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I'm that guy who offers to shake hands when u do vanakkam and does vanakkam when u offer to shake hands.
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4 May
Had a long conversation with a friend who is practising in one of the large government hospitals in Chennai. He shared some vital information that I would like to share here. (1/40)
I am not a doctor and I am only sharing what he shared with me as an advice. In case any of these information are not right or ambiguous, do let me know, I will correct it. (2/40)
For those who made calls to hospitals in the last 3-4 days will know how difficult it is to get a bed in Chennai. Some pick up and say beds are not available, while some don't pick up calls at all. Some even disconnect the call. (3/40)
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3 May
Please note: Though our TL is filled with tweets from Delhi and UP requesting for beds and oxygen, the situation in Chennai is not looking good either.
Have been calling multiple hospitals the last couple of days to source beds for people, and there are already nothing available.
The new hospitals that are being set up don't take patients who are even moderately serious. If your SPO2 level goes below 90, or if you are over 65, the new/make-shift hospitals won't have beds or expertise to support those patients.
My friend's father in law has been diagnosed with COVID and has been admitted in a hospital in Kallakurichi.

But he had to travel to Chennai overnight to get Remdesivir vials. He reached KMC at 3AM today. THREE IN THE MORNING.

And his token number is 236!!
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5 Jul 20
Ready for a Weekend long-read about Humming bird effect? Warning - This is really a very long thread that you might actually call it a yarn. (1/35)
A thread about how a few historical happenings trigger a chain of events that beautifully evolves over time to create a whole new world altogether. Yawn! Ok let me rephrase that. (2/35)
What if I told you that the reason you are reading this tweet thread on your phone, is because of a fire accident that happened at Venice in early 1290s, or because a German guy named John Guttenberg printed the Bible for the first time in 1450?
Now we are talking, right? (3/35)
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29 Nov 19
So much of gloominess due to the fall in GDP. But actually there is so much of a bright side to it that we are failing to see.
1. If it rains at the top, we do rain water harvesting very efficiently now.
2. With grounds getting extinct and play area diminishing, children can play with more freedom.
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