitors.

Thread πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
2) In 2002, Anthony Woods started a company called Roku. It didn't go anywhere until he joined Netflix in 2007 as VP of Internet TV.

Netflix decided to take it over and called the project, Project:Griffin.
3) The goal?

Build a set-top box to allow Netflix users to stream Netflix content to their TVs.

Netflix had 20 engineers working on the platform. It was a few weeks from launch until Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, intervened.
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10 Jan
.@JoshRichards is one of the world's most famous TikTok stars. He has 23.9M fans on the platform.

His goal? Be the first influencer billionaire.

The crazy part? He's 18, but already on his way to accomplishing it.

Thread πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Image
2) Josh started his social media career on Musically at age 14. His goal was to have 10,000 followers before he entered high school. He spent up to 5 hours a day creating videos

He ended the summer with 26,000 followers. Image
3) ByteDance purchased Musically and all his followers transferred over to TikTok.

He started making money on TikTok and by the age of 17 had signed brand deals with Reebok, CashApp and Crocs.

He decided to pursue social media full-time.
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6 Jan
Today, I published the 50th episode of my podcast. I started it in March of 2020. The podcast has 4.9K downloads. The YouTube channel has 4,700 views.

Here's what I learned.

Thread πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Image
Starting the Podcast

β€’ I started my podcast as an excuse to talk to people
β€’ It was originally launched as a live-stream
β€’ My logic was that I could collect email addresses and use that for a future newsletter
My First Guest

β€’ My first guest was @petermartindc
β€’ We live-streamed it via Zoom and 14 people showed up
β€’ Live-streaming video is F**king hard
β€’ You have to worry about people showing up and technical problems. Don't start with this. Image
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10 Nov 20
39 lessons I learned from @TaylorLorenz about the passion economy from her interview with @nbashaw and @ljin18.

"A TikTok view isn't the same as a YouTube view"

Thread πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Taylor Doesn't Like the Term "Passion Economy"

β€’ Everyone needs to work, but not everyone is passionate about it
β€’ Are people working because they are passionate or because they need to?
β€’ Some people have lost faith in the system or can't find a job
How the Creator Economy Evolved

β€’ The first collab house was started in 2009
β€’ People developed content as a means of self-expression and/or creativity
β€’ Influencer wasn't considered a "normal" job or a way to make money
β€’ Now it's changed
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13 Oct 20
8 Lessons I Learned from Enzo Ferrari on Building the World's Most Valuable Brand β€” Ferrari.

"Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win."

Thread πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ Image
Exclusivity as a Marketing Strategy

Ferrari doesn't want just anyone to own a Ferrari. "If anyone can walk into a dealership and get one, then it loses what makes it special ... for the model to work, you have to keep prices up.”

Their €3.7B in net revenue proves it works. Image
Be the Best At One Thing

Ferrari has won 237 F1 Grand Prix races. It's closest competitor has 56 fewer wins. Ferrari is first and foremost a racing company. Its success in racing has increased the demand for its road cars. People want to drive the best and the best is Ferrari.
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5 Oct 20
1/ I grew my newsletter from 0 to 1,000 subscribers in 5 months. Here's how I did it.

Thread πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡
2/ When COVID began, I stopped traveling and taking meetings. My business partner, @ChrisBerryOH, encouraged me to create content. I didn't have a focus or an audience but did have experience with content creation.
3/ One of my current endeavors is running the Cleveland Tech Newsletter. Each week I'd interview a guest in the Cleveland Tech scene. I was going to apply that same lesson to my new newsletter.
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17 Sep 20
1/ In 1975, Gary Dahl started selling rocks for $4. Six months later, he made $15 million dollars.

Thread πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡
2/ Gary Dahl was employed as an advertising executive in California. He was at a bar with his friends listening to them complain about their pets. He had an idea.
3/ He joked to them that they should have a rock as a pet. He decided to turn that joke into an actual product β€” "The Pet Rock"
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25 Aug 20
1/ I publish over 2,000 words a week. Here's how I do it.

Thread πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡
2/ I wrote my first essay on April 14th. The goal was to write about brand strategy twice a week. The first post was about Jeni's Ice Cream.…
3/ The post wasn't that good. However, a few people liked it and told me they looked forward to seeing my next piece. So I continued to write.
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12 Aug 20
1/ Why @DeionSanders is Joining @barstoolsports?

Thread πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡
2/ Leaving NFL Network

β€’ Deion is leaving the NFL Network as an analyst
β€’ NFL Network offered him a contract with reduced pay
β€’ Deion said no…
3/ Demise of Linear TV

β€’ ESPN, NFL Network and any station that is overly reliant on linear is in trouble
β€’ @ballmatthew explains it better than I can
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9 Aug 20
1/ How I Increased My Twitter Following 205% in three months

Thread πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡
2/ Starting to Use Twitter

β€’ On April 31st, I had 1,677 followers
β€’ With the quarantine in full-swing I made it my goal to increase my Twitter following
β€’ I spoke with my friend and Twitter Expert @mdudas
3/ Mike's Advice

β€’ Mike gave me two tips
β€’ Amplify Others
β€’ Share unique thoughts

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6 Aug 20
1/ What I learned from @davenemetz, founder of Bleacher Report, about the future of digital media.

Thread πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡
2/ Organic Search

β€’ Dave started Bleacher Report in 2005
β€’ The site was built around organic search
β€’ The site grew into one of the largest sports media properties in the world because of SEO
3/ Shift to Social

β€’ The next generation of media companies were built around social
β€’ Companies like Buzzfeed built their audience by leveraging social networks such as Facebook
β€’ Companies love to talk about distribution, but owning the audience is more important
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5 Aug 20
1/ John Deere has one of the best communication teams in the world. I did an analysis of how they plan and execute their PR and social strategies.

Thread πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡
2/ John Deere - The Company

β€’ John Deere employs 67,000 employees
β€’ John Deere has offices in over 30 countries
β€’ John Deere has a social media presence in 54 countries
β€’ Since their start in 1867, they've designed over 690 different tractor models
3/ John Deere - The Innovator

β€’ John Deere's roots are in agriculture
β€’ Today, they view, themselves as a technology company fighting for talent with the likes of Facebook
β€’ They even developed a self-driving tractor…
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20 Jul 20
44 Lessons on PR & Social from @jenalyson (Thread)

Inspired by the Instagram Live conversation between @mkobach & @jenalyson

Lessons πŸ‘‡
Experimental Marketing

β€’ Jen started her career running the Gold Key program at John Deere
β€’ Gold Key provided behind the scene tours to customers
β€’ This taught her the importance of turning customers into brand advocates
β€’ Customers = Storytellers…
John Deere Social Team

β€’ @JohnDeere has a small social media team
β€’ Jen runs PR
β€’ Operates in 150 countries
β€’ Focused on governance, structure, and collaboration of the social media team before content creation
β€’ Focus on amplifying brand, customers, and their work
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30 Jun 20
31 Lessons from a Social Media Professional in Higher-Ed

Inspired by the Instagram Live conversation between @mkobach and @jsstansel

Lessons πŸ‘‡
Every Account Matters

β€’ Some accounts have 100,000 followers and some have 10 followers. They all represent the university equally.
β€’ A screw-up on the 10-person account will still make the news
Crisis Communications

β€’ Crisis comms is a big part of higher-ed social media
β€’ Constantly dealing with issues around campus
β€’ Crisis comms responses need to go through an approval process
β€’ What's the right way to say this
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25 Jun 20
18 Lessons I Learned from @jspector on Building a Newsletter and Developing a Digital Audience.

These lessons are inspired by my recent conversation with Josh.

Find out what I learned πŸ‘‡

β€’ Find your tribe
β€’ "The Beatles didn't invent teenagers. They just showed up to lead them" - @ThisIsSethsBlog
β€’ Give peopleΒ a place to gather around
Don't Wait

β€’ Find where your tribe is gathering, don't wait for them
β€’ Create opportunitiesΒ for your tribe
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19 Jun 20
How to Improve Your Marketing Strategy? (Thread)

This week my friend @David_K_Morris invited me to speak to his customers at @Proformex. I talked about marketing strategy and tactics

Thread πŸ‘‡
Strategy Before Tactics

β€’ Do you drive without a destination?
β€’ No, so why market without identifying the customer?
β€’ Before you start creating content, figure out who your customer is and what problems are you solving
Finding a Niche

β€’ Focus on customer segmentation
β€’ If you are selling a product to lawyers, maybe start with a specific type of lawyer
β€’ Segmentation helps you connect on a deeper level with your customers
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18 Jun 20
14 Lessons on Growing Your Audience Online (Thread)

Inspired by the great webinar between @david_perell & @APompliano

Lessons πŸ‘‡
Building an Audience Takes Time

β€’ Pomp has been building his internet audience for 3 years
β€’ Podcast has 2.5MM downloads/views per month
β€’ Newsletter has 50,000 free subscribers
β€’ Twitter has 300,000+ followers
Everything Starts and Stops with Twitter

β€’ Twitter is where he started building an audience online
β€’ It's still the platform where he is most active and focuses a lot of his time
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18 Jun 20
11 lessons from Patrick McKenzie

Inspired by the livestream between @david_perell and @patio11

Lessons πŸ‘‡
Writing is a form of signaling

β€’ Patrick played a lot of World of Warcraft
β€’ He ran an 8 person guild, but employers don't care about that
β€’ They do however care about your writing and the traction it receives
β€’ Writing = crediblity
Optics matter

β€’ Don't call it a blog
β€’ Blogging is low signal
β€’ A phrase such as writing memos is high signal
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