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Searching for the Premier of Alberta. It's the most Edmonton thing you can do.
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2 Dec
For weeks, official spokespersons for the Government of Alberta have been complaining that the opposition, academics, etc. are sowing fear. Today, we're requesting field hospitals from the Red Cross. Yeah, maybe there was something to those alarm bells that were ringing?
You can still head to the bar with your buddies for a drink tonight, or maybe try your luck at the casino, and Alberta is requesting field hospitals from the Red Cross to deal with the coming COVID surge.
Time to show up, @jkenney.
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18 Nov
Government at the speed of business? Our #ableg "business" is facing a crisis, the information system designed to provide key information to decision-makers has been broken for weeks, a new product that was supposed to help our business weather the storm is fatally flawed. 1/
Our area production manager has picked an unrelated fight with key personnel undermining customer confidence and we're left relying on the goodwill of our employees to continue delivering for our clients despite threats of layoffs and pay cuts. 2/
Our facilities manager has determined that now is the optimal time to deliver the news that a gorgeous parcel of land adjacent to the childhood home of our largest client will be bulldozed to create a parking lot. 3/
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