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7 Mar
Imagine the pandemic is over and you go to pay for your vanilla dip + double-double at Tim Horton's, and ya money got this face on it
I understand these people much more acutely now
Turn the whole mf green idc idc idc
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7 Mar
We need a broad and honest political discussion/reset, bc "communism" as a derogatory term, and "progressive" as a positive one should tell you that capitalist indoctrination worked like a mf

The politics of group solidarity is seen as dangerous, but ethnic nationalism is good?
What Amazon does, and puts its workforce through is the natural outcome of 19th and early 20th century progressivist thinking (which, incidentally helped blunt the radicalism of labor unions by making a series of workplace concessions while undermining racial solidarity)
For example, using a staffing agency to hire recently incarcerated workers (many of whom are Black), and positioning them as a bargaining chip in their anti-union push in Alabama

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23 Feb
We're really about to attempt to Balkanize China, based on population guesstimates of eight random people.

Not experts, not whistle-blowing administrators, but eight random and anonymous villagers from around the Kashgar prefecture.
Go and have a look for yourself.

This isn't even a house of cards. The case for Millions of Uyghurs in Concentration Camps is an inverted pyramid, balanced on eight grains of sand:
Even China Human Rights Defenders, a Washington D.C.-based NGO, didn't claim a that a million people were being held in "detention camps," they estimated roughly 900,000:
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22 Feb
Demon hours
Why did @russianbot3004 have that one ready at 2:00:01 AM ET, what are you dealing with in your life rn
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21 Feb
This shit is too obscene even for demon hours
Ask me how I know she did not wash her feet Image
You all can thank @LeftistMowgli for putting this in my TL btw
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21 Feb
Demon hours
Aye @islandgoth do you know how I skirted death not clicking that like button
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20 Feb
Uyghur-*only* schools have seen lower funding because of allocations to bilingual schools and boarding schools.

I think the boarding school concept for social integration is a poorly thought out idea, but the state isn't deliberately denying students an education.
Second, this is the impetus for their vocational training programs, which have been grouped under the category of "detention centers" and even forced labour, completely taking away from talking about actual detention facilities
We literally have vocational schools on this side of the ocean for the exact same reasons. To train people who into the workforce who might otherwise not be employed.
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15 Feb
Demon hours
You don't even want to know the things I've seen today
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15 Feb
What fresh hell is this

lmao Ibram Kendi got so carried away name-checking pop culture IPs in his little Talented Tenth paean that he included a white man's production that was sourced from a white comic book writer.
aiyyo what the fuck
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15 Feb
Every frame of this video is logarithmically worse than the last
Like by the time you get to the end of the video, there are no emotions even left to process what it is you're seeing.
I'm thinking of a logarithmic scale, like you'd use for decibels, where the values are so far apart that even graphing it is a challenge

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14 Feb
So what's going on with this whole police thing, did everybody kiss and make up, or what happened
I'm kinda lost, it feels like they go back and forth from face to heel and back faster than Big Show in the 2000s
Is Brooklyn 9-9 OK again?
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13 Feb
To be honest, I'm a bit embarrassed that I haven't spoken up more on disability and accommodation, but I'm committed to making sure folks understand that human variance is only classified as "ability" and "disability" because of a fucked-up system that discards people.
It occasionally bothers people in my family when I talk about this stuff, and I can understand why. Not because it's embarrassing, but because I shouldn't have to discuss illness and trauma publicly to get others to care (and they're right).
But we are where we are. Because of the traumatic personal essay trend that ripped through journalism for too many years, people won't listen unless you're willing to spill your guts.

I don't like to have to do this, but I can take the heat, and I don't hide.
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13 Feb
If there's one thing that just annoys the shit out of me with Canadian punditry, it's the way these people default to smarmy, catty sneak dissing instead of talking through a disagreement.

I stand by every word I wrote in that column, as well as the words edited out for length.
As I pointed out in the column, "informed consent" isn't enough for neuroatypical disabled, who may take the option for death when presented to them, rather than continue to live in a society that treats us as burdensome and even dangerous.
Even though I have a supportive family, the effects of my neuroatypical condition often force me to interpret any form of outside help as a personal failure, giving me the impression that I'm a burden to others. I know many with BPD and schizophrenia who deal with the same.
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13 Feb
This might be the most personal and deeply uncomfortable op-ed I've ever written, and I'm appalled it was necessary to do so.

Canada is, once again, proposing eugenics as a solution to disability, calling it mercy. And it targets people like me.

Much thanks to @mssinenomine and @SarahJama_ for their support in writing this piece.

Shame on @DWDCanada, @liberal_party, and #BillC7 advocates for their reckless and inhumane approach to this issue, which violates the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Also fuming at senators like @SenJaffer, who watched and listened to tearful testimony from disabled people, yet voted for the #BillC7 amendment anyway, clearing the path to further exacerbate the suicide & mental health crises among Black and Indigenous people.
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13 Feb
Judas and the Black Messiah wasn't a movie about Fred Hampton. It was a movie about America's obsession with the creation and destruction of tragic figures.
Was it accurate? Sure.

But I doubt many who saw this film and weren't already familiar with the Panthers will come out of it knowing much more about Hampton or the Black Panthers than they did going in.

That's really unfortunate.
I'm surprised the film was, for the most part, as explicitly pro-Panther and anti-police/anti-fed as it was. I'm surprised it tracked so closely to the historical record as it did.

But in a way that damns it even more for being a message, rather than a biopic.
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11 Feb
Gina Carano is gonna be fine. She'll be gigging for Fox News or doing the TPUSA talk circuit by the time the snow melts.
Or both
I guess what I'm saying is that it sucks how reactionaries have infinite career safety nets, and even boost their credentials by attacking marginalized communities.

People on the left, on the other hand? Generally have to hide our politics to even *have* careers
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10 Feb
A couple months ago, I suggested that socialists need to figure out whether the point is to build power or build a book club (with the idea that reading is fundamental, but we need material goals beyond learning).

Since then, it's been a steady influx of Communist Party members.
At the time, some people were supremely pissed off that I might have been suggesting that reading theory was of no importance.

But you know what? Many of those new members decided to hop off the fence and join the party specifically *because* that tweet moved them to action.
Now I'm not taking credit for those members joining; they were already where they needed to be, and me tweeting was just a gentle nudge.

But I will say that it is demonstrably true that this mode of politics isn't some lovingly tended garden.
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31 Jan
I once got intellectually mugged by somebody claiming that I buy into white men's ideology, and why would any Black man let these white people turn me from the path of my ancestors.

Had no good answer for it, which is why I considered myself a progressive.

Then I got to reading
I grew up with an undiagnosed reading disability, on top of ADHD and other neuroatypicalities. But the upside of my disability is that I absolutely do not stop until I arrive at answers, once I'm stopped by a question.
That's why I'm not with the funny shit when it comes to the intersection between ideology and historical materialism. Turns out my ancestors understood class struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat, embraced communal living, and fought imperialists for self-determination
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31 Jan
That's not what Huey P. Newton was saying.

He was saying that the United States had grown past nationhood and into a form of imperialism, forcefully assimilating the subordinate class through hegemonic power.

He was wrong in his assessment of nationhood, though.
Per Benedict Anderson, who began from a Marxist framework and worked backwards to an answer, the common error on assessing nationhood was to begin from statehood, religion, and language.

Instead he used the heuristic of "imagined communities"; this has widespread consensus.
Newton made the same categorical error in conflating nationhood with statehood or territorial dominance. This is patently false; there are literally hundreds of recognized nations (~620) in North America alone.
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