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26 Feb
BREAKING: To allow Biden to avoid the embarrassment of firing U.S. Attorney John Durham he has agreed to resign.

2/ Biden had promised not to ask John Durham to resign. He explained that his request for all USAs to resign wouldn't apply to John Durham.
3/ Earlier this month a Hartford newspaper reported that Durham would step down as USA but remain special prosecutor on the Russia probe.

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26 Feb
TRUMP PAC: In November President Trump created a leadership PAC called Save America. The PAC raised more than $30M by the end of 2020. Image
2/ According to the FEC a leadership PAC is "a political committee established and controlled by an individual holding a federal office. The committee is not an authorized committee of the officeholder and is not affiliated with an authorized committee of the officeholder.
3/ Members of Congress and other political leaders (including former presidents) often establish these nonconnected committees to support candidates for federal and nonfederal offices."
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26 Feb
CPAC2021 THREAD: Senator Mike Lee from Utah is on stage helping to kick off this year's conference. Watch live here: live.conservative.org
2/ Senator Lee got started a little early much to the chagrin of those attendees who stayed out late last night at the various welcome parties. Here is my recommended CPAC schedule for today. live.conservative.org Image
3/ @ScottWalker is now on stage talking about religious freedom. live.conservative.org
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26 Feb
FLASHBACK: Remember the time Jen Psaki questioned the authority of the president to call for strikes? Image
2/ Or the time Biden suggested air strikes would be an impulsive act. Image
3/ They called us crazy suggesting Biden would bomb the Middle East. Image
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25 Feb
COLLEGE ADMISSIONS: Like many parents, I was frustrated to see that President Biden ordered his Department of Justice to drop racial discrimination cases against universities that base their admissions on the race of applicants.
2/ My college freshman had an outstanding GPA and SAT score, but he was waitlisted at Harvard. Black and Hispanic applicants were given a 250 SAT point boost over other races. Below-average blacks had a better chance of acceptance than my son's top decile application. ImageImage
3/ Despite the fact that at Michigan being black, Hispanic, or Native American was the equivalent of getting a perfect SAT (according to court testimony) he managed to get accepted and receive a scholarship. But his younger sister is worried. Image
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25 Feb
BREAKING: In an effort to destroy US-Saudi relations the Biden administration is declassifying a top-secret report that indicates that intelligence officials believe that the Saudi crown prince was involved with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.
2/ Reports show that Biden's team was working with Iran to undermine Trump's presidency - possibly violating the Logan Act. nypost.com/2021/02/22/off…
3/ Biden informed Iran they were removing sanctions that limited travel of Iranian officials in the US, rescinding snap-back sanctions, and asked for a meeting with the regime.
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24 Feb
BREAKING: On the eve of #CPAC2021 Twitter is marking the CPAC website “unsafe”. #BigTechCensorship @tedcruz @JonathanTurley @DonaldJTrumpJr
2/ Here are Twitter’s reasons for marking websites ‘unsafe’

3/ some folks are getting warning and some aren’t:
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24 Feb
MINISTRY OF TRUTH: The Democrat's expert for their hearing on 'misinformation' is a prolific conspiracy theorist named Soledad O'Brien who has perpetuated and spread hoaxes on Twitter for years. I've included a few in this thread. #SoledadHoax

2/ She spread the lie that Naval cadets were flashing white supremacist hand signals at a football game (they were playing the 'circle game'. #SoledadHoax
3/ She falsely claimed Jacob Blake was unarmed despite evidence he was armed with a knife before being shot by police. #SoledadHoax
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24 Feb
BOMB THREAD: Yesterday former Capitol Police Chief, Steven Sund, revealed for the first time that it was the bombs discovered outside the RNC and DNC headquarters that triggered the evacuations of congress - not the protesters.
2/ Two pipe bombs were placed outside of the Republican and Democratic headquarters the night before the Capitol protest. Evidently, moments before protesters entered the building someone reported them to police triggering the evacuation of the nearby Capitol building.
3/ It seems clear enough that whoever planted these bombs never planned for them to go off, but instead trigger the evacuation of the Capitol. You'll notice that they both had 60-minute timers and were never set to go off (they were placed the night before).
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24 Feb
FACT CHECK FACT CHECK: Last week Texas was faced with statewide blackouts that resulted in massive casualties, at least 40 deaths, and billions in damages. Everyone is looking for scapegoats. Texans began hearing that renewable energy sources like wind and solar were to blame.
2/ EROCT had predicted that 100% of the power generated from wind turbines would be at risk if we faced the sort of temperatures we saw last week during the polar vortex as seen in this EROCT presentation: slideshare.net/alexmuse1/oper…
3/ But soon Texans read in the mainstream media that wind power was NOT to blame for the outage despite more than half of wind farms being out of service due to the extreme cold, ice, and snow. Progressive media outlets were gaslighting Texans.

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24 Feb
SEPARATION OF POWERS? Before January 20th the idea that the President of the United States would allow the Speaker of the House of Representatives to take de facto control of an FBI investigation would be unthinkable. But that is just what President Biden has done.
2/ Despite serious concerns that Speaker Pelosi bears a large responsibility for the events at the Capitol on January 6th she has taken control of the investigation. She has named former Gen. Russel L. Honoré to lead the FBI's investigation into the protests at the Capitol.
3/ Honoré known as "The Ragin' Cajun" predetermined the outcome of the investigation when he recommended various members of Congress should be considered terrorists and President Trump and his son should be jailed for their part in the January 6th protests.
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23 Feb
BREAKING: @TigerWoods was in a serious car accident. Jaws of life were required at the scene. Praying for the GOAT. @DonaldJTrumpJr
2/ Report from responding agency:
3/ Assuming Tiger recovers he really does need to hire a full-time driver. Literally, the guy has way too much to worry about to drive himself these days.
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23 Feb
ELECTION INTEGRITY THREAD: Recently we've been hosting conversations on @joinclubhouse to share ideas that might help Americans regain confidence in the integrity of our elections. One idea that seemed super simple was for states to use address validators on their voter rolls.
2/ Delivery companies like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Amazon depend on address verification. Providers of real-time address verification include Experian and UPS. Anyone can connect their APIs to a database of addresses and determine which are real.
3/ To prove the point we used one address validator to check addresses of registered voters in Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadephia - within minutes we were able to determine that at least 15% of addresses weren't valid - and as a result, violated state voting laws.
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22 Feb
NEWSOM RECALL THREAD: Thousands of California residents, both Democrats and Republicans, have joined together to demand that Governor @GavinNewsom be removed from office. To achieve their goal they started a recall petition and have been gathering signatures for weeks.
2/ CA law requires at least 17% of voters sign the recall petition (1.49 million). As of this week, more than 1.5 million CA voters have signed the petition to recall Newsom, but the Democratic Secretary of State, Shirley Weber, has insisted on signature verification.
3/ Weber thus far has invalidated the signatures 130,108 California voters and is examining another 296,000. In previous signature verifications, fewer than 40-60% were checked. This time she is checking more than 80% in an attempt to eliminate as many signatures as possible.
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22 Feb
1/ With #SCOTUS clearly unwilling to hear any of the various election cases that made it to their docket and every state stonewalling audits of voting machines it is confusing why Dominion is pursuing suits against so many wealthy Americans - Americans with the means to fight.
2/ Dominion Voting Systems is has won but instead of taking their victory lap, they're giving their opponents a second bite at the apple by suing everyone for billions of dollars.
3/ It is not clear the executives at Dominion realize just how nasty and time-consuming civil litigation can be? They'll be spending the next few years in videotaped depositions, court hearings, and having every aspect of their private life investigated and exposed.
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22 Feb
BREAKING: The @CocaCola polar bears first appeared in a French ad for Coke in 1922. They reappeared in the 90s and were designed by Rhythm & Hues @RhythmAndHues. Sadly we now learn that they're 'too white' for Coca-Cola. ;)
2/ @CocaCola is putting out feelers for bears of color to take over for the canceled white bears.
3/ Just to be clear, this is 100% satire. Thus the use of the ;) face...
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22 Feb
COVID-19 BILL THREAD: Between impeaching President Trump and work to limit his options for burial upon his death, the Democrats have crafted a Covid-19 relief bill that provides very little relief and a lot to cash for their political allies - more than $1 trillion in pork.
2/ Best case Covid-related provisions come to less than $800 billion with the remaining $1 trillion going to bailouts for Democratic constituencies, expansions of progressive programs, pork, and unrelated policy changes.
3/ Lockdown Rewards: Democrats have ensured that almost all of the $350 billion earmarked for state and local governments go to blue states that imposed the strictest economic lockdowns - almost nothing for red states.
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21 Feb
TEXAS POWER CRISIS THREAD: Once it was clear that the polar vortex would engulf the entire state of Texas @GovAbbott declared an emergency and asked President Biden for an EPA waiver to allow power generation facilities to operate at full capacity until the emergency passed.
2/ Biden's EPA refused Governor Abbott's request and instead offered to allow certain power generation facilities a waiver if they raised the prices they charged to Texans to more than $1,500/MWh resulting in massive statewide power outages and a failure of the grid.
3/ The truth is that the federal government controls how Texas generates electricity - the mix of sources and the capacity of each. The EPA requires that Texas' fossil fuel power generators operate far below their maximum output.
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21 Feb
GINA CARANO INTERVIEW THREAD: @ginacarano, the Star Wars star, sat down with @benshapiro for an hour-long interview revealing the shocking truth behind Hollywood's cancel culture and the toxic work environment promoted by Disney's Kathleen Kennedy.
2/ @ginacarano explains that she wasn't interested in politics until she saw what was happening in 2020 with the dishonesty in the media and the lockdowns. Her biggest awakening came after she was pressured to use pronouns in her Twitter bio.
3/ In response Gina added “boop/bop/beep” as her pronouns and woke-twitter exploded suggesting she was attacking the transgender community. She immediately clarified she wasn't making a statement against the trans community but against woke-twitter
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21 Feb
MEDIA TRUST THREAD: The mainstream media is still in a meltdown after early mover, Elon Musk, scrapped his company's media relations department because the media is no longer trusted or relied upon by the American people.
2/ Elon watched as the media spent the entire Trump presidency destroying their credibility by gaslighting the nation and as a result, he canceled them and there is seemingly nothing they can do about it.

3/ WaPo's Hamilton Nolan wrote, "We are living through a historic, technology-fueled shift in the balance of power between the media and its subjects. The subjects are winning." cjr.org/public_editor/…
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20 Feb
PROCESS THREAD: I've mentioned this before, but thought I'd mention it again. In general, I share stories from journalists I find interesting. Often I'll attempt to add more context to the story through my threads. But sometimes I'll share stories I haven't heard elsewhere.
2/ For example I shared a story that Congressional Democrats were discussing legislation that would require the removal of confederate soldiers from Arlington National Cemetery. I couldn't find a current story about it so I shared it unsourced. Hundreds of people freaked out.
3/ If I don't share a news source I'm reporting human sources that I've cultivated (I love tips BTW). But when I get a report (every story that turns out to be true results in a news report) that is corroborated by a news source I'll share the link.
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